Foghorn: World of Warships News | Update Patch 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers, Halloween (v2 because idiot)

Greetings StatsFolk, and welcome back to Foghorn,
where I read things so you don’t have to. It’s update week, so we’re going to be looking
in this episode at update 0.8.9, which brings early access to the new Italian cruiser line,
this year’s Halloween event, and more. Let’s get started! Update 0.8.9 is coming this week. It hits CIS and NA on Wednesday the 16th and
SEA and EU servers on Thursday the 17th. 0.8.9 brings with it the now-familiar format
for the release of a new tech tree line, and this time it’s the turn of the Italian cruisers. Across 0.8.9 and [0.8.]10, the whole line
will be released, with tiers five to eight available in this update via missions dropped
from free and premium containers. A new section will appear in the Armoury,
allowing players to spend the new temporary Italian Tokens currency on items such as signals,
credits, consumable and permanent camouflages, and also bundles which have a chance of awarding
new premium tier five Italian heavy cruiser, Genova. As always, my advice for early release ships
is: try to get them in the game by completing the missions and directives to get the free
containers, but don’t worry if you don’t get any — remember, the ships will be released
as a full ten-tier tech tree in update 0.8.10 and will be available then for free. If you do want to get them four weeks early
though, the premium event containers have an increased chance of dropping the ship missions,
and you might see community contributors running giveaways for those premium containers too,
so keep your eyes open! Just a quick note for newer players, and a
bit of feedback for Wargaming: The directives area in the port isn’t obvious. In most updates, it looks like a non-interactive
image banner in the top left hand corner of the port interface, but it’s actually a button
that takes you to the directives screens and lets you see the missions. I see lots of people in Twitch chat saying
they didn’t realise that’s what that was, so I thought I’d mention it in case it helps
someone! Please, Wargaming, make it more obvious! So, what are the Italian cruisers all about? I’ve tested all of them over the past couple
of months, and their main characteristics are that they are quite fast, and have relatively
small turning circles, and reasonably fast rudders, so they are quite agile. However, they need to be agile, because their
armour schemes mean that you should definitely dodge incoming battleship shells if you have
time. Their concealments aren’t great, their gun
ranges are a little short, and they have long reload times. To compensate for this, these cruisers at
mid and high tiers have a new mechanic — fuel smoke. These cruisers can generate a smoke screen
which will conceal the ship while it is travelling at full speed. The smoke is short duration — only around 40 seconds,
but just enough to cover up evasive manoeuvres. While you could use the smoke aggressively,
the main use will definitely be to make a full turn, drop torpedoes, and run away when
you overextend. One thing to bear in mind with these smoke
screens is that these ships from tier six upwards have eight inch or larger guns, and
so have large smoke firing bloom radii. If you’re going to use the smoke, be careful
that there’s not a destroyer lurking somewhere nearby, which will keep you spotted if you
fired in the last twenty seconds. If you’re not sure, stop firing fifteen to
twenty seconds before you use the smoke to turn. Also, bear in mind the change to spotting
mechanics in this update — more on that later. The other main characteristic of the Italian
cruisers is that that have a new shell type — semi armour piercing, or SAP. SAP shells are a mixture of HE and AP in terms
of their mechanics and performance. Like AP, they can ricochet off angled armour
plating, but if they don’t bounce, the penetration mechanics are like HE — the shells have
a fixed penetration depth, and will penetrate any armour thinner than that value if they
haven’t bounced. SAP shells have more penetrating power than
HE, but generally can’t reach the citadel of target ships. However, the damage they deal through normal
penetrations is quite high, and you can expect consistent damage from SAP shell hits. SAP cannot overpenetrate, and cannot set fires. SAP is best used against broadsiding targets,
but will be effective against destroyers, and even angled cruisers. When shooting battleships, it’s best to aim
at their superstructure, nose, or stern, as you won’t penetrate the armour belt of most
ships. Halloween 2019 will soon be upon us, and as
has become tradition, there will be a celebration in game during the autumn update. This year, there are two components — operations,
and a new game mode. The operations from previous years, Saving
Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness, will return, but this time with a new Super Hard
difficulty level. The normal difficulty level of each operation
will alternate as Operation of the Week. If you want to try the Hard or Super Hard
versions, you will need to find a division to play with. If you’re not in a clan, I suggest joining
a community discord server and asking if anyone would like to play. You could also use the in-game Find a Division
function. The rewards for completing the Super Hard
difficulty versions include Premium Halloween 2018 containers for getting three stars or
above, so it’s well worth the effort putting a team together as those containers can drop
permanent ship skins. The other half of the event is a new game
mode: Raid for the Filth. Filth is a new temporary currency which you
can earn directly by playing the new mode. The mode combines elements from operations,
arms race, and rogue wave, into a frantic race to see which of three teams of three
players can collect Filth while battling each other and an army of bot ships, before escaping
through a portal at the centre of the map. There are no winning or losing teams in this
mode — the objective is to stay for as long as you dare and escape with as much Filth
as you can. The longer you stay, the more danger you are
in, and the risk that you will not escape grows. If you don’t make it out, you only get a small
fraction of the Filth you collected. The mode includes a miniature tech tree of
