– Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house my dog kept peeing so
he had to wear a diaper. ♪ It’s beginning to look
a lot like Vlogmas ♪ (soft piano music) – Good morning, guys. What is going on? We are doing laundry? Okay, Rebecca’s doing laundry. – This was all the stuff
from the 100 layers. I had to wash it all, so
I’m putting it away now. But we had a very crazy morning. We got like a big alert-type
thing around 5:30 AM because there are fires
going on in Los Angeles and they’re super close to where we are. So we were like worried that
we might have to evacuate. We had no idea- – (Matt) We still don’t know because they’re not contained yet, so. – Yeah, they’re definitely not contained. We’re hoping that we’re in the clear. But my little cousin is at UCLA and they might be evacuating that college. And so she might be coming here. So yeah, we’re in a weird place right now ’cause we have no idea what’s going on. Obviously, we had plans
today but they might change. And we have to stay inside ’cause there’s just so much smoke. The air’s so bad. So yeah, that’s our day so far. – I saw on the news today that they actually closed down the 405. And this is the first time that they’ve closed it
down since Carmageddon. That’s when they had to
kinda re-do the whole bridge and blow up a bridge. But yeah, it’s really weird. I’ve never seen anything like this, especially this close,
anywhere in Los Angeles. And it’s all over, Ventura, in the Valley, it’s up in the Hills, everywhere. It just kinda weird to
see– I don’t get it. I don’t get why there’s
so many fires goin’ on at one time in so many different places. But yeah, it’s happening. Peanut’s a little upset
about it, huh Peanut? – [Rebecca] Yeah, his allergies are acting up big time
’cause of the smoke. – [Matt] He’s just chillin’. Peanut, do you wanna go– Oh! He’s awake (chuckles) Good boy. Black Jack and Peanut on
Instagram, follow ’em. Let’s get this day goin’. All right, well today’s been
an interesting day so far. First the fire, now this. – Yeah, so I posted a video
and there was a glitch on it. I don’t know what was happening. So I went to live stream. I had to take the video down. I live streamed and
during the live stream, that was glitching too and in the middle of
it, they shut me down. But you could still see comments, but no one could see me or hear me. So then I had to shut
that live stream down. Live stream again to
try to let people know, re-upload my video, and then post it, so – [Matt] And then that
live stream got limited no ads for no reason. – Yeah, the live stream got limited no ads and I’m
literally just sitting, telling you guys about the video problem, how my channel keeps glitching. But we’ve got my cousin here. – [Everyone] Yeah! (Maddie laughs) – [Matt] Escaping the wild fires of UCLA. – Yeah, I made it out alive. – [Matt] Okay, good. – [Rebecca] Seriously. – [Matt] Oh, she lost a leg! No, she’s fine. (Maddie laughs) – [Rebecca] You had no power, right? – Yeah, the power went out. Yeah, just in the dorms luckily but still. – [Rebecca] Still, you’re in the dorms so. (laughs) – Yeah, there was no WiFi either so. – [Matt] Oh, that’s the reason. – Way worse. I don’t care if I can see or
shower or anything but like– – [Maddie] You have to have wifi. – You have to have wifi. See I wouldn’t mind being in a dark room. But also, there’s natural light, so it’s not like… It’s daytime. – Yeah, if it was night, then it would be- – It would be so scary! – [Matt] But you got WiFi now! – [Rebecca And Maddie] Yes! – It’s just been such an interesting day. Yeah, Maddie and I are gonna go work out because we just like– – [Maddie] Need to. – Yeah, we need to, we’re
feeling really weird and stressed and we’ve been
inside all day, ’cause- – [Matt] It’s all smokey outside and we can’t really go outside so much. – Yeah, it’s like cabin fevered out. I will call this condo fevered out. (laughs) – Okay, quick update, I was just walking the dogs and Blackjack was pulling,
we’re going to our place, Blackjack was pulling
Peanut a little too hard and he went, got his
foot stuck, so he’s got– Little man’s got a little… Got little wrapped up. I think he’s doing okay, he’s just it wasn’t fun, so I’m taking
them out on some errands. I got Peanut right here,
Blackjack you back there? Yeah, he’s right back there. We’re gonna go run some errands, and try get everything done, but I’m sorry man, sorry
little guy, things happened. We’ll take care of you. Blackjack’s just walking solo right now. Blackjack, you okay? I got little mans up here, little guy. Let’s go do some shopping buds. Do some errands. We’re just looking for stuff for now. Got Peanut right there,
he’s doing alright. Blackjack once again, making
his way trough the store. Where we going buds? Peanut, did we get enough stuff? Oh, poor buds. Stone number two, we’re
gonna get some things that we actually really need here. No, no, no, it’s Christmas tree. Blackjack found a buddy. What is it bud? Say hi? Blackjack! Chill man. Coexisting. – [Woman] How’d he hurt his foot? – [Matt] Aw, Blackjack was pulling him in and they were on a double leash and he just got pulled
underneath the door, kinda scraped his foot. So he’s got a little bit
of a bloody toe nail, but he’s fine. I couldn’t get any update
on where the fires at right now so I thought
I would kind of take a quick drive and see
exactly what’s going on. It looks like… Ugh it smells like smoke
everywhere right now. Okay it looks like a lot of
its dissipated quite a bit, but let me show you some footage from a little bit earlier today. (solemn music) Wow, as I’m getting closer every exit is blocked off right now. You probably can’t see
this with the light, but there are a bunch
of hot spots up there. Basically, where the fire’s still hot. They’re all over the place. This whole place was
on fire earlier today. Holy cow. Wow. You can see all of the fire up there. Holy cow. So crazy. There’s fire still very much up there. It’s all over the place. So those are homes up there,
there’s just the fire there. Here’s where you really
start to smell the smoke. It’s literally everywhere right now. It’s a lot. I can only imagine what it’s like living right up here in the evacuation area. These people had to evacuate their homes and you don’t know the
next day coming back if it’s there or not. It’s just something you
don’t think about sometimes. So I’m back home now
and everybody’s asleep. Maddie’s staying the
night tonight just because it’s not necessarily safe for her at UCLA. It was weird seeing all the fire stuff. Until you see it in person,
it’s a little bit different, but I didn’t think it
was going to be that bad. It’s pretty bad. We also just got this
alert because it looks like it’s going to be pretty windy tonight, which doesn’t make it super optimal to put out the fire any further. Alert. Strong winder over night
creating extreme fire danger. Stay alert. Listen to authorities. We’re still on alert
here, which makes sense, it’s a pretty big thing. Just praying for everybody
that’s been affected by all three of these
crazy fires that are going on right now, just in Los Angeles. Hopefully everybody gets
out safe and is able to take whatever they can, memories. It’s just weird, I never
thought– like Maddie had to evacuate her place, but I never thought that we would– you always say that hypothetical, okay, what do you take if your
house is getting ready to burn down, what do you take? It’s like a real situation. We had something that
we were going to film for you guys earlier,
just didn’t feel right going out and doing that today, so we will try to follow up
with doing that tomorrow, but thank you guys for watching. If you want to know how
you can help anybody affected by the fire or
anything that is going on with the three fires
here in Los Angeles, I’ll put all the information down here below. Just send us some love. If anything, just tweets,
anything like that helps. Like it really does, so
thank you guys so much for watching, have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow. Peace. (upbeat music)

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