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Welcome to the land of plenty. Poland’s producers
are having a field day. They’re not in the euro, the currency the zloty is weak, so exports
are booming. “If we were in eurozone, it wouldn’t be the
same. Right now our economy is quite strong only because we are not in the eurozone”.
Outside the euro, but importantly INSIDE the EU. Subsidies from Brussels are pouring in.
3billion euros here for another subway line in Warsaw. Fuelling growth, jobs and the envy
of much of the rest of the continent. There’s a real sense of drive, energy and
enthusiasm here that’s hard to find in much of the continent these days. Poland is living
its European dream and despite the fact that broadly speaking the EU is stagnating around
it, there’s very little talk here of looking to China and the other emerging economies
for future investment. The focus is all on Europe.
That of course brings some dangers here. If Europe’s economies stagnate, Poland will lose
some of its exports markets. But visit the central bank – how often do you hear this
these days? “It looks like the Polish economy is crisis
proof or more resistant to crisis.” “Because you’re not in the Eurozone?” “Yes but also
because we have not allowed our public finances not to get out of hand, even if we have some
problems now which are disappearing very quickly.” “So do you really want to join a club where
public finances are out of hand?”. “If the club is in order again, then why not? But
don’t ask me when”. This is the only Polish haircut you hear speak
of. Like many young entrenprenurs here, Debrava Peakos isn’t concerned about Europe’s problems
and she sees Poland’s future tied up in deeper integration
“To do something more you have to be connected with other countries to be related and I think
this is the most important thing”. “So joining the euro is the natural thing?” “Yes, definitely
yes”. One day then…perhaps. But for now, Poland’s
building and investment boom is insulating it from Europe’s crisis. Who needs to join
the euro? Matthew Price, BBC News, Warsaw

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