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– Okay people, what have you got for me? – So I have been working on this story about how Harry Reid is a murdering satanist fascist rapist atheist. Is that too many things? – I don’t think that’s enough things. Chris, what have you got? – Donald Trump says, “What?” – It’s a good start, but what does he say? – I don’t know. – Alright, well figure it out by two and it had better not be true this time. – Oh, come on! Everything the guy says sounds fake. – That’s not my problem. Terry. – I’m working on a story on conflicts of interest in government. – Why? No, Terry I looked at your
earlier work on this piece. I don’t think there’s not a story there. – How can you say that? There’s barely anything here. It’s almost all fake. – No, this is thoughtful journalism and I’m looking for sub-tabloid schlock. – I just wrote five stories. – This is what I’m looking for. Can you do that for me for once? Thank you. – Peter, take a look at this. – Where did you get this? – I made it up. – Holy shit. How deep does this thing go? – As deep as you want. As deep as you want. – My god. Okay, change of plans people. I want everyone working
this pope corruption piece. – What about my conflict
of interest story? – Oh what about it, Terry? What about it? This isn’t the Times, for Christ’s sake. This is patriotnews.info. We don’t have a reputation to uphold. Look at those awards. Do you see that? A lot of sweat and blood went into photoshopping those awards. – This story could define my career! – Oh, your career. This is bigger than you, kid! Why’d you get into fake
news in the first place? – Honestly, I don’t know. It’s crazy that it exists. – Well, I’ll tell you why I do it. I do this because I believe
the truth is powerful and it takes constant vigilance to
drown out that truth with noise. I do this because the
powerless deserve a voice and maybe that voice should be a crazy wackadoo coked-up conspiracy theorist meth head with a bad sense of humor. I do this because I
believe that politicians should be held accountable for the things we say they did, whether or not they actually did those things. You’re a fake news man. Start acting like one. – I don’t have sources. – What did you say? – Sources, hundreds of them, all of them totally non-existent. I don’t have quotes from named figures. I don’t have peer reviewed studies. I even don’t have video evidence and none of it points to
a worldwide conspiracy of the highest institutions
of power including you Pete. – Piss off a lot of people
running a story like that which would probably get us a lot of clicks so who gives a shit. (laughter) – I know, I know, so many clicks. – Clicks, clicks, clicks, clicks! (ominous music) – Hi. It’s Mike Trapp from College Humor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun things and help to keep me from sinking. Please, please help. Please help.

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  1. If you are living in the UK read the Times/FT/TLS for all your news needs…its the most unbiased, intellectual and well edited in the whole country…and i don't even work for them!

  2. CNN sensationalizes. A lot. But they do report what’s happening. The Russia investigation is real. The Paul Manafort trial is real. Putin’s constant manipulation is real. The sensational reporting is annoying. But DJT calling it fake makes it seem as though its not really happening, and people believe him.

    If you haven’t noticed, that’s the dangerous part.

  3. I never noticed it before… But grant is an amazing actor, I mean even for a comedy sketch it was some intense acting

  4. What happened to reality expressed in journalism? Now it seems that there is just as much print and Internet evidence for events which never occurred as there is for events which took place.

  5. Wow just rewatched this video and this is awesome the directing and production value. Please make more CH videos as good as this one.

  6. I'd watch this if it was a show. The fact that this is really a thing and is even infiltrating more "honest" sites is horrifying.

  7. I think the humor on this honestly crosses the political divide…both sides just mentally substitute in the sources they despise.

  8. Me: Nowadays, cameras are more powerful than guns. Papers more powerful than fists… tell me this… what is more powerful than information?

    Fake News Guy: MISinformation.

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