Erratic Trump Endangers US Personnel, World Standing: Brett McGurk | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Rachel Maddow the largest conspiracy theories of the DNC. She give new meaning to Fake News. She will say anything in hopes of haveing an influence on public opinion.

  2. So, Donald Trump is a disaster for our allies who depend on us. But does it matter, or, can we recover or restore their faith in us once we get rid of the Orange moron and have a real, intelligent president who understands the importance of being a country our allies can trust and depend on? Do our allies know that something very bizarre is happening in this country, under this aberration of a president who somehow has managed to turn half the country into hypnotized zombies? Can we recover from Trump's damage?

  3. Chitlins stink, but taste good. This government Trump stinks but are rotten, they taste good to his supporters only. As a matter of FACT: I am going to eat a bowl of chitlins right now. They stink, but are good.

  4. this MSM Swamp Press Garbage cracks me up! Not a person I know believes this garabge anymore. Keep up the great work, waking people up with your crazy lies and conspiracy theories!

  5. Trump singlehandedly in secret (without any approval from Congress) decided to release 60-70 thousand confirmed ISIS terrorists, let ISIS controlled Syrian Millitary step in with full millitary power and massacre the Kurdish friendly forces and THEN HE IS INVITING THE ISIS SUPPORTER PRESIDENT FROM TURKEY TO WASHINGTON AS A GUEST SPEAKER IN NOVEMBER…

  6. Trump wouldn't even serve in the MILITARY, he couldn't know anything about military strategies. He dodged the MILITARY, he's use to street wars against people in his own country, ESPECIALLY people of COLOR. And against whites that believes in LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, THAT THE AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE HUMAN BEINGS, AND PEOPLE DO MATTERS.

  7. "the U.S. lead a coalition that includes over 80 countries…" Soon the U.S. will only be a member of that coalition. Maybe not even that, with such an unstable executive branch we might not be a leader or member of anything any more. SAD!

  8. James Mattis is the most cowardly general the US has ever gotten. Compared to his elevated position, he did not do what a real leader should have done. Replacing him by the types of Bolton and Miller simply means the USA and thereby the world is doomed. We are all heading toward a fascist state fast, now. All freedom movements are suppressed, either by force or by misinformation and propaganda campaigns. The world is in an extremely sorry state, politically, economically and environmentally, and nobody except some young people cares.

  9. The Mad Emperor without clothes is getting madder by the second. He feels the walls closing in and is a raging foaming at the mouth wounded beast. May he suffer extremely for his treasonous deeds.

  10. You guys still don't realise that Trump has been doing by the books exactly what Vladimir Putin wants him to do..I think Trump is working for Russia.

  11. OMG. SOS the Eagle is loosing its feathers? Wish we could do a citizen arrest since the people in Washington have their personal agenda.

  12. how proud you trump supporters must be of your mass murdering shithole of a leader. He's doublecrossed our allies, who helped us fight ISIS. ISIS is back, everyone!

  13. He’s now killing people with his erratic decisions. Decisions that squash years and decades of diplomatic work. Here is now blood on his hands, directly, of his own incoherent behaviors and decisions. How much more does he have to do for people to wake up. He has to go and go NOW.

  14. Trump ownes two , in his words beautiful towers in Istanbul Turkey.its all money for Trump. He also owes the Russians and is therefore tossing Ukraine under the bus with the kurds. Trump is worse than evil.

  15. He’s not just content selling his own country out for personal financial gain he is now starting to sell out other countries for political favours. He’s the laughing 😂 stock of the so say civilised world, he’s a great threat to world peace and he’s still in the White House. Pulling American forces out of Syria, why he’s not pulling the troops out of Saudi Arabia my personal belief is Syria has no oil to offer

  16. How can you buy it n to this lying dramatic soap opera they will do and stay anything. Trump trying to fix 60 year of a corrupt government
    his plan is not like the last Presidents plans that was planned by the NWO.

  17. He couldn't even handle his own businesses to make money, what makes anyone think he can be the Commander In Chief?

  18. Well…then..there you go. "I know more than the Generals do". – Trump –
    In all his wisdom, he has single handedly signed the death warrant of thousands in Syria. Every day, we learn something new…..disgusting stable genius !!

  19. When Persons become deluded about the reality of the environment we compete for resources of justice, then a correction has to be enforced.

  20. No government body, anywhere in the world, can afford to lose people like McGurk in a trivial manner. I have just seen and heard a consummate professional and excellent communicator explain simply and clearly a complex problem. Trump is keeping the waste matter and losing whatever should be kept, exactly the opposite of what he should do.

    For a moment, forget Republican versus Democrat, impeachment, Ukraine, and anything else that is pointlessly ripping your fine country apart, and think of whom Trump retains while he discourages, betrays or terminates people who are competent, effective and patriotic, public servants. That is what should preoccupy you the most as your country rumbles clumsily toward elections which will decide the future of all that is great about the USA, and maybe even the future of the world.

    The White House is no place for obstinate, ignorant, destructive, divisive and counter-productive incompetence. As citizens find themselves alone in the polling booth they should hesitate a moment before registering their votes, to ask themselves a question something like this: "Is Trumpian chaos what I really want at the political/economic/military/legal/moral heart of my country?"

