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H i- today we’re going to talk about finding a known item in the library. So you’ve been given some information on a piece of information and you don’t know where to find it. In this case we have an email here “My professor told me to look for this. I
don’t know where to find it.” And I get these all the time. In this case it is actually a journal article. And you can tell by seeing that there is a journal named
here and in this case it is The Nation and the volume and issues point to journals. Normally journals have volumes and maybe and issue too. So having known that we’re looking for article called “The Misanthropy of Mark Twain” from The Nation from
1916. So if we go to our catalog, what we’re going to do is copy the title of the journal not the title
of the article because we don’t index all those but we do tell you what
journals we own in the library catalog which is located here. So if you click on the library catalog, you can do a quick search by pasting it
in. I like to limit it to titles because
we know this is the title. I don’t want something on, you know, where nation is mentioned to come up where it’s not the title. And I also like to limit it to
journal titles because in this case we know it’s a journal or a magazine. And if you click on search, sometimes it takes a little while, but eventually it will com up. We do own it in this case, but we need to see if we own it from 1916. So under holdings you’ll find the dates here under holdings. So the holdings here will show you what we own, and these holdings say we own 1892 to 1972, so that would include our date, 1916. If you scroll down a bit more you can see that we have some copies in the BARN.
All our older copies of journals we put into the BARN or the automated retrieval system. And you can view additional copies here by clicking on this button at the bottom. What will come up is a list. And you just choose your date out of the list. So you can see the years are over in this area and then you keep scrolling
down–we’re not quite at 1916 yet– but there, we found it. 1916 is here and we click the request that is under the year that we want. So we actually have two 1916’s. If we go back to our email we can see that we wanted it from issue 2686 volume 103. So if we go back here we’re like, oh, this is 103. It’s not the first one, it’s the second one. I’m going to use request and put that in right now. They do make you put a name. So I’ll just put mine here. And then you can pick it up at the second floor in the library and just check it out there. Thanks, that’s how you do it.

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