Family Business Proud To Make Its Products In The U.S, But Worried About Future | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Sooooo…….. The economy is booming? Not here in Oregon. That's because the only jobs are fast food and service stations. Sooo….. Eat it Arkies. Your hero isn't what he says he is. You better hope you're in a union, or no training, or most importantly,,,,, no RETIREMENT. That's too much SOCIALISM for you fokies.

  2. Trump and corporate America will bankrupt them,,. Just like the automobile companies did to the mom and pop machine shops,,,. gave them contracts got them in debt pulled the contracts and had the parts made overseas,,,. !!!

  3. Keep the business North America for you idiots I don't don't know what's North America it's Canada United States and Mexico to put this out of the world f*** the Chinese

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