FPL tips- [Blank GW] Gameweek 35 (LATEST news) Thinking Ahead Following GW 32,33,34

okay I recently got a notification and
there’s another blank game week coming up in GW 35 I won’t make this
video any long because I’m just here to notify our fellow managers because in
last blank game week video one of the fantasy manager requested to update if
there was a double game week and surprisingly it’s another blank GW so
I thought you guys would want to be updated about it and I’ll make more
detailed video soon probably after the friendlies are over because in a few
week I’m going to be traveling for about a week or so.. so I won’t be making any videos
so I got the notification and I started searching for the game weeks and … well.. voila
it was a game week 35 and I recently posted my wild card video and coincidentally from 15 of those chosen players nine of them have games in a
GW 35 and there’s still time for GW 35 so that means you still
have three to four GW transfers left so go and check that video out and
since KANE is out injured and now doesn’t have game in the game week 35
the blank GAME week if you want his REPLACEMENT the link is given in the
description and you can probably see there’s LIVERPOOL MANCITY and ARSENAL with easy games in the blank game week which gives I mean a chance
for the free hit chip well this blank game week looks I guess better than game
with 31 because I at least some good chance of having good points but I
did get good points because I captained salah in GW 31 but just GW 35
although it is blank week it still have a pretty good chance of
bringing a lot of points so yeah I’ll be making more
analyzed video soon …as soon as possible but for now that’s probably it and if
you want more of these updates subscribe and hit the bell button and that’s
probably it for now

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  1. sorry about the quality of audio .. i'm trying to make best out of what i have … so if you have problem understanding turn on the "SUBTITLES" i have updated it recently ….. enjoy the video and dont forget to comment your opinion 😉 😊

    WILDCARD TEAM (LATEST gw 32 33 34) –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie-K-r1cWqs&lc=z22pu1wrbvistjd02acdp430voauom40k4qbxqbfsqdw03c010c

    GAMEWEEK 32 PLAYER SELCETION – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVl8724I3a4

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