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  1. Cover up, lol… he shared the whistle blowers statement and the transcript. All he did was ask for them to investigate a situation that looks bad. He didn’t say get dirt, just investigate. Trumps going to smash these liars again. Stupid media, Russia hoax part 2.

  2. America is doing great. I really can't see what the problem is. The press has become ridiculous and we can't believe in you anymore. America want's Trump right where he is. Haven't you learned anything? We put him in Washington for a reason. The swamp ain't drained yet, we will continue pumping.

  3. Bullshit interview with a bullshit never-Trumper political hack being interviewed by a bullshit liberal "journalist". The Dems don't want a formal "impeachment" that would give the President and the Republicans the right of discovery and subpoena power that would force the Democrat conspirators to testify under oath. The phony "whistleblower" conspiracy is the latest coup d'etat attempt against a Constitutionally-elected Republican president. The first coup attempt failed to prove any Russian collusion charges. Now, as usual, the Dems are falsely accusing President Trump of more invented crimes. Adam Schiff mischaracterized the transcript of the phone conversation by purposely misquoting Trump and later claiming that his bogus version of the conversation was a "parody". The corrupt Democrat mob is trying to subvert Trump's presidency by inventing a neverending series of false charges and theatrics. The power-hungry Dems and the Deep State are willing to bring down the country to achieve their radical agenda and destroy Trump's presidency and overthrow the 2016 election.

  4. Obviously found the "low IQ" section of the internet based on how you eat up CNN's bullshit like it's proven fact.

    Funny how the ones claiming Trump is rigging the elections are the ones trying to remove a president by force because they don't agree with him. The same group of people who support Hitler's idea of government control and eugenics who also happen to be socialists who trample over people with opposing views. The same group of people who hate individual freedom because they can't push people around when some elite has a new idea on energy saving or conservation. The same group of people who claim they can make free colleges and healthcare(I didn't realise that there are teachers and doctors out there willing to get an education and go to work everyday for free).

    Simply put you deserve what you work for and Democrats hate that because they have better ideas on how to spend your money.

  5. This guy is OUT OF HIS MIND. He said that Nixon would have never “accepted help from a foreign power in an election…” and then he states that it’s a felony to “accept help from a foreign power in an election…”

    But there’s ZERO evidence showing that trump requested any help in an election. There’s not even proof that he requested help for anything except to get information regarding how Crowd Strike may have been involved in influencing the 2016 election.

    In addition, the US accepts help from foreign powers during elections ALL THE TIME. The Obama administration was spying on the trump campaign. That’s no secret. But here’s the thing…the illegal spying is outsourced to foreign countries via the “5 Eyes” agreement that our intelligence agencies have with England, Australia, and other countries to spy on each other’s citizens and share the data. This agreement isn’t even a secret. Google it.

    Our government relies on foreign powers to do its dirty work CONSTANTLY. Just like the Clinton administration had foreign powers work-up the Trump Dossiers with accusations that Trump pees on prostitutes in Russia. Turned out it was all fake, but it was help she received from England, Ukrainian, and Russian supporters of her campaign. It was an “in-kind” contribution. But the democrats don’t seem to care when she did it.

    So, this guy is out of his fucking mind.

  6. George Soros and Hillary Clinton are always connected with these witch hunts. Lying Pelosi and Schiff for brains are trying to create a coup scenario, these people are traitors pure and simple.

  7. Cnn fake news nothing happening no impeachment nothing its all a show its all it is and i am not a republican

  8. Trump has achieved what few thought possible, he’s worse than Nixon. He’s more corrupt than Nixon. Barr is worse than John Mitchell.

  9. If I fall, the nation falls with me!

    I'm sure there was a guy in a bunker somewhere who thought the same thing.

  10. All you who know that this is a Clinton based deep state takedown of a brilliant president you need to help in this fight for truth to win over the lies that millions of Americans have fallen for. Go to the CNN and MSNBC coverage videos on youtube and start writing the truth in their comments section as all those gullible fools are only hearing the lies, they've been successfully brainwashed. Stand up and be counted and help your president!

