Estudio i – Aplicativo incentiva gestão pública colaborativa e aproxima cidadão

The elections are over, but let´s talk about the responsabilities of each citizen, shall we? Because the citizen keep their responsability intacted and, for now on, they need to keep an eye on the achievement of the campaing promises. Ana Horta, this is the idea of an app that has already received several awards. How does it work? Good afternoon! Good afternoon, Sidnei. Good afternoon everybody. So, like you said, the ideia of Colab. We have already talked about Colab here in the studios. Colab was choosen last year World´s best urban app. Each day more brazilian cities are adopting the plataform as an instrument of dialogue with the citizen, because, just like you said, Sidnei: Our civic duty does not end in the vote, does it? We need do be always participating! So, this week was Santos’ turn, the city of Santos has oficialized Colab as the official relationship channel. So, there are more than 30 brazilian cities using this tool. Colab allows the citizen to report, evaluate and propose solutions for your city. The app itself forwards all these mobilizations to the competent agency, so the fiscalization can be about from a ponctual problem or a hole in the street, a water leaking, to public policies, if the government of your city is fulfilling what has promised and if it is taking actions that benefits the citizen and what I also think that is very good Sidnei, it gives the opportunity to citizen to criticize and propose. So it is a very interesting exercise to think what you would do if you were in the Government I think it is a very hard exercise that we need to do, isn´t it? So, the participation of the citizen starts in a smaller level: in the neighborhood, the city and than it grows bigger! But the popular participation is made day to day in the city, no? Not only voting. And Colab gives this opportunity to this daily action. Just an interesting number Sidnei, last year, the app has received more than 12.000 reports and had a resolution rate of more than 60%. This shows us that it really works and it´s very easy to use, You walking down the street can report through the phone and it works very well. And now, Colab will compete in one more award: world´s best enterprise of creative economy there will be representants of more than 60 countries. So let´s cheer for them. It´s a genuinely Brazilian product that can help us a lot to exercise our citizenship, Sidnei. You know what is nice, Ana. Beside the apps like this, this is not the only one. to participate through the Social Networks, through politic parties, through the investigation work of the press too All of that contributes to live in a more participative country so that we can have a smaller gap, smaller difference between what the autority says and does and what the population wants, no? What cannot happen is the autorities to give their back to the population, and we cannot just wait certain actions with no answer. So, programs like that are awesome! Ana, thank you and keep up the good work there in São Paulo

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