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Now you’re seeing the “tagesschau” on first german television Good morning ladies and gentlemens, welcome to the “tagesschau”. In the process against the former german federal president Wulff there will expect a preliminary decision The provincial court of Hanover announced they want to close the gathering of evidence and speak the court decision still in january. But the prosecution check if they set new motion to take evidence They accuse Wulff he conducted acceptance of benefits by a public official because a friend buy him a visit of the “Oktoberfest” in Munich 2008 The latest news now from Hanover with my co-worker Sarah Tacke In this minutes the 10th day of the process will begin and Christian Wulff are like at the other days early here accompanied by his two trial lawyer half an hour before the process start. The medial interest is very high because today it is possible that the last witness were declare if everything goes well He’s a investigator of the State Office of Criminal Investigation who leaded the investigations against Wulff and that’s the reason why the judge expect more details in the affair to clear if it was a corrupt affair between he and his friend or not. The pivotal question is if the prosecution want to set new applications to take evidence and if these convince the judge. In the next week there will be pleadings and in two weeks they deliver the judgement. It can be acquittal. With praise, admission and respect many first-class peoples prize the former german national football team player Hitzlsperger Yesterday he made his homosexuality in a interview public Meanwhile he explicated his motivation again He manifested in a video on his homepage with his public denomination he want to bolster the young players: I think that young players today which know much earlyer they are homosexual they can talk about this topic and handle it without any bondage because they can see on my example it is possible to be homosexual and a good football player. This have to bolster young people For my family and environment it isn’t important to talk about my homosexuality Important it is for people who are homophobia, who exclude people because of their other sexuality they should know they’ve got one more rival. Today foreign minister Steinmeier travel for the first time in his new mandate to Greece. He want to meet the greek president Samaras and talk with him about the reforms. Yesterday the heavily in debt country officially assumed for a half year the Presidency of the European Council.
During the ceremonial act several hundred people protested against the EU politicians from Brussel. Furthermore the protestants claim to breaking of the demands for budget cuts. At the evening the former german minister of defence de Maizière praized with a last post. The highest militarial ceremonial was taking place with his replacement von der Leyen at the “Bendler-Block” in berlin. In his ending speech he grant that there wasn’t run all good For three years he was minister of defence, now he’s leading the interior ministry. Chancellor Merkel is going to travel in the next months for a visit to Washington D.C. US-president Obama invited
Merkel during a phone call the government spokesman Seibert said. Merkel accepted the invitation. The german-US relationship was overshadow by the spy actions of the NSA They also spy out the phone of chancellor Merkel In the United Nations Security Council russia blocked again a explanation against the syrian government. This explanation from Great Britain should convict the recent air attack onto rebells in Aleppo There should died 700 peoples. Moscow criticise the government in Damaskus were denunciate only one side. Russia and china have blocked many decisions about the syrish conflickt in the security counsil. The cold polar air still affect the people in the mid-west in the US. But an end of the cold wave is foreseeable Yesterday there were in New York temperatures not -13°F but only 10°F On the Hudson River around Manhattan the ships have to break through the ice The air traffic is affect by the bad weather. A normal daily routine isn’t possible at the moment. The weather forecast for germany: In the south and east it will be friendly, else it is cloudy and regional rainy or stormy. 7°C until 16°C You can see the next “tagesschau”-edition at 12 am. We wish you a nice day!

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