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the show today well we speak to the guys from funfair
jazz in the team and they tell us what they’ve been up to since we saw them
last year and how they have been combating if there are scaling issues to
ensure that they can run their gaming software successfully that is a big one
we speak to Darius from friends you know about how they are tackling sports on
the blockchain in particular poker I love poker
we love poker oh then and before we do any of that we’re going to have our
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from cypher glass and what’s easy so we’re welcoming Rob from cypher glass
and everything Yaffe’s fame back into our studio again
Rob are you there I am thanks so much for having me great it’s great to get
you back again I’m glad we’re keeping up this idea of doing regular sort of
backwards and forwards it’s always good for us to stay up-to-date with what you
guys are doing and what’s going on in the EOS sphere so I guess one of the
first things I was going to ask you is I got your Twitter the other day about you
all you’ve been doing lots of infrastructure updates over it’s like
the glass but maybe you can tell us a little bit about that yeah so the three
main things you know obviously we’re always continuing to improve our core
infrastructure that we use to produce blocks on the EOS main net so that when
we’re back in the top 21 boom our infrastructure is ready to go updated to
the latest version but what we’ve been working on a lot recently are two new
sort of infrastructure initiatives one of which is previos which is actually a
way to store data privately on us main net so you know if I’m a developer and
I’m building a healthcare app and I don’t want my patients sensitive
healthcare data to just be stored on a public blockchain where anybody can read
it I can actually utilize previos to store that data in a private way and
comply with HIPAA laws and gdpr laws and things like that and beyond that we’re
also a partner of the D Goods digital goods standard on ES so any game
developer or you know app developer that’s using music or coupons or movie
tickets or digital items anything where you have any kind of a digital good on
yose they can actually utilize that D good standard and make sure that it’s
compatible with basically every wallet that exists today so some pretty
exciting things going on let’s go I guess the standardization is quite
important is it because it has these new infrastructures and inroads and
platforms are built there needs to be a sort of standardized way to manage going
forward with business applications absolutely and cypher glass one of our
biggest goals is to make it as easy as possible for developers to build on EOS
it’s already pretty easy just that in the fact that you can use an existing
programming language like C++ instead of having to learn an entirely new one but
standards like D Goods make it even easier where instead of having to spend
you know a month or two months out of your development cycle to build your own
sort of standard to store all of these digital goods you can just use D goods
and already have things like built and made a data and so much more bundling
all these cool tools that developers need to employ
their app to save them ultimately a ton of time and actually building it it’s
kind of almost a little bit what kind of WordPress did for you know Internet
stuff to do grief it can be as simple as everybody else to just jump onto one
easy platform and do it that takes all the mystery out of I guess absolutely
you could think of D goods in that analogy kind of as a wordpress plugin
where you know you just in one click install this thing into your app and
kind of use that as the backbone for a specific piece of your app in this case
digital good so we’re super excited to see what people build obviously mythical
games is one of the core partners on that sort of the core brains behind that
we’ll be using the D good standard in blanco s– and their upcoming games that
sounds cool now i’ve got a few questions from our community i said post us
yesterday that we were chatting so i’m just gonna read through some they’re all
pretty straightforward and the first one was what projects are you guys investing
in over there or working with yeah so our most recent investment as cypher
glass was a company called pixie o’s so pixie o s– is the sort of first art
ecosystem on a blockchain they just released their they’re very cool first
game called pixie us paint which is this collaborative canvas that you can paint
on similar to pixel master in a lot of ways but has some elements built in to
make it last a lot longer so that people continue to make canvases but what I’m
most excited about it pixie os– goes back to the D good standard with NF T’s
where if I’m an artist and I want to issue say you know ten ten of my digital
artworks on the blockchain I can actually issue ten individual tokens
that represent ownership of that digital piece so it solves copyright issues it
solves provenance issues so many issues that happen especially within the art
world are being solved by pixi us now so
that’s a project that we’re super super excited about and and proud to be a
partner of yeah I watched the video I think Dallas rushing to the video the
other day actually that yeah so yeah seems like a really cool really cool way
of doing things and kind of removing a lot of that stress from the art world