  11. Another bullocks report from CNN .The criminals in this whole drama is Nadler, Schiff and Biden. Hoodwinked liberals simply haven't got the ability to see the real picture.

  12. I heard that there were people who were upset hearing that leaders of other countries still talk to Pres. Trump.
    They think that the world has ended when he defeated the Democrats in the elections.

  13. Impeach the stable lunatic he is unfit for the white house back to Mar a largo for the donald duck quack quack quack

  14. Republicans are hypocrites, and that's why thier president regardless of what he does, won't impeach,,but, what goes around comes around,,better not let the dems get in there. Cause they could be worse…

  15. First Commandment of the Woke Church of Virtuous Social Engineering: when offended, thou
    shalt reduce an opponent's entire existence to one word, e.g.: racist, homophobe, misogynist, hater, xenophobe etc.

  16. It seems trump is in a league of his own crooked old bastard needs to be impeached an throwed out of the white house on his head

  17. Trump is so vain he thinks the American public will engage in civil war. Instead let's engage in a huge nationwide parade!

  18. Nixon made a back channel deal with S. Vietnam NOT to negotiate with Johnson. He knew his odds of winning the White House increased if the war in Vietnam was still ranging. A patriot? I think not.

  19. President Blowhard just announced they are going to double check Monica Lewinskys dress
    to see if any of the cum stains have Bidens DNA, in case they need to try and impeach Biden.
    Hard to believe it was only 20 some years ago when the Republicans thought formication
    was a reason to impeach, eh ?

  20. You guys are going down with the ship. Three years of breaking news “trump colluded with the Russians” Now,Trump in serious trouble…lol. You’ve lost all credibility,but I guess there are still gullible people out there….smh

  21. Trump's situation 'a lot worse' than Nixon's
    But (I never thought I'd say it,but)
    Nixon's integrity was far higher.

  22. Trump is one of the worst presidents ever elected. We can't make that mistake again he would only get worser let's vote him out.📣

  23. Putting ex in front of someone doesn’t lend credibility. Try putting ex in front of wife or husband and then try to make me believe that increases credulity.

  24. As Trump moves forward creating even more "Obstructions" the Republicans will have no choice but to turn on him.

  25. Prove it buster. Y'all not scaring Trump's supporters nor Trump!!!
    Quit with all the talk, trying take the man down with threats of impeachments.
    "VOTE 2020" will reveal who the American public trusts!!

  26. Who else hates America and is glad they elected Trump?
    This is better than watching someone you hate die of cancer. In fact, it's like watching 300 million people you hate die of cancer.

  27. what I dont understand is dose this idiot and chief really think that he will just get away it.. weather it's now or in one year or let's say even 2024 heaven forbid. Hes going to be arrested.

  28. All politicians are the same,, they cut from the same cloth…trump is what America don't want to see…exposed their dirty deeds trump

  29. Does tRump ~really~ have supporters dumb enough to do very long prison times in order to support the Orange Sphincter in some kind of a half-assed civil war? LOL! In terms of brainpower, tRump doesn't come within a country mile of Nixon.

  30. Don't even need to know the whistleblower at this point. Trump's activities trying to obstruct the investigation is bad in itself.

  31. you realize these posters are a minor minority. the people in the flyover states will back trump NO MATTER WHAT. they will also rise up and strike down any attempt to prevent trump from becoming prez for life. take a look around the world. liberal democracies are soooo over. this will be the trend throughout the 2020s and 2030s trumps next 3 supreme court picks coulter, cruz and palin will see to that. it's a rightwing authoritarian world now. live in it. embrace it.

  32. Wrong, wrong wrong. Trump is far better off than Nixon ever was. Nothing happened to Nixon and nothing is going to happen to trump. Politicians are above the law and the media is here to quell the masses.

  33. so what? I bet he get away with this, again. I promiss to come back here to apologize if I'm wrong (and hopefully I am)

  34. Republican are afraid of the white house mobster boss. McDonald's paper and diet coke bottles everywhere .The White House has become the mobster hold up hide away.