  21. yess, you have ppl on the ground like ypk/pkk (CLEARLY A NARCOTERRORİST organisation approved by the senate) and the DAESH members who you transported to a safe zone nearby the YPG/PKK HQ (documented by BBC)

  22. There must be at least a member of the cleaning staff in the White House who has some patriotism left – they could strangle tRump with the hoover flex.

  23. A group of psychiatrists wrote a book called “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”. He is poison. Don’t trust him.

  24. more like you MSM monsters that spread LIES everyday! You people are SICK!!! Never again will I vote democratic thats a FACT! Trump has done everything I hoped Obama would do and more. PRISON REFORM!!!!!!!!!!! Best Pres EVER!!!!!! Right to Try Absoulutely amazing!!!! Go TRUMP 2020 the new republican party the same people that voted Obama in twice, yes thats us!

  25. The clown show…. Maddow's…. you are such a jerk… what happened to Russian Collusion? What happened to your high priest Mueller? LOL

  26. A republican in the house or senate needs to subpoena a transcript of the call with Turkey. This is crazy that you would just turn your back on people that helped you

  27. When Canadian PM Trudeau was first dealing with Trump he said that nothing you discussed with Trump really mattered, as he would change his position based on whomever he talked to after you.

  28. He has to comply with all his promises to Putin because he knows he won’t be in the WH much longer and he wants Putin still in his corner .. comprimat

  29. Trump needs to be removed ASAP!!!!!! It is obvious he is doing Russia's bidding as the Kurds will seek them for help. We have lost so many allies as Trump cozies up to dictators and zealots.

  30. Kamala Harris is a prosecutor but she says that there are predators in the White House and on the golf course and in Mar-a-Lago and beyond

  31. The problem is that you are dealing with TWO (The Wise One). TCO (The Chosen One), TVSG (The Very Stab;e Genious.) All in one.

  32. While trump is destroying the U.S. most repulican and his supporters is colluding and enabling him… It's a shame sick and brainwash those people can be.

  33. The Russian Asset is to turn America backward to hateful period in time. Destroy and Divide Congress. And, implement FEAR in US and across the globe. He will turn Nation against Nation; and cause America to fall. He attempting to strongly antagonize The Lord Jesus!

  34. Follow the sniffles…. Drug addict. And if you believe the many reports back in the day: effects of syphilis. in addition to being mean, cruel, unloving, untrustworthy, uncaring, racist, and hater of women. his erratic behavior is putting Washington and America in a hurricane, and not just in Alabama. Ha ha ugghh.
    These are the end times. Trump is the evil one. he is destroying America, which is a told in Revelation 18.

  35. China and Russia have a great goal to bring down America's global power and Trump is supporting it. Down to America. Make Russia great again.

  36. Hi Rachel. I have a lot of respect for the way you present facts and connect the docs. You are totally worth my time watching you. I ask you, who now can still attribute altruistic motives to the president. Who can analyze what mr. Trump is doing and call it his duty to ensure Americans act with honesty and integrity with the administration of other countries .such as Ukraine.

  37. This president weakens America every day with his impulsive decisions when he doesn't consult the people that are in place with the experience knowledge to help him make sound
    policies but his ego stands in the way!

  38. Duncie Donnie has not corrupted the Repugs, they were always corrupt. Duncie Donnie just brought it out so we all could see. He wants his name to be great, well it will be – Treasonous Trump. I hope those who are still lying for him go to jail, including Sarah Huckabee. Let's not forget her.

  39. Even when president Trump moves in the right direction he does it horribly with no reasonable planning or support structure to prepare for the downfalls or the innocent victims of immediate action precisely like the not sane horrible human being, Mitch McConnell. .

  40. At the end of Trumps illegal Presidency ,he will be awarded the metal of Incompetency ! Then dragged of to Prison !!!

  41. Do remember that Turkey has a superb intelligence and surveillance capability. They had recordings of the Kashoggi murder from inside the Saudi embassy. It cannot surprise anyone if they have compromising material on Trump to use as and when they wish. When they want him to act in a certain way to their advantage, they might just threaten him with it. They may even have something from their new friend, Russia……

    Good luck America. You'll be back. Vote well.

  42. Mr McGurk is a brilliant public servant. He is a harbinger for the things to come in this complex battle.

    Trump’s actions are a flint strike in tinder dry kindling.

  43. Dear MSNBC: I had to watch this on YouTube because you cut it off on your own webpage. This is not the first time. Sometimes I have to watch your show on YouTube, with offensive ads by bizarre organizations, because the sound quality of the show on your website has been ruined. Please assign someone to regularly watch the show on your own website and have these matters fixed when they recur. Thank you.

  44. Question: Is Erduwan using information he has on Trump to blackmail Trump to get what he wants? Trump decides to do this withdrawal after a phone call from Erduwan.

  45. Strategically we got put back decades in the middle east. If a major war we're to ever break out with Iran or Russia it's imperative to have that land rather than trying to resupply our troops from half way around the world to have a place to land our troops dry docks for our Navy landing strips for our Air Force along with the oil. We need that area as much as they need us. Instead he handed it over to Putin. War's are fought in inches he's put us back thousands of miles…

  46. Trump should leave security to the professional that knows what they are doing, bc it's obvious he doesn't know what his doing.

    One Nation under God

  47. I keep thinking about all those people (women included) who talked about Hilary Clinton being too erratic to be commander and chief… what a sad world we live in!!

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