that seems to exist absolutely and it even could apply to physical artwork as
well where if I’m you know cause an artist and I want to go out and link a
bunch of my physical artworks or my physical sculptures to individual tokens
I can do that as well and help with tracking the provenance of a piece of
art which ultimately is really what gives us the art value is that you can
link it back to you know the original creator very cool somebody was asking
about the you talked on the everything else show about a new EOS potential uber
yeah yeah so that’s a that’s a DAP called Eva Eva a I believe Eva dot coupe
Co o P is their website but they launched in some parts of Canada already
and already have hundreds of drivers signed up they’ve done hundreds of rides
so it’s so cool to see somebody trying to disrupt a centralized player like
uber and I think we’ll see more of that in other industries whether it’s social
media or gaming or something else cuz if you look at uber today they started out
taking a five percent fee from drivers and now today they take a forty five
percent fee from drivers so if the fee has just ballooned over the last few
years and eva is trying to combat that by basically removing that fee and
giving some ownership of the actual system to the people who had value to it
and those are ultimately the drivers and the riders because they’re the ones that
are you know circulating value within that ecosystem very cool now somebody
was asking you’ve probably come across a lot of hackathons going on have you got
three favorite hackathon ideas that you’ve come across on the O’s oh I think
new get who actually was was one of the winners at the San Francisco hackathon
was one of my favorites it was kind of a decentralized incentivize github you
know there’s so much open source software that has one creator one person
that built that software and they’re not incentivized in any way to kind of
maintain that even though so many projects use it so nougat was one trying
to help that out my friends a call and everything else was working on one where
you could actually it was sort of a process for creating digital goods
within a video game but then allowing royalties to kind of flow back to the
original artists even if it was sold a third party market multiple times over
and over and then the third I think that I saw that I really liked was a land
title play so in a lot of countries you know particularly in South America
there’s a centralized land title registry that basically says hey you
know this person owns this plot of land this person owns this house or this
building and in a lot of ways that’s corrupted and land is actually stolen
from people so so excuse me what they were trying to do was essentially put
that land title registry on the blockchain to prevent a centralized
power from coming in and sort of stealing someone’s land just by changing
a number in that registry so that was cool to see as well very cool now
somebody says and this one’s got an angry face after WTF of people doing
about arbitration is so he’s yeah absolutely that seems to be the
common reaction he’s probably referring to a calf which was the you know us core
arbitration forum which no longer exists now no longer really has any power
because we all kind of realized it was this centralized attack vector on EOS
but what is happening is we’re seeing more sort of opt-in only arbitration
layers coming out now we’re you know even if you were in the say Genesis II
of snapshot and you lost your keys there will almost it’s almost ready there will
soon be a way for you to automatically recover your keys without having to go
through a centralized entity like EKF so we’re seeing really cool software
solutions being built that prevent the need for a centralized power like have
to make these decisions where instead it can still be decentralized they could
still be immutable and not give that power to somebody that we may not want
to give that power to I think that’s the balance isn’t it really finding a way to
combat some of these terrible problems with the hacks and things that can be
reversed but not in the USS completely undermining the entire principle of
block chain in the first place exactly it’s always a balance and it’s
it’s been amazing now especially with the referendum to Lonnie OS where you if
you have one use token you have one u.s. vote on all these important proposals
and one of those proposals is to officially remove EKF from the
Constitution you know I mentioned that the block producers are kind of they’ve
heard the cries of the EOS users and are not really fulfilling any calf orders
right now but this vote on the blockchain sort of makes it one more
step official of removing them from power and really decentralize empower
back to the u.s. token holders which is always good to see that’s great now
somebody is asked here and I don’t if it’s in a sore point but did he ever pay
the 1 million bet he had with his workmate about that bet the bet has been
paid it was denominated as a thousand years have you check it out but if you
search million-dollar loser on YouTube you’ll see it there’s a pretty funny
skit that we put together he was in it I’m in it as well accused the person I
did the belt with but it was a fun bet the bet has been paid and but I’m not
sure if I would take take another bet in the future I think I’ve learned my
lesson there well what about if you had to give you a price prediction that yes
