Facing The Consequences Of Sexting | Series 2 Episode 6

Oh, yeah, I love a bit of cleavage. I’ll show my friends
my nudes for a laugh. It’s almost becoming
a part of dating life. Always, like, a full body,
always got my face in it. You send nudes before you even meet. If you are fine with your nudes
being sent, be considerate of other people’s.
Yeah, it is just a nude. What’s the worst
that’s going to happen? Sexting, to me, is like…
It’s a story, isn’t it? Whether that’s in your underwear,
or without clothes on… It gets you ready for
what may come after that. Personally, I like it cos
it’s a bit spicy, it’s a bit naughty. It’s always, like, a full body,
always got my face in it. This is, kind of, just an average,
topless selfie. I guess it’s like a warm-up
photo to what’s coming. Growing up with these phones, it’s almost becoming a part
of…dating life. It shows that bit of trust
between each other and that… It’s just that bit of fun, isn’t it? Me and my partner normally tend to
send them over Snapchat. Just because it deletes it
straight after. My nudes have been public many,
many times. Do not care about it. Oh, yeah, I love a bit of cleavage. People are becoming a bit more
desensitised to it, so it’s OK to be like,
“Look, here is a photo of me.” I, personally,
don’t mind if my face is in it. It’s not the end of the world. I’m not too worried if my girlfriend’s pictures got
leaked, or if mine get leaked. We haven’t got anything that people
haven’t seen before. Yeah, I don’t think it would happen
to me. I think I’m quite careful. Hi, Craig. Hello. I’m Megan.
Nice to meet you. Um, I’m here to tell you a bit
about how my sexting experience went wrong for me. Oh, OK. When I was at school, I was about
14, I’d just moved schools. I started, uh, making friends and there was a boy in the year
above me, and we became really good friends, and
I built up a lot of trust with him. And then he started asking me
to send photos, and I looked around and
all my friends were doing it, and it’s kind of normal
when you like someone. I was fully naked,
no clothes on whatsoever. Mm-hm. And then he didn’t reply to me
for about an hour, so I was really confused… Right, OK. ..I didn’t quite know
what was going on. After an hour,
I got a picture…back on Snapchat, and when I opened it,
it was of a girl’s face, and it was a girl in my year group
who had worked with him and used his social media to
coerce me into sending this photo. That’s awful. When I went into school
the next day, my photo had been printed off on the
school printer, everybody had it. My life at school was a living hell. I was called a whore,
classed as a prostitute, people used to make sick noises
when I walked down the hall. I started self harming. I wouldn’t
let myself get above seven stone. In my head, I thought that my body and the way I looked
made people feel physically sick. And so I tried to lose
as much weight as possible. It was just awful,
it really knocked me and ruined me, and, even to this day,
I don’t trust people. Really sorry to hear that. That must’ve been awful. Yeah.
I know of people in, like, similar situations from
when I was back in school. You’re going through a tough time
at that age as it is. It is a risk, it’s, like…
There’s always a risk with it. Once you’ve pressed send,
obviously it’s gone. Do you never, sort of, stop
and think about the risks? Or do you just…?
It doesn’t even cross your mind? So…I don’t think about it
once it’s sent, but there has been times,
like, especially when I broke up with my ex, that I was like,
“Oh, he’s got these photos of me.” So it’s quite interesting to see
that the risk only comes into your head,
and is, really, only considered, when you’re not with that person,
when that trust is, kind of, broken. Yeah, I think I would think about it
a lot more if I did it, sort of, being single and dating. When it gets to body confidence,
it’s not like thinking you’re the hottest shit. It’s kind of
just accepting who you are. And if people don’t like that,
that’s their problem, not your own. I don’t think it’s
all about body confidence, it was a lot to do with me, as well, the fact that something that was
so personal and so private, my body, was given to other people
without consent. Yeah. You know in…that whole situation,
you know, that shouldn’t… That’s not YOUR fault.
I don’t know why you were… I can understand, cos they’re going
to turn around and be like, “Oh, well, you’re underage,
and you’re sending photos, “blah, blah, blah.” But, I mean, you
felt like you could trust someone. Yeah. The thing I’ve learned
from meeting you is it’s…more just being aware. It has made me think on just being
careful who you do it to. And just more, just being aware
of what could happen, erm, and hopefully
trying to prevent that. It has really been
so lovely to meet you, and it’s really brave of you
to, like, come out and make other people be aware
of the risks that can happen. And I think you’re so brave, and you
should be so proud from where you were
to coming here now and battling through all the stuff
that you have, like… You’re so incredible, and it’s been
really lovely to meet you. Aw, thank you.
Would you mind if I hugged you?

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  1. Photos of nudity are objectively harmless. Of course there are predators so it depends on who sees them and what they do with the photos.

  2. I'm glad some people have that kind of self confidence. However I think I personally look best with clothes on.

    On a side note, walking around my room without clothes is so much nicer than wearing big shirts and stuff

  3. There’s a big difference doing it in school with nasty children than doing it with your partner, can’t really compare the two

  4. girl is more boy than the boy is. too much girl for that boy. pretty weird, people. Leave sex alone , kids. you are being led down a wrong road.

  5. The poor girl, the hypocrisy of kids because they can't be classed as anything else. They are lucky it wasn't my daughter because they wouldn't be walking. Idiots I would do time for you!

  6. PSA
    IF THE PHOTO IS OF THE PERSON UNDER 18 THAT IS CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, ILLEGAL, PRISON SENTENCE, AND SEX OFFENDER REGISTER. (You can also sue the person if they distribute a photo of an adult, up to £100,000)

  7. Huge difference in doing it as a 14 yr old child and doing it as a grown adult and when doing it everyone knows anything sent is and will always be there nothing is ever truly deleted completely

  8. The girl who is justifying her sexting is acting like she is wise sympathetic older sister to the girl who is trying to help her
    when SHE is the one who needs the help!!

  9. No, it isn't normal. Everyone is becoming degenerates. This sexualized society is becoming incredibly destructive to the sexes.

  10. i think that this ultimately says very little about the consequences of adults "sexting" and a hell of a lot about the messed up state of state schools that creates a community of young people this sheepish and vindictive..

  11. Lol imagine risking your whole reputation and career by sending nudes to dusty ass people, lesson here is don’t be that guy, seriously he’s not going anywhere

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