Fox News on News Of The World Scandal

and now the counterattack has begun on this
tracking scandal story at newscorp but now i will resign their apologizing
and people who’ve been arrested people being
fired way into the u_s_ side exactly as i
suspected uh… that’s not how fox news channel to
handle and that’s not all wall street girls and
handle it they’re gonna go on attack so wall street journal of puts out a
huge op ed say follows an inconvenient at the liberal media and the competitors
and newscorp would find this to be a big scandal yeah it’s a big scandal when you have
been everybody’s phones and you know you get their message is
you interfere with police investigations and you brian the police abuse so in so
this is is it that would be a little orange story but wall street journal things
conspiracy and that he wore out to get newscorp and
it is outrageous for shocking they would say that when they’re owned
by news corp all right now when you turn a fox knows only for use solely being
blown out of proportion uh… this guy named bob dole schneider do
questionable uh… expertise his accomplice team you see in
the morning show and says that every spiraling on so he’s got a bit of a
conspiracy theory of his own clips what do you make of what uh… this particular pakistan with the news
for world is the world is looking slim
concluded the issue really is wipers or some other
people pollen on at this point we know it’s like the scandal should we get
beyond it and we deal with the issue affecting well that’s awesome that’s a big scandal so what are you
beyond it could lead to hey he’s an expert because
he’s by bill schneider above the door shudder
group exhorted must always talking about but it was awesome so he continues as close as close up you know uh… and the company has come
forward and they said look of this happened a long time ago added tabloid in london somebody did something really
bad and the company reacted they close at newspaper all those people got fired even the ninety nine percent of all absolutely had nothing to do it for months lincoln miracles of has apologized for it for some reason republican cmedia keeps
going over the surgeon finish them in the planning on this a little bit too
much god is a little too much now we have just because we want to of you know crop
because so many different laws little piling on for complied enough is enough says that i
think scandal jab of course they you guys are all
biased in reporting the fact that we have all these people that
worked at newscorp have been informed rested and this is what were they want to do we
already apologized always out works so the next time you’re in court just
tell the judge why am i am here priority apologize was a big deal weight by leon for but he’s not done yet one more and one of the other things about the
media piling on of you dissatisfaction with the third
martians landed in new jersey of jane uh… we’ve got some serious problems in
this country right now we’re teetering on default and waiting to talk about
this fall the riches of the building from the christians for the future business relation who really should that put behind us
investigators the court should deal with this we should move on until the
important office will be important dot he said don’t have you with uh… what a
frog uh… our parent company is so let’s all these people arrested in
the police are involved in and maybe they can’t nine eleven victims
families for salt marsh tomorrow morning when back on this station who said the nylon victims’
families or cry babies anyway so who cares about those guys just move on this
guy the other issue there’s big issues you see the woman’s world cup what does it work but get there yes akshaya knew they would want you to
be distracted a move on other issues analogy and pinkerton on fox continue because you’re right it is because let’s
talk about the way that this is the stuff they handled it is worth noting rupert murdoch was in america he would
be easier for him to go on vacation somewhere and hide he flew to london
heats up the newspaper down he accepted rebecca brooks is resignation they take
out the faux pas page ads he’s testifying before prom and i’m sure
there had to shut up you settlement since its people they’ve wrong and an
independent committee jim to investigate that that is the annals of damage
control that’s pretty good here at this summit is over worked and that put together an
independent nation that their funding i’m sure it’s gonna be independent what
you just let them investigate themselves and then you know and we have already
apologized let’s uh… morning on that and uh… because we
want to ask you to what something deal that but i think again my that dude is like a caricature of
soft man if you draw up a guy ought to be on fox news doesn’t look like i mean personal what sort of now started
all there are a on and on time polyol and now i although i’ll run an answer lol companies pinkerton okay every one of the fingerprints base
about the boss of the reasons that are ecnext every character is awesome feel they have watch for previous to
prove to be a second stands for him into the justice department of the f_b_i_
movie instructions for a personal note that the spirit is still true inside
what are you just hide whether or not there might be culpability and malfeasance by this
corporation and then with the f_b_i_ perceives it so that means of some kind of white
house and that is at the white house would be dictating that you are making
this a mistake that so many did you know people out there in the atlanta making
your you’re assuming that that fox news and uh… news of the world are part and parcel not just of their own by the same
company why would anyone for so look at local let’s find out by and
uh… the f_b_i_ is investigating so i think
that’s fair enough reason the sale of there might be something that and pinkerton is unbelievable dude the first good news like look murdoch could have been on vacation but the stop this vacation though
apologized left for the award from our beloved
owner and then he doesn’t say they’re not meaning the white house is doing better
here the idea of the white house and got the
police to start arresting themselves in great britain are you ship raisa foxnews has come up
with a theory but the white house behind this

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  1. I can't believe people still watch Fox news….. Mind you, it is hilarious how they play dumb and people just go along with it.

