[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [17회] 방탄소년단의 봄날 불러온 프로듀싱계 모범생 ‘BTS RM’ 191009 EP.17

Global star with unrivaled royalty fees…? Welcome… we’ve been waiting for you They are here BTS is on our chart once again! World class Idol BTS appears on our list yet again All 7 members of BTS write songs for their albums One of BTS’s hit songs,This song means a lot to a certain member Who is the royalty fee king of BTS? Jimin : 4 Jin : 5 Jungkook : 6 V : 8 – They all participated in a few songs
– Yeah they did SUGA : 87 J-Hope : 89
RM : ? ‘God of music! Idol royalty fee kings’ No.3 on today’s list is BTS RM! How many songs did he produce? Q: How many companies reached out to Jungkook after his Superstar K appearance?
A : 7 companies I thought RM was so cool back then, so I wanted to join Bighit I joined Bighit because of you He made other BTS members join Bighit instead of large companies RM was such a talented rapper, he even called himself ‘Rap Monster’ He was a skilled rapper since age 14 He was a famous amateur rapper before he debuted Wow cool hair style You may think he wasn’t a good student, however! But when he was a middle school student, his TOEIC score was 850 And in high school, his mock K-SAT test score was top 1% He has an IQ of 148! Is that the reason why he’s such a great song writer? He’s good at studying too? You could say he’s an elite producer He participated in most of BTS’s songs We all work hard But we ended up using a lot of my melodies RM really is a great songwriter We write a lot of songs too… I really tried… I did Jimin is about to cry I’m jealous Me too… RM participated in over 90% of BTS songs He wrote too many songs, it’s hard to go over all of them! Is he a songwriting robot? – The list is endless!
– Look at that list! Oh myhas the first hook he wrote, so it’s a special song for RM Last August He had 100 songs registered under his name And in 1 year, he wrote 36 more songs Now he receives royalty fees of 136 songs in total Korea is too small for BTS now – BTS must be busy touring the entire world
– When did he have time to write songs? When did he write all these songs? (RM is asleep) I was writing songs all night… I didn’t get much sleep RM writes songs by sacrificing his sleep He’s such a hard worker!The songs that made it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart RM participated in all of those songs? They are all great songs RM participated in all of these songs If you add up the MV views of these 5 songs, it’s 3 billion views And from the MV views – We estimated RM’s royalty fee
– I’m really curious BTS’s official fan cafe has approximately 1.5 million members If one of them streams a song 100 times, RM receives 100 million won Of course, RM doesn’t get all the royalty fees But ARMYs probably listen to their songs 100, no thousands of times And global fans are listening to BTS’s songs even now RM probably gets a lot more from royalty fees than we can ever imagine – And non-ARMYs listen to their songs too
– That’s right
– Exactly RM never stops challenging himself He works so hard even though he’s already a global star He’s amazing! No.3 on today’s list was RM of BTS I ran into RM at the bathroom when I was attending an award show We used to do a program together And I fell in love with their songNot a lot of songs get you hooked from the first listen But as soon as I heard the song I got addicted And I said to him, “This song is amazing” “All of your songs become hit songs but, this is the real deal” He said, “Great song, right?” then he winked at me, and left He knows how great the song is! He’s so cool~ – That confidence!
– He already knew I was gonna like it I mean… I just can’t forget that wink – We were in a stadium, in Incheon
– Oh Incheon I even remember the exact bathroom we were in He just winked, and left He knew the song was gonna be a hit Because I wrote it~ (wink)

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  1. 3:05 왜 ‘작은것들은 위한시’야..?
    작은것들을 위한시 아닌가…..?
    이거 편집 실수인가보네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. 공식 가입한 사람 뿐만 아니라 많은 사람이 듣기 때문에… 그리고 나는 한 곡당 2000번 넘게 들어ㅆ다ㅠㅠ

  3. 우리 냄쥬니 어릴때 실력 넘모 조아서 사람들이 오해했다던뎅 퓨퓨ㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅠㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠ

  4. 저거는 저작권 갯수인갑다~저작권료 수입 1위는 제이홉으로 아는디ᆢ암튼 bts모두 짱이얏😍

  5. 나의 최애 남준💙💙💙
    인간적으로도 존경하는 사람임👍
    올해는 내가 그의 노력의 2/3만이라도 따라갈 수 있도록 해보겠음.
    (제일 먼저, 저질체력이라 운동 필수)

  6. 3:04 실화니… 방송에서 자막 틀리면 어떡해요..
    작은것들'은' 위한 시(×)
    작은것들'을' 위한 시(o)

  7. In case you didn't know, Lee Know, the guy on the far right, with the half-grey suit, used to be a backup dancer for BTS. He's a member of Stray Kids now.

    If you're interested, he's a really unpredictable, strange guy who loves cats. He's on his best behaviour here.

    He's a tsundere type with a soft spot, though I won't claim to understand him – even to his bandmates, he's a mystery.

    Also he was born in 1998. And – just look at him – he's flawless.

  8. 3:28 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ뭔솔ㅋㅋㅋ지금 우리버스에서 현활 중인 아미만 360만이 넘는데ㅋㅋㅋ 150만명이라니 큐큐ㅠㅋㅋㅠ엠넷아 좀만 더 열심히 뛰자!

  9. I’m really happy listening RM’s confidence 🥰🥰🥰 he got
    a lot of proud cuz Before he was really insecure but now He is our president and i’m so happy for him 🥰

  10. 1:13 이거 알엠 사진 아닌데 과거사진 띄우고 코멘까지 할거면 진위여부는 확실히 확인했어야죠 방송이 장난입니까

  11. 진짜 내최애 나올줄 알았다 ㅠ
    온 집을 남주니로 도배했는데 얘들이 나 얘싫어 얘 별로 얘 못생김 이랬는데 그 순간 절교했음 ….얘들아….그렇게 사는거 아니다..

  12. 저 헤어스타일 이상한 사진 RM아니에요…무슨 헤어쇼 모델 사진인데 RM으로 잘못 나온 거예요 TMI뉴스 자료조사 넘 부실한 듯…

  13. 시작이 승어 사이퍼 아이돌 런 낫투데이 그냥 시작이 방탄노래 저녁에 작위시 등등 그냥 잘대도 그냥 맨날 학교에서도 방탄노래 맨날 스밍 하고 노래 계속 들어 질리지갸 않아 우리 아아돌 자랑스럽다 초2때부터 조아했어요 상남자때 반하고 아니주때 완전 채 아미 앨범사고 그럴때죠 ㅠㅠ 진짜 그때도 아미(가족)많았는데 우리 가족이 전새계로 늘어나닌까 더 행복 한것같아요 우리 아이돌 자랑 스럽다

  14. I don't understand why people say rm is useless, when hes one of the important members their all important but mostly rm because he does alot in the group

  15. 근데 알엠은 진짜 아티스트로서도 그렇지만 그냥 사람으로서 존경을 받아도 마땅한 사람인 것 같음 존경이 흘러넘칠듯…ㄹㅇ로 개멋져

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