Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Testifies Before Senate (Full) | NBC News

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  1. YouTube should have banned this video for propaganda against Russia.
    2:54:00 You were slow in identifying it because it never happened until you fabricated it.

  2. This video its self is a hate speech.
    If you ever go to court, just blame Russians and you will be off the hook before you know it.

  3. So, this is facebook. The moment I posted this video, it banned me from posting anything or even commenting anything on facebook. And I am not allowed to delete anything as well.

  4. Bad people maliciously exploited weaknesses of Facebook that was intending to do good things for good people before the bugs were all worked out. That is what happened to Facebook.
    The NSA is a service that intended to do good however it was hacked by bad people who stole malicious viruses which were used against good companies for ransom. That happened as well.
    Zuckerberg is trying to keep Facebook from regulations that will turn it into a blank page.
    When Zuckerberg was asked, "… Yes or no should it be a law?"… he should of looked right at that man and said, "Your the law maker. You know how laws are passed. I don't make laws. Laws are put in place though a process in this country. A bill is authored. It is put on the ballot. People vote on it. It is passed through Congress and then the Senate."
    The NSA was hacked and why isn't anybody asking about the data breach that occurred? Why are there companies collecting data to calculate credit scores? Equifax was broke into and ripped off. I will ask you this, yes or no, should there be a law condemning hackers and scammers to death?

  5. People are forgetting that facebook is nothing more than a platform for people to share their opinions. It's not a news outlet where "fake news" needs to be regulated. The closest to regulation they should have is with regards to hate speech but this too is still opinions. People can make blogs online and write a bunch of crap about practically anything and everything and there are no internet regulations that go around taking down these blogs simply because they don't agree with it. That's literally the first amendment. Honestly, no one is forcing anyone to use a service they don't like or agree with, If you don't like it simply don't use it, but stop trying to regulate everything. And the whole ad frenzy these congress officials keep bringing up makes me think they don't readily use the internet. Literally 90% of internet sites, including youtube, runs ads. These ads unless you click on them don't get your data. They are more of a nuisance than anything. Unbelievable.

  6. Dream it and we'll build it! Full steam ahead with new technologies! As for the potential moral and ethical issues, hmmm…that's an afterthought! Unfortunately, the human propensity for keeping up with ethical issues never keep pace with the progress of new technologies. I'm pretty sure Zuckerberg never would had known his app (Facebook) would be where it is today. Like everything that man has puts their hands on…someone is going to exploit it.

  7. Facebook just admitted that using Facebook can be bad for you

  8. This is circus. USA government was/is using FB for theirs needs for years to spy on theirs citizens and now they are shocked FB is full of holes

  9. 3:36:31 A very important question regarding aggressive permissions, for pretty much any mobile app. A shame it wasn't communicated/understood as well. The political bias of employees as pointed out by senator Cruz and how activity data is used in advertising by senator Schatz were great questions too.

  10. kinda funny how the hot sexretary who doesn't know what is going on smiles and laughs when you think she would!

  11. Humans are a really hypocritical beings ! I mean, for god sakes.. This man created something brilliant with an intent to revolutionise the world of social media and help people with technology. Some scums found loopholes in his product and used it to spread their negative agenda and poisoned something good and pure. Now the whole world wants to turn against him rather than taking individual responsibility of their activities on Facebook. If you use basic common sense, then most of these issues disappear but unfortunately people would rather be dummies than accept that. As for the other issues, this is how things develop and law gets created. Give him the chance to correct the errors rather than judging him.

  12. I'm shocked. Really. This isn't a leader, but an autistic submissive boy (with the face of a fish). What a nobody. I will vote for every facebook-ban possible. Even Trump is better, at least that is a leader with self-confidence.

  13. It's so funny how people in comments bellow talk about security in internet. Facebook should be banned? oh come on!!! We downloaded torrents, and programs, and music and much more stuffs from internet. We get into apps agreeing with terms that we DO NOT read. We use GOOGLE who can manage much more privacy informations… and i'm still think how funny "Facebook should be banned" sounds. people are just hypocrites!

  14. when you accept to log in, you must know that they are going to have your information, its a trouble that they must fix, but how?, we should remember that its a company

  15. Watching this, I can honestly say that our politicians don't understand the technology… and before they pass any legislation, they should have a complete understanding – in at least a broad sense, if not the minutiae – so that we don't have to patchwork the laws as time goes on.

    Example – someone talking about shoes on their account doesn't suddenly get you ads about shoes; it's your browsing other sites for shoes, and Facebook uses the site as an advertiser… it's that site's cookies, read back by that site for that ad position, that results in the shoe ads. Even if you never talked about shoes, you'd see those ads.
    The senators seem to believe that the site is using the posts to decide what ads to show… the content to display… but it's not quite like that.

    They seem to be looking at either the smallest minutiae or a super-broad view that would be equivalent (to use shoes) to looking at the color of the stamp used to give the size, or the color of the boxes, and (on the broad side) the location of the stores than the sharing of the shoe sizes and people's names and locations that are important.

    Now I know that there needs to be privacy regulation… and we need to limit what can be done in certain circumstances with the data…
    And we also need a way to "follow the data" to be able to request/remove it later…

    But before any laws are passed, those that write the law – as well as those who pass it – need to understand the technology.

    It's much easier to pass a law than to remove it. It should be the other way around, but that's not how things work.

  16. So, one question…where is the grilling of the credit bureau, who had my information which I did NOT EVER ask them to have?

  17. Nbc don't have common sense to shut your mouth when actual main event is going on…!? Don't give your comments when playing some other video is playing.

