Express Update: June 2018 l Quick look at the latest news in K-Cinema

Hi guys, you’re watching Express Update, getting you the latest news in Korean cinema This episode is YouTube exclusive. So please subscribe our YouTube channel for more episodes Believer, a crime thriller from director LEE Hae-young of is posed to become the first that reaches five million in box office admissions among K-movies released this year As of the last weekend of June Believer has grossed 4.98 million admissions So by the time you’re watching this it may have easily hit the five mil mark Boasting a star-studded ensemble cast of CHO Jin-woong, RYU Jun-yeol, CHA Seung-won and the late KIM Joo-hyuk Believer follows an ambitious police detective who tries to bring down the kingpin of the biggest drug cartel in Asia Along the way, he conspires with a lowly member of the gang seeking revenge against the boss It is a remake of a 2013 Chinese-Hong Kong film Drug War directed by Johnnie To If you enjoyed To’s original, make sure that you watch Believer and compare! Next news Filmmaker PARK Hoon-jung who has written and directed VIP (2017) and New World (2013) and wrote the script for I Saw The Devil (2010) is back with a mystery thriller The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion The movie follows a highschool girl with amnesia who has escaped an institution where many inmates died for a unknown reason one night New World was a surprise hit and has become a fan-favorite noir film but the subsequent two movies, The Tiger (2015) and V.I.P, were box office flops so The Witch is really crucial in director PARK’s career at this point. Best of luck, director PARK! Last news is about Korean moviegoers getting excited about In-rang: The Wolf Brigade Set in a near future Where the attempt for unification of two Koreas has created a nightmarish chaos the movie depicts conflict machinations and feuds between competing government agencies and their struggle against an anti-unification terrorist organization. The movie has been in planning for years and was shot in last year so they could not really know but what a timely topic considering the breakthrough that has been made in inter-Korean relations recently! KIM Jee-woon of The Age of Shadows (2016) The Good, The Bad, And The Weird (2008) and A Tale of Two Sisters (2003) directed this reimagination of Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (1999) an original feature animation written by one of the greatest Japanese filmmakers OSHII Mamoru All-star cast includes KANG Dong-won JUNG Woo-sung, KIM Mu-yul, HAN Hyo-joo and HAN Ye-ri In-rang: The wolf Brigade will be released in theaters around Korea on July 25th That’s all for today thanks for watching and see you next time

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