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Welcome to FEBC News Here are the top stories from our ministry
fields around the world. Malawi Officially Joins FEBC International Wildfire Destroys FEBC Station in Korea 40 Muslims Come to Christ in Mozambique Update from Rural Church in Western Mongolia Story from a Listener in Asia FEBC International has officially welcomed
Malawi into the family as an affiliate member. The new status of FEBC’s team in Malawi
provides a greater opportunity for funding and resources, especially for their work with
the Yao people, which has seen tremendous fruit in recent years. Since 1991, over 5,200
listener clubs have formed among the Yao people and 40 Muslims have already been baptized
this year. During the first week of the month, a massive
wildfire raged through the Gangwon province in South Korea. The fire caused extensive
damage to people and property, including FEBC’s Yeongdong station. The first and second floors
are completely burned down and the third and fourth floors are currently inaccessible due
to smoke and dust. Efforts are being made to determine the plan and cost of rebuilding
the station. Learn more by going to febc.org. This month, FEBC’s South Africa team hosted
a live broadcast in a village in Mozambique that is 97% Muslim. After listening to FEBC’s
broadcasts for months, the villagers invited staff to come and share the gospel with them.
After hearing the Good News, 40 people gave their lives to the Lord for the very first
time. In January, FEBC’s “Through the Bible”
program coordinator, Pastor Sammy, visited a province in Western Mongolia. This month,
we received updates from an elder at one of the rural churches he visited. FEBC’s Bible
studies, which are available via SD card, are helping spiritually nurture the widespread
members of the church for whom it is difficult to gather together regularly. We’re encouraged every day by the stories
we hear from our listeners. Here’s this month’s inspiring audio testimony from a
listener in Asia. Thank you for watching FEBC news and updates
from our ministry fields around the world. To read more about these stories go online
at febc.org/news. We also invite you to pray for the ministry of FEBC. On behalf of all of us here at FEBC, thank you for your partnership in bringing
the Gospel to the hardest to reach.

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