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 It’s 25 years since Friends first aired – and one of the first things we learned in the pilot episode was that Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) was a hopeless romantic  Mourning the ending of his first marriage in the coffee shop with his pals, life seemed to give him a heck of a helping hand when his teenage crush Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) runs into the coffee shop in a wedding dress  Alas, it still took him 10 years (and a hell of a lot of detours) for him to finally start a life with her and their daughter Emma  So what happened to the girls he met along the way? Where would they be now?  Here’s our verdict on where they would be at these days, and how connected they would be to Ross… Carol Willick (Anita Berone/Jane Sibbett)  Carol was Ross’s first wife, who left him shortly before the events of the pilot episode  It turned out that she was a lesbian, and after finding love with Susan Bunch (Jessica Hecht), she decided to end her unhappy marriage for a new life  The pair remained inseparable ever since, and throughout the show’s 10-year run they were one of the few couples to stay the course throughout, getting married and raising Ben,  Ross’s biological son  Actress Jane reckoned that the couple moved to London after the show ended and spend their days worrying about Ben  We see the holistic couple running a store somewhere and have loads of casual famous friends like Cara Delevingne just dropping in to say hi Bonnie (Christine Taylor)  Bonnie is known for being ditched by Ross in season four after she decided she wanted to go back to her days of a shaved head, saying it was easier for her to handle than the blonde tresses she had now  Encouraged by Rachel, who literally wielded the razor, Bonnie surprised the group with her new hairstyle while they were holidaying together at a beach house  Ross broke up with her in the same episode, in order to get back with Rachel.  We reckon Bonnie will have fully embraced her free-spirited life by now, moved to Los Angeles to be closer to the beach and ended up either in a nudist colony, or teaching hot yoga in the suburbs Elizabeth Stevens (Alexandra Holden)  There were a lot of things wrong in Elizabeth and Ross’s relationship – starting with the 12 year age gap and the fact she was a student at the college Ross worked at  They split when Ross, shock horror, came to the realisation that she was too immature for him, thanks to a number of water balloon fights  We reckon that after her rowdy college years, under the protective eye of her father, she became the suburban housewife she was fighting not to be, but actually kind of enjoys it  Elizabeth is now happily married, with three kids and a dog, and is praying to god that video from Spring Break is buried having never made it to the internet  She’d hate to have to talk about it to the snobby moms at one of the PTA meetings Emily Waltham (Helen Baxendale)  Emily, aka wife number two for the paleontologist, ended her marriage before it even began to Ross, kicking him in the crotch and storming off moments after their wedding  To be fair, he did say someone else’s name at the altar.  Despite Ross’s efforts to try and make it work, New York, and Rachel, was just too much to ask of him to give up, and that was the end of that  Emily only really wanted to be loved, and settle into an adult like that she felt she was entitled to  We reckon she succeeded, and is now married with a child or two, living in a big house in Surrey to someone with a very middle class name – like Benedict or Cuthbert Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston)  This is the big one. She’s his lobster, the mother to his daughter, the love of his life since the beginning of the series  She even got off the plane for him.  But will they have survived 15 years after they finally decided to give love a chance and ended the show on a high note?  Well…according to relationship expert Zoe Coetzee at EliteSingles…probably not (sorry guys)  We reckon she will still be making her name in fashion though, and will now probably have her own Upper West Side apartment and living life like the Miranda Priestley of Ralph Lauren  Friends airs on Comedy Central and streams on Netflix in the UK.     

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