From the makers of Bodyguard | LINE OF DUTY: Series 5 Trailer – BBC

Let’s go, let’s go. Come on! Job done. Nice work lads. What’ve we got? Hijack of a transport by armed men wearing
balaclavas. Three police officers murdered in cold blood. The hijack required a police insider. My team will get to the root of anything. The root being what, Sir? For too long the extent of police corruption
has been covered up. Someone’s still pulling the strings. There’s a code name. Didn’t think it was real. H? You working with someone? You take them at their word. Until now. There’s no secrets in AC-12. I’ve got a plan. Something big. This is a chance to crack the highest level
corrupt officers and the top man. Whatever it takes, I’m in. Line of Duty. On BBC One.

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  1. End of series 4:
    Hastings: "There may be other balaclava men at large; God knows what they're up to.."

  2. I'm so excited! It feels like this show just gets better with every season. I've grown very attached to our dynamic trio.

  3. As BBC four is showing all the episodes (and it is supposed to conclude with Series 4 episode 6 on Saturday) to catch up with Series 5, I have a feeling that we will get a Air date either Saturday or Sunday this week, hopefully it will start next Sunday (17th March)

  4. Spoiler alert! At 0.50 we see Hastings in what appears to be a prison cell. I will predict that it is indeed a cell in a Police station and that he will be accused of being the mastermind known as H and that in the end he will be proven innocent. It is too obvious for him to be the mastermind, usually not how these things work.

  5. Just had a re-binge of the last season in anticipation of the new one! Although I may just reset from the start and re-binge all seasons!! 👍🏻😁

  6. better be better than the last one.. when they had steve fall down a flight of stairs to run out the 50 minutes showing a rehab facility for some odd reason?

  7. I'd say this & Luther are the best Police Drama's, Bodyguard was good, but has to have the longevity of these 2, to make it to the same class.

  8. The story of this show gets deeper every season and that it amazes me! Never seen any other show as good as this

  9. Powerful stuff! I wish next they'd investigate the rampant paedophilia at the BBC. That'd be a dark show.

  10. You could literally take every one of the lines spoken in this clip from each of the 4 previous series. Perhaps it is time to move on

  11. I think Hastings will be the 'culprit' this season. He will have his 'bent copper' moments but finally it will be someone else.

  12. At last its back, the best tv show, the best writing, and the best Acting by far on television, how craig parkinson didnt get a best actor gong in series 3, is beyond me, its not a costume drama is my guess.

  13. Dear BBC please drop"the from the makers of the bodyguard" LOD kicks arse all by it self watching them all again on iplayer x

  14. line of duty series 5 episode 1 didn't dissapoint, its got the old faces and some new ones, Steven Graeme has been good in everything hes been in so I no he will play the perfect bad guy in this, (or is he a copper going undercover in the balaclava gang?) so many plots and its only the 1st episode.

  15. Why is the police in the show always invoking 'Christ, god, jesus, mother of god. Have they all gone religious or what. This is unnecessary for the script but for balance they should also invoke Mohamed allah etc or is this taboo. at bbc.
    I have seen at least two explicit throat cutting scenes. till recently this was not done. But after the throat cutting by islamist it appears on tv shows.

  16. It seems the UK has the best actors, their acting is on another level. They also dominated Hollywood. I thought that guy from the Walking Dead was American in season 1, and that lady from Mission Impossible 2 and Westworld 😅😅 I was so wrong. I love watching BBC shows 👏👏👏👌👌.

  17. Line of Duty has the right to be At least one rank senior to Bodyguard otherwise this investigation cannot continue as Planned.

  18. I’m hooked , but FUC me , lets be honest, it’s piss poor compared to the other series’s 🤷🏼‍♂️ … full of mind numbing social engineering. It’s was same with The Bill , London’s Burning Etc great television then the social engineers get their claws into it . We were missing a transgender character..then last night the Androgynes character slips in , Of course the higher ranking officer that interviews Hargreaves is going to be a ball busting Female senior officer …Steve is now Impotent. Before that Kate gets promoted before Steve it laughable when you no what to look for , I think they got a safe hands leftie liberal to direct the last two episodes Susan Tully 🤷🏼‍♂️ … the Actors are all fantastic and are playing “their part “ well

  19. Bodyguard is a good show and I have no idea why it’s getting shit on so much here. Y’all need to chill and enjoy both.

  20. I've watched all Line of Duty seasons. Perfect show and I'm very happy to hear it will be back for a new season. Just can't wait.

  21. God give me strength, Line of Duty has been nicking bent coppers since long before Bodyguard was even born, fella. So don't you go telling me about how Line of Duty came from the makers of Bodyguard – yer cheeky wee shite.


  23. I was hooked onto this since I saw the trailer and I LOVED IT!!!!!
    You can't beat waiting Steve and Kate, they're my favourite characters ❤️
    I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Just binged the whole thing, 1-5. Not sure I ever want to watch anything else. Jed, put a pin in Bodyguard 2 and finish LoD 6, I am begging you.

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