  18. Summary: they have no idea what they are talking about. Old people with no idea of how internet works… Asking questions they don't even understand themselves

  19. 🔴 Zucker is treating everyone in the Committees as Suckers because they have very Limited understanding of what drives FaceCrook to Continue to Steal information without their knowledge by moving their Data into DataCenters in other parts of the world to Evade Jurisdictional Borders like a Tax Evader does

    Companies like FaceCrook won't be able to survive without Stealing People's Information

    Asking for IDs to " verify " someone's identity is an Absolute Joke because they will never be granted access to Government Departments to verify the IDs submitted &
    if they Cannot verify that Data , It ONCE AGAIN Proves that they are Just Stealing your ID information for their Monetary Benefit
    and Schmuck-A-Berg is collecting Tons of Money for selling Everyone's Personal Data, No Matter What He claims and some of the Senators know it

  20. If FB is charged five billions it is nothing for them. Our information is already in wrong hands.
    FB manipulated our elections and will continue yi happen.

  21. So, if they want to impose a 72-hour notification limit for data breaches, should that not also apply to companies like Equifax? Zuckerberg didn't offload his shares and run when he found out there was a problem. He stuck around to fix the problem.

  22. Something about Mark Suckaturd just makes me dislike him. Maybe it's the way he is rewarded for bad behavior, or maybe it's just the way he smirks. I don't think he's all that smart or skilled at coding, or even skilled at designing a website, he's just successful for whatever reasons.

  23. He keeps banging on the we started in college and made mistakes. The company has managed to grow to such a large size because of those mistakes and as a result of those mistakes. These so called mistakes were deliberate business decisions that were made for quick expansion at the expense of user privacy. Even worse, other tech companies have been following the Facebook model, which is causing huge damage to the reputation of this industry. In other words, the tech industry is cutting corners on a massive scale, and Google is no different. We expect Google with their overloaded and heavily censored search engine and Facebook with their disgusting news feed to become extinct as soon as possible

  24. Facebook, please Expose the consulting companies that are terrorising and psychologically abusing their employees using all forms of mind control mainly using your products I.e Facebook and WhatsApp

  25. i deleted my account ones and i will do it again but first letting this knowing to my friends and i share this video with them

  26. and tomorrow i move to a difrent county so my new information they won't have it lol good luck facebook

  27. 2:51:58 what zuckerberg is saying here is not correctly true because you have still to report it than you get from facebook one option and that is blok the person with the txt that they asume is not really a offence i did a report a few days ago and i had only that option blok it period for facebook so they do schit about it and what facebook is doing is always changing there policy and there users options like in the beginning you could choose to add friends or noone now facebook took away option two why? guy's am telling you i'm done with the whole facebook stuff you can't trust them now neither in the future being said my view of point

  28. This post goes against our Community Standards

    Only you can see this post because it goes against our standards on hate speech.
    BS , I totally disagree . What has kept the black race down is stupidity . Being uneducated is the worse affliction any race can have ..

  29. Conservative Patriots & Oath keepers ~ 08/01/2018 ~ 09:48 mtn time ~ Salute!
    Ref: Do not believe what you hear from Fakebook or FBI headshed
    …….Don't you think it is quite coincidental that Fakebook stocks dumped 20% two weeks ago and now all of a sudden they found 290,000 Russians trying to hack our elections? He is no better than anyone hacking the system when HE censors Conservative posts and hates Trump.

  30. Hundreds of thousands of former fakebook users deleted fakebook and their plugin browser cookies and went to Mewe.

  31. I have a group / blog and youtube channel. I sent out a test Pro Trump write up, fakebook, to over 4.2 millions users. Only 27 were seen and they were all on my friends list. Don't tell me it's raining while you are urinating down my back. I also left and never looked back. Hitler Suckenbergermizer has done his best to influence the elections.

  32. 3:01:00 "How do you sustain a business model in which users don't pay for your service?"
    awkward silence, Zuckerberg being generally *confused if the Senator is being serious or not*
    M.Zuck: "Senator, we run ads."
    Sen. Hatch: "I see."

    lmao I am still laughing up to this day 😂

  33. Introduction in moderate full first name with mother maden name :rey velez , I suggest as a primary indication of enclose apellante ….."Mark proceed to aply for C.I.A. revenue."

  34. 2:55:42: Can they spell? "Sept 2016- Facebook says 3,000 Russian 'troll farm' ads ran duing election." Don't they mean DURING the election? I can't trust the news anymore, it's so fake it's stupid. Also, I'm distracted by the blond woman behind him. Why tf is she blinking so much? She might be a cyborg.

  35. Each of them should have had to give their questions to experts in the CS, IT, Engineering and Marketing fields before they asked them.

    Senator: "Why do they collect this information?"

    Expert: "So they can sell demographic information of the users for money."

    Senator: "Why do they need to collect this information about me?"

    Expert: "Its basically a rewards card from a store, they can see what you as part of your demographic purchase, then they use that information so that other companies can target you with specific ads online and you pay with your eyes looking at ad space on websites, that's how Facebook and Google are free, all their employees don't do this without pay out of the goodness of their heart, engineers/programmers need to eat too and servers need electricity."

    I'm at 3:46:00 and and I can already tell this exchange would have cut at least 30 min of questions out. It's funny that one of the oldest guys there, Sen Orrin Hatch at 2:59:00, who's 84 years old who would probably be expected to be the most out of Touch with technology basically asks the best, most pointed questions and then lays out a good grounds for further questioning. After that, everyone, most who look significantly younger and you would expect to be more in the know, ask things that are completely unrelated or very basic. The lady after him just basically seems to try to use a bunch of names from obscure headlines she read (a lot more research than it seems some of the other people did) while staring him down.

    This is sad.

  36. But should we have a law yes or no?

    Senator on principal yes.

    Okay but should we have one.

    Sentator on principal… Yes

  37. I really wish that these people would stop talking when the opening statements were being made….so annoying

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