Fmr. CIA Director: ‘I Saw A Travesty’ | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. Trump the toxic con in chief, a pathological liar who only acts and works for himself and family, he had no care for American people. He promised the world for Americans in 2016 but once he became president, he only acted dishonestly – to advance himself and family. Most shameful chapter in American history.

  2. Brennan is an EVIL low life ! MSNBC are complicit in the crimes committed by Brennan , Comey, Obama, Biden, Clinton , Schiff etc etc . A disgusting organisation . These criminals are not making any sense , in total panic mode …. BEAUTIFUL to watch ! Thanks President Trump !

  3. The intelligence community has attack our democracy more than Putin could ever dream of. People like Brennan are enemies of the state. Period.

  4. This boy is crazy as phuck and so is those that supports this loser. Everything Trump try to project on others, and I mean EVERYTHING, he's the one guilty of doing! When will the morons that supports him admit he's a crook?

  5. Brennan is extremely anxious about his self inflicted political misfortunes lashing out more, more and more, time after time after time after time. And just like the Finnish president, who comports himself with great dignity, Brennan is finish.

  6. hahahaha Brennan really needs trump gone, because he will be executed NEXT. You idiots below are paid shills, and real true idiots. Don't understand whats going on? Then shut up and let people who do know give you the info, not these Pedo Elite Tunnel Dwelling Illuminati, that have stealing taxpayer money for DECADES. SMARTEN UP YOU IDIOTS. Doesn't matter, be fools, TRUMP will humiliate Dems like never before come 2020. These CORRUPT PEOPLE,including ALL the deepstate news WILL BE STOPPED permanently. They have a handful of you idiots left, thats it. So sit back and watch the show, You have been TOLD nothing. well nothing true.

  7. Who would have thought the world would be saying "you're fired" to the United States 3 years ago?!? Thanks, Trump, for all the winning 🙄🥜🐿️💩

  8. Why are we listening to Brennon? He has been against the President since the beginning. If there was any wrong doing why didn’t Muller say so?

  9. How come when Trump holds a rally 20,000, 30,000 and 40,000 Trump supporters show up for the event? (The media likes to hide the crowds).
    I have never seen them a Democrat have this much support ever.
    Have you notice that the media tries to make Democrats look popular but small groups (a couple of a hundred and maybe 1000 if their lucky) attend their rally’s . Why is that? Can anyone give me an honest in hateful answer? I see a lot of hateful people here.

  10. Do you think Donald is in the Guinness Book of records for the most lies from a human being? Lies lies lies lies I just stopped counting, but the lies keep coming.

  11. This segment of the news show how ignorant and unethical we have become..To see Putin make a joke while telling the truth.. Really!…We the people are still United all this is to show how corrupted America has become starting with our government and those we elected to represent us ☹️😧how sad now we know and become The United States of America again! God bless America and the founding fathers who wrote the Constitution and laws to protect us from people like trump and his followers 🙏

  12. This administration has abandoned everything great about America. It is a vile cesspool of stupidity, corruption, and hatred.

    I’ve updated my list of “Republican values” – misogyny, pedophilia, racism, homophobia, bigotry, sexism, hatred, hypocrisy, classism, ignorance, and greed.

  13. Brennan is guilty of false statements an hes scaried Trump will uncover his crimes. You're are gulity Sir. You're a Treasonous Traitor.

  14. We need to stop pretending that any of this, crimes and hypocrisy of Trump matter even one little bit. The billionaires own our government. As long as Trump cuts taxes and regulations for their benefit no punishment or accountability is coming to Trump. I am getting frustrated with this constant line of articles that seem to assume that Trump is guilty of a crime and therefore will be held accountable. I want to see every one of these articles qualified by asking "Can Trump be held accountable?"

  15. I'm sure Albert Einstein went around saying, I'm a stable genius. Forget impeachment just arrest Orange Hitler for all his crimes!

  16. The Finnish president does have a name and so does the Australian Prime Minister. Yet, not one American journalist has ever referred to them as people.
    I know that seems trivial here but it would be a nice touch.

  17. F YOU COMMIE TRAITOR BRENNEN the commie fredo party of treason WALKAWAY these people are sick mfers obama wiretapped trump tower this scum bag set it up

  18. Trump is a distraction, something else is happening, maybe the government is changing laws that effect big business or civil freedom, or there’s a giant meteor heading to earth. There has to be a reason why professional politicians are letting Trump remain in office.