by the end of 2019 without a million dollar or any other bet
associated with it I would say higher than now higher than it is today for
sure your day I like the fact that you’re sort of covering your ass a
little bit with that one very good definitely yeah I’ve learned
my lesson now just lastly is there anything else exciting that you’ve come
across as you spoke last that you think people should know about that perhaps
they don’t in the whole kind of vo sphere or is it all kind of out and
about I think you know DAP usage continues to grow if you look at a site
like DAP radar comm and you click on Yoast apps you can see that the numbers
of unique users the number of volume on a lot of these tabs continues to
increase they’re now more than I think close to 250 gaps that exist on
yesterday and it is of course you know the most used blockchain by daily active
users of dabs and DEF volume so so much continues to happen and you know as
something that’s sort of unofficial but I talked to so many projects on a weekly
basis that are either you know we’re building on a theorem and now looking to
move to EOS or weren’t building on a platform at all and now we’ll be
building on eeo says their first time blockchain platform that it’s just so
cool to see people finally get the fact that you know ii o s– doesn’t have any
fees you know you have half second block time so transactions are very quick and
to finally see the types of DAPs that I imagined when I was in the etherium
community you know a couple years ago to finally see them come to fruition now
and actually be released is just so so exciting so I can’t wait to see what
else is released here on your run out there 2019 well everybody if you haven’t
checked out already you should go and sign up to sight the glasses channel and
also subscribe to the everything ER podcast cuz it’s really really handy for
staying in touch but also the good news is Rob and I are going to chat once a
month so we’ll be welcoming you back Robert at about a month’s time and maybe
we can have another chat about everything that’s going on absolutely
that sounds great there’s always so much happening within a year so I think once
a month is an awesome time to kind of fill everybody in on all the cool things
that are happening so we’re out and about today and we are
at Fun Fair where we’re going to have a chat with jazz sands and the team about
what they’ve been up to so Jess thanks for chatting today
obviously it’s been a while since we’ve been here it was last June or July I
think since we came to see you so what’s been going on with them they’re quite a
bit happened since then because that was just before we went live so obviously
the biggest news is we’re live and that puts us in like a tiny fraction of all
blockchain projects that are actually live in shipping and and now we’re
learning and we’re finding out what the markets really like we’re bolstering our
internal teams and you know we’ve hired biz dev and marketing people so because
they have a reel in a commercial project to do now instead of just a technology
project 2018 was really about technical proof-of-concept 2019 is about
commercial proof-of-concept so actually very imminent late next week we are at
the world’s largest gaming tradeshow ice we all have a stand there we have an
offer actually which is giving away five free white labels so these are free to
be customers that we’re looking for who could operate blockchain casinos with us
off the back of that we will be launching those casinos over the rest of
q1 q2 q3 will be launching some of our own casino brands as well we operate a
beatsie twin live last year called casino fare we have great plans from a
marketing point of view so our partners will be doing their own marketing for
their casinos we will be ramping up our marketing which will be combination
promotions CRM acquisition activity and really what we want to try and get to by
the end of the year is an understanding of the value propositions that we have
and that blockchain enable how are they resonating with different audiences in
different parts of the world so we have by the end of the year real tangible
evidence that actually what the blockchain enables is desired by
consumers and can create a significant market in its own right so many projects
raised money and promised the earth and so few have actually delivered and that
is a fame you know where we are in the small group that has delivered and we’ve
got a lot more to deliver so you know we know we’re not done yet but yeah it is a
shame that so many projects with such a diverse and interesting talents and
capabilities have not actually made it yet and some may never make it
I guess it’s difficult with some as well that some companies that were really
good and had a good plan have probably been killed by the fact that the
etherion price has been as rollercoaster as it was the the crypto winter has
severely affected a number of companies funding plans so a number of them have
shrunk to survive the winter some of them have already died and many projects
were like either overly optimistic and naive about about what it takes to
deliver a real commercial products and not just technology experiments and
obviously some of them were scams so regulation obviously was a big part of
2018 how has regulation affected you guys and generally the whole crypto
spaces I think there the regulatory changes have made a significant impact
for everyone the SEC has been trying to land grab and try to say everything in
