fairy tail “Najla anNamla1” How to learn by Stories Best way to get fluency STANDARD Arabic 20+ subs

Najla, the ant. Once upon a time, in the beautiful castle of ants midst of the garden of colors. There, the Queen of ants and around their workers lived. Among the workers was Najla, the little ant. And it was so, every day she ran with her siblings in all directions to find a little food, but all they found was overweight and heavy for their little bodies to wear. Her siblings made fun of them and did not cease to disturb them. When she returned to the castle in the evening, her back bent down under the low load, she was always the last one on arrival.

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  1. O vídeo está muito bom, parabéns. Estou começando, ainda muito básico, a estudar árabe, eis aqui uma fonte para treinar a pronúncia. Como posso ter acesso à história na íntegra?

    The video is very good, congratulations. I am starting, yet very basic, to learn Arabic, here it is a resource to practice pronunciation. How can I have access to the full story?

  2. Very good simple and easy to understand thanks but English and Arabic script overlap and Arabic script is not visible pls make them visible clearly thanks

  3. I finally found a link if you want to buy the book:

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