Full Kerry, Schwarzenegger: Have To Treat Climate Change ‘Like A War’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

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  1. Stop trying to argue that winning this "war" and economic growth are equivalent. We know that's a lie. People need to be willing to sacrifice if we want to win this "war." Overconsumption is the problem. People will feel like consuming less is a sacrifice. But it's like a glutton fretting over eating only 4 racks of ribs instead of 12.

  2. I rather see everyone tighten PCV hose connections first before working on climate ..
    Our air is so full of raw toxic air fuel mixture vapor that escape from automobiles not thorugh tailpipes.. you DIG/

  3. i RATHER SEE ALL FIREWOOD BANNED EVEN AT CAMPGROUNDS.. Bears are tired and sick of firewood smoke! Bears are knocking on our doors in search of food cuz they had lost their sense of smell from too much firewood smoke clogging their noses up!
    Humans will quickly lose noses if we keep using firewood.. ..through evolution..

  4. Our healthcare spending is soaring outta sight mostly because of continued poor air quality we breath so willingly!

  5. Within 50 years we may see Maldives under water. Every country is already suffering but none will do anything. But they must understand disaster will not see wealth, religion or economy. It will destroy anything to restore nature.

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