blockchain is ours and we control everything which is just not the reality
there’s some blockchain projects are going to fall under the FCC’s remit and
some are not and so I think there’s a bit of a power struggle and land grab
going on and other regulators are saying no no no it’s commodity and it’s ours
and those struggles are going to happen this year and we’re gonna find out who
the regulators are that actually matter to us and what the lay of the land
really is but in the meantime we have to navigate very carefully especially in
our case because you know we are a token so we fall under some regulations but
we’re also gambling and so we fall under some other
regulations and so we have to navigate the path really carefully and it has
affected our business it really has we we’ve been very cautious and some of our
peers are not being cautious and yeah and it does affect them so there’s
obviously lots of new blockchains out there a lot of people are wondering
whether aetherium is capable of handling transaction speed or you know what
different apps should be on you guys are on aetherium and you’re happy with that
we are a tech company at heart and we’ve solved the bottlenecks ourselves so
we’re not reliant on any blockchain performance so we have our own layer to
scaling technology that we call fate channels and we’ve had that since the
very beginning and we demonstrated it in you know that before our ICO actually so
nearly two years ago we demonstrated it working and to this day we’re probably
the only running full state channels and the difference between a payment channel
which you’ve probably heard of like the Lightning Network and a state channel is
payment channels just move value around and so they scale a certain aspect of
blockchain use but our technology and full general-purpose pay channels can
actually scale the entire smart contract so when the player is playing a game on
the funfair platform they’re actually playing the game built in the smart
contract off chain almost all the time it goes on chain of the beginning to
start the game and at the end to close the game and it goes on chain if there’s
a dispute I if someone tries to cheat or something bad happens but ninety nine
point ninety nine percent of the time the player is playing off chain and so
we’re not reliant on the performance of the blockchain to give the player a good
experience so that’s why we have a very cool product and why we don’t need to
move block chains there are other block chains that are faster you mentioned EOS
for instance but much of the speed that’s captured by faster block chains
is captured by compromising on some of the things that we like about block
chains some of the security and consensus algorithms if you if you take
shortcuts you can run faster if you aren’t you
centralized you can run faster if you don’t validate and check the
transactions fully you can run faster so there are compromises and some people
might find this compromises acceptable and there’s nothing wrong with running
faster taking shortcuts aetherium is doing it properly and the next version
of aetherium will also do it properly but be a lot faster so right now we’re
on aetherium and we’re very happy being on aetherium the community is fantastic
and most projects are on aetherium but that doesn’t mean we will always be on
aetherium but we haven’t felt the need right now to just wait looking back now
in a year’s time do you feel like we’re going to be out of this crypto winter
not just from a pricing perspective but a sentiment and were we all sort of sat
here the people who still believe in it in a much better place I think the last
10 years of the crypto world had found us that there there are boom and bust
cycles and we haven’t had a winter that’s much longer than this so I think
that we will come out of the winter of this year and typically you know you
can’t guarantee history predicts future events but typically the markets boom
even bigger after the winter so yeah I think I’m optimistic for this year
probably latter half of this year rather than earlier this year but we’ll see and
ask for sentiment yeah that that the main thing that’s happening in the last
year is that people actually building real applications like us that actually
solve a problem and deliver a use to the market and the more of those there are
that prove that blockchain actually does solve real problems and has value to
customers that’s that’s very important and I think that will happen this year
thanks Jess great to chat and thank you very much for taking the time so two of our look mainly Ash’s favorite
things blockchain and poker so blockchain banter for this week we’re
talking to the CEO of fans unite Darius who do many things apart from poker but
we have him on the show to discuss what fans unite are all about Darius oh you
bet I am thanks for having me you know it’s great to have you on the show we’re
very excited to talk to you um some of our subscribers may not know what fans
unite is about can you just give us the elevator pitch of what you guys do yeah
absolutely so from a very high level we built to the infrastructure so we built
a protocol layer that allows any sports book operator or anyone for that matter
to build a block tank based sports book or betting exchange or daily fantasy
company on top of our infrastructure and utilize blockchain technology into their
applications right now I’m a die-hard poker fan as Lisa was saying and as soon
