Fox News checks in with ‘Raid Area 51’ participants in Nevada

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  1. The reason why nobody got in is because no one was smart enough to bring Team Amazon or Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot.

  2. Black man tries to become an investigative journalist at Fox news…. Gets sent to cover a story about people wearing tinfoil hats.

  3. Im from a small remote village in South East Asia, when I was a little boy ( 1984) I saw an unknown flying object looked like a big boomerang changing colour from blue, red etc. that thing was flying above me without any sound. and then now I think something very fishy about alien, looks like something from this planet earth is playing with us, if the aliens are too "shy" to meet us, why on earth their spacehip have a lot of colours like night club. someone from planet earth must really want us to see that. Im sure they have their own agenda. very dark agenda.

  4. Of the 10ish interviews about the current A51 events I just watched this was the worst. It ain't a qu. about "believing" anymore, Sean. WAKE & WISE UP!

  5. It's ridiculous to put lives at risk for this deception..the guards there have orders to shoot civilians..isnt it enough to know they made a mockery out of past ?
    people who said they saw ufos ..instead of admitting this they put these people in some looney bin and drugged them until they couldn't remember their own names or used their visit to demoralize and ruin them..their entire lives ruined now the navy admits some unidentified things..yeah like oats some did something and shes still in Congress?
    They murdered John foreststal because he disagreed with their plans to not tell the public the truth..and who else ?
    It's not funny they admitted some ufos are real and now this is going to be made into a joke yet again.
    It's very serious its not funny and there's no reason to storm any military area and be injured..not worth the theater.

  6. Yeah thanks for explaining that area 51 is a military base.


  7. А что если все эти "Люди" в кадре,это пришельцы которве пришли на помощь людям?

  8. USA was selling for decades the idea of using alien technology. Now they have to face the consequences and open that base to the people.
    Alien contact is a humanity right.

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