*Intro music* What is up you awesome kidsters,it is CistReactZ here,and welcome back to a reaction video! Today we are reacting to uh the..the nightmare SFM by DAGames called “Break My Mind” by XboxGamerK. So make sure you subscribe to XboxGamerK,like this video and comment below. Uh apparently this is the animated version of DAGames’ “Break My Mind”,so uh yeah. Anyway guys this video was suggested by Ferar 2,so thank you man. Uh anyway guys let’s get into this. BAH! *Music starts* Here we go. Oh God. *Golden Freddy sings* Woah. *Nightmare Fredbear sings* *Nightmare Freddy sings* *Nightmare Chica sings* *Nightmare Bonnie sings* *Nightmare Foxy sings* *Nightmare Freddy sings* *Fredbear Plushie sings and dances* *Nightmare Foxy sings* *Plushtrap sings* T *Nightmare Fredbear sings* *Laughs a bit* *Nightmare Chica sings* *Nightmare Bonnie sings* *Nightmare Foxy sings* *Nightmare Freddy sings* *Fredbear Plushie sings and dances* *Nightmare Fredbear sings* Woah. *Nightmare sings* Woah. *Nightmare continues* *Nightmare Plushie sings and dances* *Nightmare sings* *Nightmare Plushie sings and dances* *Nightmare sings* *Child sings* Child:Help me 🙁 Oh you’re dead. *Nightmare Plushie sings and dances* *Nightmare sings* *Nightmare Fredbear sings* *Nightmare sings* *Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare continue* This kid is so dead. Child:They’re here! 🙁 *Nightmare attacks* *Claps* Awesome job XboxGamerK!Uh yeah I loved how the plush was like just how the plushies,plushie Fredbears were dancing around and like…everything was awesome in this animation. Great job XboxGamerK!It was amazing. Umm..yeah guys so that was the nightmare animation of “Break My Mind” by DAGames. I-I guess.I-I don’t even know what this,I guess.We’ll just call this the “Break My Mind (SFM)”.I don’t know what the nightmare part is for,but hey I’m I’m. Anyway guys if you liked this reaction video,make sure you slap that like button 10 times,comment below. Subscribe to McCarcaster today. Make sure to follow along with XboxGamerK’s channel. Make sure you check her out! Finally make sure you kidsters watched this across the video.And I will see you awesome kidsters later!Peace out!

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