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Some international news
coming out of Finland. It’s the country
that’s usually known for lakes, snow
and not being Norway. But now, they’ve got
a pretty cool claim to fame. WOMAN:
Britain’s Guardian says 34-year-old Sanna Marin
of Finland will become the world’s youngest
sitting prime minister. Yesterday, Finland’s ruling
Social Democratic Party voted to name Marin
the next prime minister. She’s the country’s
transport minister, and the party’s vice chairwoman. She’s been a lawmaker
since 2015. Yes, Finland now has the
youngest leader in the world– a 34-year-old woman named
Sanna Marin. You know
what’s even more impressive? Look at the other leaders of
Finland’s coalition government. Huh? Look at that. Five women. -(cheers and applause)
-Killing the game. But I’m starting to think Finland is secretly that island
from Wonder Woman. That’s all this is. Also, you do realize
that’s an entire government that Mike Pence can’t be
in a room with, right? Even more impressive to me is that four of them
are under age 35, which is wild,
because, in America, you can’t even be president
until you turn 35. Yeah, and if
you’re in the government, you can just keep running
until you’re a thousand. I don’t understand
why there’s no old-age limit. Yeah, because, think about it. You have congressmen
who can’t stay awake. You have a senator who took off
glasses he wasn’t even wearing. (laughter, applause) And, like, we don’t even know
how old Mitch McConnell is. You’d have
to count the flaps of his neck like the rings of a tree. We don’t even know. You know what would be funny,
when you think about it, is, like, can you imagine
if that group of leaders from Finland met
with with the U.S. leaders? It’s gonna look like
they’re visiting their parents in an old age home. It’s like, “We want to talk
to you about trade.” And it’s like,
“And we want to talk to you “about fixing our VCR. “And don’t put us
in one of those Ticky Tocks. That happened to Gladys,
and now she’s viral.”

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  1. USA is a gerontocracy. It is so depressing to see those old suckers with mental disorders in our daily news. I profoundly respect older people but what is going on in the US politics has nothing to do with the people they suppose to represent.

  2. Nothing to do with this ….
    But in case you want 2 know & even if you don’t 🤣 The majority owners of Krispy Kreme and Panera Bread have pledged to donate more than $5 million to Holocaust survivors after uncovering Nazi ties during World War II and use of forced laborers.

    The ultra-rich Reimann family, which own JAB Holding Company, the German conglomerate behind a slew of iconic food brands, recently revealed that some of the family's wealth was amassed on the backs of hundreds of forced laborers during the World War II era The more them old mansions closets doors start opening damn their skeletons start flying out. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. We need to get rid of these old worthless wastes of life out of there dragging our future back to their miserable past. They had their chance to make a difference in the world and instead they use their opportunity to better their own greedy shit. Fuck them, they need to go crawl in a corner and die because nobody wants them around anymore. Probably never did, that's why they are the way they are…

  4. If there are no better job opportunities for under-35s than becoming a politician… then perhaps the country is indeed in trouble.

  5. Young minds can lead a country like Finland with nothing to worry about as long as they stay away from Russia's bad side but a country like the United states in stakes all over the world needs a sane not too old experienced above 35 preferably mid 40s or 50s to lead and if you present a young woman as a leader of the United states to putin and she starts flexing the American muscle as expected Putin will definitely play rough and dirty no macho man will tolerate a 34 year old woman challenging him it's not sexism its nature

  6. The fifth woman leading the government is not in that picture, she was in a EU-meeting at the time. Next to Ohisalo is standing Krista Kiuru, an social democratic minister. She is in her 40s

  7. Finnish accents aren't Scandinavian. Check out Mika Häkkinen (former formula 1 champion) for a good approximation of the accent.

  8. What really strikes me is that Finland has 1 of the highest qualities of life and are being run by people under 40 years and US being No. 1 super world power..We have suicide and murder rates of 3rd world countries. The Picture of all of our old guard is the problem. Young people need step forward and lead in our country. YANG 2020!

  9. This is what U.S. need- some young & fresh minds. Not these old/decrepit/seasoned politicians/corrupt/power hungry/ arrogant/above the law/ & rich hypocrites.