  35. Right out of the gate he claims Nixon was a patriot who wouldn't take help from a foreign country. Did Nixon not negotiate to have Vietnam keep the war hot so he would be elected? Nixon was no patriot

  36. Once (a long time ago) it was said that when America had a cold, the rest of the world took pneumonia.

    Today, we see that it is America that has pneumonia.

  37. JW Verret – Well spoken!!! – More former advisors like you need to come out of the woodworks!!! 🙂 – People around the world need to hear your Sensible thoughts!!

  38. Trump's not loyal to anyone else, so all this talk about how much he values loyalty rings pretty hollow.

    Fun to see former staffers stick it to him.

  39. How is it "a lot worse?" Do you guys even know what Nixon was involved in? He had people break into an apartment to gather dirt on opponents. You know, breaking and entering. Crime. A crime aimed at damaging a political opponent, no less. The host even said it herself; we can't even decide if this is a crime or not. I'm not saying Trump is innocent here, but I think he has more wiggle room than Nixon had

  40. Inez Qtaish is writing saying" can anybody imagine what happens when a cat is backed in a coirner, since evildoers calling me a animal , Inez Qtaish feel like I'm backed in a corner the difference is I'm warning evildoers STOP going against me , lying on me and back off.

  41. Every second word in any of Trump’s speech has the word corrupt, the US must be the most corrupt country in the world along with Afghanistan, Columbia and Mexico. Welcome to the third world.

  42. Inez Qtaish is writing" last week Raquel said" Bradley Dworkin told her a couple of Bradley clients case was heard at the supreme court and the clients was awarded 8,000 more than what Bradley offered. Raquel said" Bradley Dworkin told her if a black person receives a all white jury ,the trial will not go their way and saying if my case is heard in Washington D.C. the crime rate is bad. first of all inez Qtaish don't care about the money, it's about the TRUTH, secondly, no matter what color the jury is, TRUTH is in the paperwork and can't be ignored and Inez Qtaish is not scared of anything or anybody, I'm from Chicago, i can live anywhere or go anywhere I want without fear, fear is a wasted emotion I don't have time for. I am scared of doing wrong so I don't do wrongdoings. Inez Qtaish don't like liers., why lie when the truth will do.

  43. Trump settled in law suit were heat scammed people for millions with a fake college tuition he ran for president illegally he's a criminal United States government is guilty of treason for allowing him to run for president then make president then actually allow him to stay president American has no laws no government no System no congress no lawmakers all government officials know this American citizens are to stupid to realize it they did a good job training and poisoning citizens to be drug head gay criminal drunk retards

  44. So Obama is worse than Nixon because his admin accepted foreign "dirt" to spy on the opposition political parties candidate?

  45. I don’t know if Trump’s situation is worse than Nixon’s, but America’s situation is certainly worse than during the Nixon impeachment.

  46. RMN did collude (via Kissinger) with a foreign power (VietNam) to arrange for peace to be delayed after the election so that he prevailed over LBJ. There were no consequences for that though.

  47. Why would anyone believe the mainstream news? More then 90% of the news outlets are owned by a consortium of the richest people in the world, and many of them are not Americans. They have no obligation to serve the public, they only serve themselves. Why would you expect them to take your interests in mind?

  48. CNN brings only cowards and traitors in their programs, Nixon was a patriot? TDS is becoming a dangerous decease…
    Verret's job was changing the rolls of toiletpaper….what a dumbass

  49. Once the Mueller investigation findings are established, whistle blower saga unfolding and the court ruling for release of his tax returns, Trump is toast/roast. Schiff may not need to impeach even.

  50. Make America Great. Trump is so full of it. Trump has to go! First the Russians helped him. Jesus, this Trump guy is more on their side than on the American side. What, he can't get help from his own Republicans? A slap to all Republicans! Republicans better wake tfu.

  51. Donal trump is crook criminals before became selection President TV but daily he must worsth than any President history Trump's treason sells American to enemy he's dangerous for us and the worldwide nations…

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