Exactly How ‘Fast & Furious’ Presents Hobbs & Shaw | Anatomy of a Scene

Hi, my name is David Leitch. I’m the director of ‘Fast
& Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw.’ So the goal here was to
really define these characters quickly for the audience. A lot of people
know Hobbs and Shaw from the previous
“Fast” films, but I wanted to do something
really specific. So you can see, using this
split screen technique, we got to have these fun
vignettes with the characters obviously demonstrating Shaw
being more precise and more methodical and Hobbs just
being a rough and tumble, get-it-done kind of guy. You know, the idea
that they’re different but they’re the same was sort
of the subliminal message I was trying to get. So to achieve that, I worked
with cinematographer Jonathan Sela and David Scheunemann
in production design to create these sets
that were perfect in size and focal lengths that
were exactly the same. “Where?” So we could create
this, and it was sort of a
painstaking process, even to that drone
shot that you see, the top shots of the cars. Like, we really were
particular in how we measured focal lengths
to make this happen. The use of color was
really specific as well, especially in the
beginning of the montage, you see defining Hobbs’s world
as a little bit more warm, a little more jovial,
a little bit more human I guess and maybe
making Shaw’s a little bit more standoffish and
sterile and cold. The visual nature,
again, going back to this sort of very
graphic composition that is telling us that
these guys are the same, ultimately they just
have different ways of achieving their goal. We thought it’d be really
interesting if we could not only do
something graphically, but then the first time
we hear them speak, they have these sort of
iconic, classic, action star catchphrases. “Who the hell are you?” “Oh, I’m what you call a
nice, cold can of whoop ass.” It sort of demonstrates how
alike they are but again, how different they are. “Who the hell are you?” “I’m what you might call
a champagne problem.” We made sure we defined
their fighting styles very precisely and made sure
those fighting styles define their characters. So Shaw is obviously more
of a technician, more of a refined martial artist. So we got to have some fun
with some found objects in the champagne bottle. You look at Hobbs’ side, he’s
using found objects as well, but it’s in a very
different way. He’s taking that tray
and just smashing guys over the head with it. And it is sort of indicative
of who these guys are as characters, and
we wanted to make it happen as quickly
as possible to get into the movie. “Would have thought
that would have broke.”

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