  10. Sitting prime minister ist correct. The youngest prime minister or chancellor was Austria's Sebastian Kurz (born 27 August 1986) who became the chancellor of Austria in December 2017 at the age of 31 and will be the next chancellor again after being given the task to form the new government after the last elections in October.

  11. Finland is so doomed.. Sanna changes her opinions like weather vane. Sure it's cool to have pretty and young woman as a primeminister but i think her should think more realistic and take her head out of the clouds. Other four woman ministers are the same as Sanna.

  12. You know that joke about how if women ruled the world, there would be no wars.. just a bunch of countries not talking to each other?? Yeah… I'll take that chance… I want to see what happens when more women are elected to office!!

  13. Interesting how most of the people commenting on the Daily Show comments celebrating Socialism are people from Pakistan, India or Europe. Fix the problems in your countries first! We may not be perfect here in the US, but we also we were never conquered, never been mismanaged by corrupt leaders to the extent that our government has failed and we have never given into radical Islam.

    Our Democracy is what makes us so great. It is also our Conservative values that made us the preeminent global power in the last 80 years. We never caved to socialism or communism and for that I am grateful.

    I will repost this again the day after Trump gets re-elected.

  14. Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! (henrylepeley79)
    I wish you could see your idiotic election system, corrupt politics, daily mass shootups, gun maniacs, NRA mafia, religious morons, and of course incompetent narcissistic president, through OUR eyes.
    #thoughtsAndPrayers and #ourHeartsGoOut to you. Other void cliches on order.

  15. I'm Finnish myself but I'm not too proud about this. This is an inexperienced politician in the biggest role possible, in a very tricky situation. Her party and cabinet are extremely unpopular and her political views are not beneficial for Finland atm.

  16. Thank you from Finland.
    I like Tulsi Gabbard, hope she gets to be your president. She seems like a strong good person and a genuine young leader.

  17. We are in a race between education and catastrophe".

    "Prejudice: No! Ignorance: No! Bigotry: No! Illiteracy: No!"

    Its The Knowledge, that you really want! The Knowledge, do you really want it?

    Janet jackson, The Knowledge (1989).

  18. Too bad her first move was to help her corrupt friend (caught in a scheme to decrease post office wages by an extreme amount) to stay in power instead of ensuring she faces consequences.

    The SDP, her party, let key positions to slip into other party hands during this process. And the former prime minister…got moved from second most powerful man in Finland to fifth most…for a massive scandal.

    This whole fiasco now has the so-called "True Finns" raising in support again. You can probably the types of ideologies they hold…kick out immigrants, private industry over actual healthcare, etc. They are a fascist party akin to the current Republican party in the US.

    I'm glad she's young as it gives me some hope, but her first moves are heaped in corruption and I'm afraid that further blunders will lead to two party majority (very rare in Finland, there are six major parties in Finland with many smaller ones) and a neo-facist president.

  19. But she is a shit leader and her government might fall next week already when the parliament will debate about corruption with the situation of ISIS-wives that was whistleblown to the public couple days ago.

  20. Holy shit is Trevor not crying about Trump right now is this seriously a bit about something other than Donald Trump has hell frozen over?!

  21. As a Finnish citizen I'm happy to see that in a sexism world such young and intelligent woman can be prime minister. It's a good progress and proud to see this happened here.

  22. As a man I must say it´s great. Hope she, other women and younger people in politics will bring some much needed change. ´Old´ and ´men´ groups don´t do so well so far.


  24. Finland: top 5 members of government are women and they have the youngest prime minister, which is also one of those women. And what does Finland also have? Its consistently considered the happiest country on the planet and has the most efficient public school system in the world too. Compare that with the dumpster fire that the US government currently is due to electing a dumb, saggy old criminal wannabe and then educate yourself on the concept of correlation.

  25. These old guys that have been in politics too long are all chained in corporates money. They will stick there and impose corporates will on ordinary people forever.

  26. Technically Finland's official head of state is our president (currently Sauli Niinistö), though many would argue that the prime minister has equal or even more power

  27. There should be a mandatory retirement age for ALL branches of the government (at least the federal government) in the USA.

  28. They may look cute but these young women will be trampled all over by Xi, Putin, Erdogan, Irans Ayatollahs…
    Trump n Johnson will be another story..

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