Frank Q&A – Advice about condoms to prevent them breaking or slipping off? – Part 1

What advice might you give to someone about condoms breaking or slipping off? Well just take all the
precautions that you can. Probably stop, and replace it. To not shower, and go straight to a clinic or something and get tested. Stop immediately, and try another one, or if there’s none, just don’t risk it. Do something else that may
give the same end result. If it was a casual encounter,
or the person wasn’t there to have that conversation,
if there is some inhibition, or you are feeling uncomfortable,
and then the easiest thing is to contact a sexual health service. I guess there’s options for other, further contraception if you’re worried. And then also, probably go get yourself checked out at the doctor as well. Make sure you haven’t picked up any STIs. If you’ve had a condom
break, slip off, or fail, the next day, there are a few
things you should think about. If there is a risk of pregnancy,
then it’s really important that you access emergency
contraception as soon as possible. Another thing to think about if you do have a condom failure,
is that risk of STIs. So you need to think
about whether you need to book in to have a checkup,
a week or so later, if there has been a condom failure.

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