  2. TYT is the only program that offers any full circle view of these studges of the wealthy media machine.

  3. Yep its all been blow out of proportion.
    2 of our most senior police officers have resigned already
    News corp have been forced to close Britains most popular news paper
    And it could bring down the British government
    Oh and the judge led investigation has not even started yet.
    Yep lets just all get over it…. minor story.

  4. @JahSpect
    Yeah what a bunch of whiners over at fixed news . The daily show nailed them good about their bullshit claim of piling on . Jon showed some clips of those assholes piling on NPR and he called it right saying fix was just jealous that they couldn't cover it .

  5. @DeepSouth16
    deepshit you really need to sit down and shut the fuck up . Idiots like you are never a help to their pathetic cause .

  6. Murdoch owns FOX. Of course they r gonna try to protect this guy. JewsCorp owns everything folks. Everything.

  7. Damn! is their anything else you could possibly say on National TV to make you look more like a dumb ass. I'm sure their is but this takes the m/f cake. Its just that statements like this make you wonder if their in the same reality as the rest of us? ……..(SIgh) SMH

  8. I hope the FBI throws the fucking book at him. And Rupert Murdoch was summoned to testify in parlament. I don't care if fox or others think that non-citizens don't have to answer a summons. You do if your company operates in their jurisdiction. He didn't go on some fucking goodwill mission, he was supeonaed. Sure he could have ran, but the US has extradition with the UK.

  9. FOX News: We invade your privacy, destroy evidence, fuck with the grieving, lie, cheat and steal, make excuses, minimize our evil, bribe our way to access, and come up with imaginary boogeymen, you decide.

  10. this is why it is dangerous for one person to owned a monopoly, this is about power and has nothing to do with money. If they broke the law then they should go to jail.

  11. Bob Dilenschneider is a complete wanker. Focus on the larger issue of hacking. No Bob. Let's focus on who DID the hacking. It was Rupert's employees, that's who. This guy's lower than sleazy defense lawyers.

  12. OMG…..Why the hell would any person expect a pass on this. Police, government officials and heads of Murdock's organizations are implicated in this. It's not going away until the entire story is uncovered. The cover up is making this worse for Murdock. The info is trickling out and making this story carry on.

  13. @DeepSouth16 Wow… someone's white trash is showing.

    "Being American means im superior to you…" Really? I thought being American was being born in America or to American citizens. Well, coming from one American to another… shut the fuck up. Not only are you brainwashed by the conservative media, but you clearly don't think for yourself. (nor can you spell or create sentence structure). Media should report news, not make headlines out of themselves. You're retarded for defending them.

  14. I grew up watching Fox tv, I would watch The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc, now as an adult, watching the news etc, its nice to see they that through all these years, they have stayed true to projecting fiction.

  15. @DeepSouth16 Just a quick question deepshit, when you speak to your mother do you call her mum or auntie?

  16. @DeepSouth16 Then please enlighten me as to what being an American is all about. As former military myself, I would love to know your thoughts.

    As for "these young turds who make up bullshit", nothing was made up. FOX tells you this because you are a small child and easily confused. However this is a big deal, not just for the rest of the world (you know…. everywhere else outside your bottle of moonshine) but for America as well.

    For someone who's superior, your spelling sucks

  17. Yes, Murdoch is such a hero for shutting down the newpaper and throwing all those employees under the bus, rather than taking some personal responsibility.

  18. Did Steve Doocey just say that we have more important things to talk about? Didn't he and his morning show geniuses criticize Obama for wearing "fancy pants" when Obama was out looking at the oil spill?

  19. I'm tired our corrupt leaders, our biased and shitty news networks who lie to us, and the banks fucking everybody over. I leave you with few yet lasting words. Fuck it, I'm moving to Canada where there is no FAUX NEWS.

