‘Enormous Crowd’ Gathers At Elizabeth Warren NYC Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Yes, but what is her stance on Sharpies and their applications to the political landscape? The people have a right to know!!!

  2. Trump talks tough in front of his people but Warren would run circles around him in everything , going into detail about everything.

  3. Trump is a ''sick'' showman!! Not enjoyable to people who know what he is about!! He is only a so-called 'showman' to those who like this kind of sickness and Trump knows he can play their emotions because they don't ''get it''!! Sad!

  4. Trump would draw millions if he held a NY rally and if there was a big enough stadium. He is the Beetles and Jesus rolled into one.

  5. It doesn't take much to draw a crowd in the middle of WSP. Most of the people were probably just passing by! You can't count pedestrians, gathering by chance, as attending the rally!

  6. Give Harris a fair chance… don't cherry pick her faults while letting go of others like Biden and Warren .. don't suppress her..if this is the case ,white supremacy will win and America will never turn the page…you know it's not just abt gunning down immigrants or black people..even political suppression is unfair

  7. It is about time….that WOMEN TAKE OVER THIS COUNTRY…..Men have proved their INCOMPETENCE..

    A WOMAN / MOTHER will take care / defend her baby….to DEATH…

    I like

    HARRIS ATTORNEY GENERAL (She will make sure….trump, barr…and many more END UP IN JAIL)…..

  8. Donald Trump is what I imagine would be the result if a mad scientist put a genital wart in a petri dish, fed it on human faeces and let it grow until it weighed in at about 320lbs.

  9. 1:30 really? show me the attendance list where Warren got "tens of thousands of people". show me the NFL stadium filled with people, JUST to see Warren. LOL

  10. Can someone pass a fork and a flamethrower to donny. Stick him with a fork. He's done. He'll have to thaw that heart. So he can eat his heart out.

  11. Lol she spent her life as a government servant but ended up a multimillionaire. The Democrat Socialist are to stupid to see the hypocrisy. Good lord she lied about being a Cherokee to get into law school. Unbelievable

  12. Seriously? Why play Trumps "crowd size" game. Like the reporting on this show but I don't think you should play that game.

  13. While Elizabeth blathers on about small time, side show, government corruption, Trump continues to plow ahead on major issues. She's out of her depth when compared to Trump.

  14. Been for Warren from the start of this. I lean Progressive but here's a warning for Progressives: She is, at some point, going to have to moderate on health care and Beto-strength confiscation rhetoric. See the MJ segment on Trump's NM rally. Quoting Long Shot movie: "Until you run the game, you have to play the game." I HATE that, but it's true in this case – let's win the election first.

  15. Well my advice to Liz Warren is that she should get her cameras to scan around all the people in the auditorium and the people outside who cant get in, before she claims too big a crowd! 🙂 As for Government Corruption, That war is being fought as we speak. Never guess which side the corruption comes from.


  17. Senator Warren is not only Decent and Ethical she is Anti Corruption, for the betterment of the Common Man! She is an INSPIRATION!

  18. WHAT? #PolicyPocahontas OUT-CROWDSIZING #PABOTUS #DirtyDonald #TitanicTrump? THIS IS GOING TO STICK IN THE #FakeOresident and #DEmagogueInChief's CRAW.
    Tweet her up!' Shut him down!

  19. I personally love E. Warren ! She has been a long time proponent of the reinstatement of many key banking industry regulations (like Glass-Steagall) , But I fear our countries voters will end up picking Trump over her because she is a woman & because so many are ill informed idiots. I feel a Biden /Warren or Sanders/Warren ticket has a better chance victory over the con-man in chief.

  20. Pocahontas rally who cares! In real news Ilhan Omar Caught Deleting Incriminating Tweet That Could Prove She Committed Immigration Fraud

  21. Where are the stories on Bernie's crowds? So weird that isn't covered more often 😑 By the way, Bernie got 30k people when he did his stop there, so…

  22. Warren is NOT for Medicare for All. Sbe will take dirty money. Voted twice to increase Trump's military spending. I guess she has no regard for human life. NO PROGRESSIVE. SHE IS OUT!

  23. Warren, you are hyper. You get choked when talking. Talk gently and calmly. I don’t like her temperament when talking in the rally

  24. Joe Biden will be a great president. He is calm, thoughtful, calm and considerate for both sides,, Democrat or Republican. The main thing is get rid of Trump

  25. They weren’t “selfies”. They had photographs taken with her by a third person. Just because it’s taken on a cell phone doesn’t make it a “selfie”.

  26. Did you hear Mike, Mika and Joe?

    If you're unsure about whether the claim of crowd size by Warren's team appears to be accurate, maybe take it from someone who was THERE and is sitting right next to you before you attempt to throw Warren under the bus with such a sly remark.

    Shame on you, especially Mika.

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  28. With ALL due RESPECT:
    Can anybody give Elizabeth Warren this message?:
    Dear Ms. Warren, PLEASE refrain from being toooo fidgety / twitchy.*
    Viewers from Europe also watch (not only) you and see… this is a little crazy, too agitated, nervous.
    Calm down (just a little).You´ll come over much more seriously, presidential and intense.
    It makes the VIEWERS nervous.  …. It´s 100% meant constructive and we apologize, if we have offended you.

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