Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream – 11:10:21 PM – 11:11:56 PM

Being president totally changed my way of doing things.>>Within the last few days there have been some arrests in the murder of Muriel Franco. Apparently the suspect’s former police officers and there are those who want to draw a connection between you, your family, potentially those police officers. Police have said anything there is coincidental but I want to give you a chance to answer those who are questioning whether you had anything to do with that murder.>>I am a former Brazilian army captain, and police officers to large extent our good friends of mine. And he wasn’t really a neighbor of mine, he lived on the opposite side of the other street, but the media has always criticized me. They want to establish a clear connection but I’ve never seen that gentleman in my gated community. I spent a lot of time outside of the gated community. I only learned he lived there after the article became public. My stepdaughter did seem to know someone. They even tried to say that my former or my youngest boy who is currently a 20-year-old boy may have dated the young lady or young daughter, they asked, did you date her? And he said I dated just about every girl. I only learned about her after she was killed. She was a councilwoman, and I had never, ever heard anything about her life.

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