  19. First Kathy if you have been reading my notes you would see that YOU have missed the point. It doesn't matter who you are if you are colluding you need to get cut off. People need to stand up against bullies. And Ukrainian isn't. Obviously so they are now colluding with trump they surely are not thinking of their people and the bully Putin.Yes they need help and should get the defense help and money to back off Putin. However not in this way. How can trump be blind to his own corruption yet see others. Corruption is shaking hands right here. And America looks like a big joke. Kathy you stick to your own points and I will stick to mine. Also Kathy America doesn't like countries taking over by military aggression lol. So how did America get this land? Bless

  20. You blind morons are the travisty here…theres gonna be no impeachment LOSERS. So get the kleenex ready HAHAHA

  21. Biden committed extortion and is complicit in the patterns of corrupt activity associated with this heist. Trump is the whistle blower and the DOJ should take all evidence that they have been given and act on it appropriately. The Ukrainian government should do the same.

  22. These comments are absolutely entertaining. MSNBC interviewing John Brennan for his thoughts on the Barr/Durham investigation, a probe where Brennan himself is a fact witness, all while conveniently omitting that Brennan is a PAID contributor on NBC and MSNBC.

  23. Trump, we realize how very confused you always are but THIS is ridiculous! You know who's really going through an impeachment inquiry and why. It's happening You can't DEFLECT it away. That only works with TrumPutins. You're insulting in way too many ways.

  24. Brennan is a putz and as someone commented earlier, the world is definitely laughing… at the democrats and our crazy media who put out this nonsense day after day. We are troubled by you Brennan. You were a part of the whole Russian collusion lie.

  25. The media need to stop letting congress people come and keep spreading the conspiracy theories, as soon as they try they should cut them off and tell them they're not going to let them lie on their shows. The more the likes of Graham McCarthy Jordan are allowed to continue to lie to defend trump the longer it will take to remove him.

  26. public opinion could be at 86% to string him up and Mitch McConnell will do nothing

    its over. move if you can.

  27. Trump is the father of lies. For he will be judged and found guilty and be thrown into the abyss, so that he would not deceive any longer. Soldiers, put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.

  28. Donald Trump is not the root cause of the country’s issues. The root cause are all persons who support this administration and the Republican Party. In the words of Winston Churchill “All countries hold ignorant people.” Our country seems to be overflowing with these people.

  29. We need a RICO investigation of the GOP they have become nothing more than a criminal enterprise ! They are cowards and a threat to our Nation.

  30. The pop slot has the terms of service and privacy policy highlighted that's unspeakable ! If I say something which I already have said countless times is anyone going to understand the words coming out of my mouth it's English ! Which right away eliminates don trump from the conversation !

  31. "this is the President of the United States that we're proud of." Best President ever. Trump 2020. Socialism will be defeated in this country via working-class people. The same people that voted for Trump in 2016.

  32. I was taught that I shouldn't say the word hate but every time I look at trump that's on the tip of my tongue. My stomach turns every time he talks. How in God's name did he become our president? He is not what I want to represent our country.

  33. But of course a Former CIA Director will say lies leading to the wrongfull impeachment of Our President, they've been in the corruption since the CIA had John F. Kennedy killed just bcuz he said "can't we All get along" then he was murdered by them.

  34. & I didn't ever hear about impeachment of the Illegal Barack Obama -who wasn't even born in this country!!!!!! It says that to even run for the Presidency that u have to be at least 35, be a natural born citizen of this country, etc. What's up with That???

  35. YOU KNOW WHOOO MADE THE MOST DURING THE"ARAMCO ATTACK" and oil jump 16$ in a day…then drive back down…?
    Think where there gas and oil go?


  37. Dictator, so insecure of his manhood lies to his people, and needs to be held accountable, trump is the same both are criminals that need to be in prison for the rest of their natural miserable lives!

  38. RUSSIA 🇷🇺….made the most during Aramco attack killing like 4 birds with 1stone….the one day jump in oil and gas at 16$+…thennn ewww…the 🇸🇦's say they can "handle the situation after all"…lol…so everyone invests right off bat…then…short sells for next day… 🇷🇺 Pummmps gas and oil into like all of Europe…. through where?

  39. ….(cont)…and guess who makes/supplies… WEAPONS for IRAN? 🇮🇷
    ….🇷🇺👈👈👈RUSSSIA DUH…..
    AND again JUST LIKE..9/11…
    STUPID…as evveryyyone 💭'S

  40. Fortunately, we have the actual yes script and the democrats and media talking points are falling apart. Trump is so awesome, no other president could take this nonsense and at same time have the best economy in 5 years. Love how he has snowflakes setting their beds each day. !

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