  20. 4:05 – Murdoch was in the UK for the BSkyB deal, which would have made News Corporation the largest broadcaster in the UK. The scandal blew up while he was there. He didn't deliberately fly over to the UK to take care of this fucked up scandal.

    I can't WAIT until Fauxpaganda Noise blows up. I want Murdoch to end up begging for pennies at the bottom of a freeway off ramp. I want him poor & wretched, just like the people he despises & yet uses to further right wing bullshit around the world.

  21. @MultiLex101

    I suspect DeepSouth16's name refers to his anus, which was no doubt regularly plowed by his uncles and daddies as he was growing up. Now he lives in denial.

  22. @geffel lmao!! Your wrong "deep south 16" is actually the name of an incest porno he made with his family. The full name of the movie is, "deep south 16: getting down and dirty with my father/uncle".

  23. @DeepSouth16 You're a funny guy (or kid)! Okay… let's start with the constitution. It's been my experience that Conservatives only care about that when it's convenient to them. Remember the Patriot Act? (I'm assuming you're old enough) It trampled on YOUR personal rights. GUESS WHAT! Phone tapping was a part of that…. and now? Rupert Murdoch's news corporations may be guilty of the same thing! WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what my white trash friend…. ALL SPONSORED BY THE GOP AND FOX!!!!

  24. @DeepSouth16 Now lets talk about accountability. Forget Murdoch. He would never take responsability. Lets talk about the debt roof. Republicans have voted to raise this for years (actually every year since 1998 – 2010). and JUST NOW they decide that we shouldn't be doing this? If Bush hadn't fist fucked our economy, we may not have to… regardless, here we are, on the verge of default, and the Conservatives and playing victims….. and not one of the will man up. Fucking cowards.

  25. @DeepSouth16 I agree with you about individualism. It's a guaranteed right to speak your mind… however when anyone questions the logic of "FOX and Friends", they are automatically labeled as unpatriotic, socialist, communist, or whatever else FOX tells your small impressionable mind.

    Apparently ANYONE with a different opinion is labeled as Liberal by FOX, which implies that these guys are FASCISTS. All conservative……

  26. @adorablecreature79 So today we learned that your party DEFAULTS on all your points as to what being American is all about. You can dress up like Washington and Jefferson all you want and go to your Tea Parties, but that doesn't mean you know one thing about this great country. The Tea Baggers and Conservatives who cry about the Constitution and our Founding Fathers the loudest, usually never served a day for their country… but love to act like it.Tthey're all so jealous of those who did:)

  27. hmm so I wonder who exactly owns news corp, and FOX. Don't give me that "oh its a corporation owned by hundreds of people" because, I also know that the people with the highest stakes in it call the shots! so back to the owners..GASP could it be : – O? I shan't say but, follow the money!!!

    By the way…everyone is "pilling on"? it's "a little bit too much"? I think Casey Anthony was a little bit too much. This "extreme heat" b.s. everyone keeps talking about is a little bit "TOO MUCH"! TY

  28. @adorablecreature79 You just beat his inbred ass with comments, what the fuck did you expect him to do? lol

  29. this is hilarious, the perfect fox news story, forgeiners (possibly) hacking into the phones of 9/11 victims! …being paid by Rupert Murdoch

  30. Steve Doocy isnt even a real human being. He is a platic man suit pulled over a robot programmed to spout anything in the interest of Fox News. Can you imagine sitting down to dinner with him? What do you think Steve? "Oh shit sorry i dont have an opinion my boss hasnt told me what to say bout that" He is hilariously spineless

  31. 5:16 "Dude, straighten your mouth", so awesome. Fuckin' Pinkerton, if News corp gets shut down over this I will certainly miss the entertainment value.

  32. So the Watergate scandel should have ended with the burglers? The point of all of this is how far up News corp does the blame lie? Where does the buck stop?

  33. The logic to all of this is that if a Mafia Don votes Republican, is a member if the Tea party, you forgive him for racketeering, drug pushing, prostitution and murder if he says sorry!

  34. Cenk, allthough Iapprove your point of view on the ridiculous whitewashing of NoTW by Fox News, you did not make a point here. Laughing at someone's handicap is not a good argument. You should have let the abstracts talk by themselves, because you did not bring any added value in this.

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