tier nine and ten ships — destroyers, cruisers, and battleships to research and use. As is traditional, these ships have some crazy
special abilities like immunity and healing shells — don’t be surprised if one of your
teammates starts shooting you! Raid for the Filth is a lot of fun, so give
it a go — it runs from the 31st October until the 28th November. The seventh season of clan battles arrives
on October the 23rd, which is next Wednesday, and takes the form of an 8 versus 8 battle
at tier 10 with up to two battleships per team, and no carriers. You may have heard that carriers are coming
to clan battles, but that is a mixed message. There will be a test session to study the
effect of carrier spotting on clan battle gameplay, but it’s not related to this clan
battle season. Watch the news portal for your region for
more information on this clan battle season in the next few days. If you’ve been playing the game for more than
a few months, you may remember that Wargaming fixed a bug in the spotting system where ships’
firing bloom counters would reset to zero if they didn’t have line of sight to an enemy
ship within their firing radius. The trouble is, everyone thought that was
how it was supposed to work, and almost everyone liked the way it worked WITH the bug. So, Wargaming are putting the bug back in
again, but this time as an intended mechanic. Destroyer players rejoice! We’ve been waiting for this change… back… for a long time! Once update 0.8.9 hits, your twenty second
bloom time will end if you duck into cover or go behind a smoke screen and no enemies
can see you directly. This means that, unlike now, if you come out
again within your twenty second bloom time, you will have your normal minimum concealment
again. For destroyers with their small concealments,
this is a fairly major advantage. Let me quickly run through a handful of other
changes this update brings. Blyskawica is getting a slight buff — its reload
time is going down to six seconds from six point five. Hōshō is having its frankly ridiculous new
double torpedoes nerfed considerably. The speed of the torpedoes goes down to 40
knots from 50, and the speed of returning bombers has been reduced by a massive forty
percent, so hopefully that’ll balance things out a bit without changing the feel of Hōshō
gameplay. The low tier French destroyers are all seeing
a bit of a nerf to their gun reload times, and a speed decrease on their torpedoes. They were overperforming, and this should
bring them in line with the older destroyers at those tiers. Tier eight Soviet battleship Vladivostok was
also overperforming, and her sigma is being changed from 1.7 to 1.6, meaning her shells
will be less likely to group towards the middle of her dispersion ellipse. This change will be most noticeable at longer
ranges. Kremlin has been widely regarded by the player base
as too strong, and it is also getting some nerfs. The shell damage is being lowered slightly
on both AP and HE shells, and also the fire chance on the HE is down slightly. I’m not convinced that will be enough, but
I’m in favour of small gradual tweaks rather than sledgehammer changes. The audio update made in 0.8.8 was partially
successful, but did have a lot of issues, and this update will hopefully address a lot
of those outstanding problems. Bear in mind that the volume sliders are more
complex than they appear, so go and find my Foghorn Express about the audio issues for
more detail on what the volume sliders in your settings actually do. There’s a new port ship filter for “special
ships”. These include rentals, event ships such as
Halloween, and early access ships. This separates them from normal premium ships
which have increased profitability to help you tell them apart. The way camouflages and skins work when disabled
in port is changing. Now, if you disable, say, Sci-Fi skins in port,
you will no longer see naked ships in battle. You will see either the permanent premium
camouflage for the ship, or simply the Type 5 camo. When you see someone with no camo, you can
now be certain that they are naked before you smugly point this out in chat. One last improvement I want to call out — the
previously premium-only Naval Base port will now be available to all. It’s a really good-looking port which places
your ships in dry dock for a different perspective. If you don’t like the look of the gorgeous
new Italian Taranto port, switch to Naval Base from the top left of the port, just next
to the Battle button, and see what you think. One last thing before I go: this weekend is the
culmination of the ninth King of the Sea tournament. Just eight teams remain for each server, and
I’ll be casting the semi finals and finals of the EU tournament this Saturday, starting
around 4pm CEST, and then the cross-sever Clash against NA starting around 6pm CEST
on Sunday. My co-caster will be Tcfreer, and you can find us at and respectively. Come along and join us for some world-class
warships competitive play! That’s all from this Foghorn, so please do
subscribe for more, and ring that bell to be notified of future episodes. If you liked this video, you can press that
thumbs up, and by all means leave a question below if you have any. Join the StatsFolk discord via the link in
the description, where you can find helpful like-minded people to discuss the game with. Take care of each other, and I’ll speak to
you very soon.

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  1. If I knew you were gonna screencap me i'd of worded it a tad more nicely, sorry m8.
    Good of ya to make a correction vid.

  2. The nerf to the Kremlin is not going to be enough. If they don’t want to touch the precision of the guns at long ranges, then at least they need to reduce the range. Just last night I had a Kremlin getting constant heavy hits on my Monarch while I was maneuvering at 20km, very balanced for a ship that is supposed to be a browler.

  3. I have to ask. Is anyone ever firing HE on their Kremlin?

    I honestly don't understand how they thought this would be a relevant nerf. Its like giving the Kamikaze 20% better AA.

  4. good compact info package. use cc powers and get something to do with clan oil. so could buy for member signals and camos or something. oil to coal building.

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