as as soon as Lisa mentioned WPT blockchain I was like and so we
obviously very excited to hear about what you’ve been doing and bringing
those two worlds together so maybe you can tell us a little bit more about that
yeah so we are likely I have a couple advisers who played in the main event in
the final table as well and some of the bigger tournaments last really cool we
struck a partnership with the World Poker Tour a few months ago which is
being awesome for us so doing a lot of branding exercises with the World Poker
Tour Band United is sponsoring a lot of the contests around the world they’re
opening us doors for us to casinos and in various other players in the sports
betting industry and we’re looking to down the road integrate poker and block
it and see what we can do with them and you know obviously they have a world
recognizable brand so it was awesome for us and so far it’s been really good that
sounds fun I guess one of the things we would we spoke to a company called
funfair recently and they were saying one of the great things about blockchain
and gambling is it just basically means there is a complete immutability and an
untreatable layer that prevents any kind of funny business going on I mean is
that one of the benefits from from gaming as you see it yeah absolutely so
fun pairs doing some amazing things out there
but we we see the same thing we call it trust plus betting so allows you know
both from an operator perspective as well as better as as well as regulators
just adding a block case technology add security and transparency and
immutability and for sports betting the big thing is for us at least now you’re
betting with smart contracts so the bets resolved exactly as that contract
intends we’ve solved some payment processing issues in the gaming space by
using cryptocurrency and the savings of these operators are able to get they can
either obviously keep themselves or they can actually passed on to consumers just
something that we’re doing the fee that we’re taking is a lot lower than in
traditional sports close and you your aetherium based on you because I know
they’re those you know some people have pro aetherium some are saying
scalability issues but a lot of people I’ve spoken to recently said they don’t
consider it to be a problem and with what theorems doing they’re gonna solve
any of these issues before they become a major problem we’re kind of in the
middle of that argument so we are pro Imperium we do believe in the ethereum
blockchain and the development communities but there are inherent
issues with the etherion blockchain mostly due to new schedule bit
scalability so for us to have a seamless betting experience it it is a bit a bit
too slow right now so we’ve opted to build side chains so we’re doing a side
chain solution so that only the pertinent information is actually stored
on the ethereum blockchain and that’s how we’re getting through through our
issues to have a seamless betting experience but we do believe in their
community we think they’re gonna figure it out by the time you know we’re really
looking for mass adoption of what we’re trying to do so 2018 was a tough market
for probably a lot of people in the space what are you looking to achieve or
get have get out of your 2019 it was it was a really tough market we kept kind
of waiting for it to turn and it never did but I think for us it was it was a
bit of a blessing in disguise we never launched our token and I believe had we
launched our token we probably would have lost a lot of value so we get
things a little bit differently we decided to just build and we grew the
team and we just built and we’re now in beta on runs of protocol and the
sportsbook we have other operators who are gonna be building on top of the on
top of the protocol so when we actually do launch and we do launch a token you
know we’re gonna have a doctor from day one which is super exciting we’re gonna
have utility of our token from day one so there’s actually going to be value to
the token and rather than you know speculating
which was happening all in 2018 and the market map returned well we’d love to
chat to you more as and when you sort of develop more of the you know the sort of
especially the poker stuff huge interest but the whole betting side as well it
sounds really interesting what you guys are doing so maybe we can get you back
on as things develop and we can have a chat later in the year absolutely we’re
available any time so looking forward to doing this again so that’s the end of
the show another jam-packed one we hope you
enjoyed it if you did please tell us below if you didn’t tell us below I mean
whatever rather you told us you did like it to be honest cause it’s quite a lot
of hard work to do this but but no pressure we don’t know really anyone
into saying positive things but we are awesome yeah awesome but next week we
will be in an Acapulco one cocktails listening to David Icke and all sorts of
interesting speakers so we will be bringing our show live from there so
don’t forget to check back in the meantime comment below with anybody you
want us to speak to anything you want to say anything commenting about anything
what we’re wearing what our hair is like you said you’re having a bad hair day
I’m having a bad hair day it seems to have in every week hey hey well until we
see you next time remember you’ve been blood chained you

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