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You see the first german television with the “tagesschau” (view of the day) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the “tagesschau” At the Munich Security Conference, the United States and Russia have insist on their different positions about the syria-conflict. US-vice president Biden manifested the Syrian regime for ruined Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the other hand, made clear that his government further stand adhere to Assad. However Lavrov quoth first time ever with the leader of the Syrian opposition Then he agreed to meet regularly On the verge of the security conference german defence Minister de Maizière announced that about 40 German soldiers at the planned eu mission would contribute to Mali The germans have to educate pioneers which have to deactivate booby traps The german Bundestag (parliament) is expected to decide later this month on the terms, The application have to start at the begin of march. first time since the start of the military operation in Mali, the French president Hollande traveled to the West African country. In Timbuktu, which had been liberated only recently from Islamists, he was received thousands of residents. Initially Hollande get a picture of the destruction valuable cultural assets by the religious fanatics. During the subsequent visit to troops Hollande thanks the French soldiers for their mission. The attack on the U.S. embassy in Ankara in which a security guard killed was may be committed by a Turk who had entered from Germany been Turkish media reported the suicide bomber entered the country with a fake ID He allegedly belongs to a left-wing group which admitted to the assassination in the affair of alleged slush funds at Spain’s governing folk Party Prime Minister Rajoy has expressed today for the first time publicly After meeting the party management, he refused the expression he accepted illegal earnings He also want to show his return of tax in public. In the “Fußball-Bundesliga” (German football league), the Hamburger SV lost in the evening against Eintracht Frankfurt with 0 to 2 Now “Eintracht Frankfurt” (football club) confirm their firth position register The lottery numbers: 2 4 17 28 34 44, Additional Number 40, Super count 2 The winning numbers of the “Game 77” 0 3 3 1 8 0 1 The winning number of the lottery “Super 6” 4 1 2 6 1 9 This information isn’t under guarantee The weather forecast: At night, especially in the Alps, snow in the south. During the day occasional snow, otherwise it can be cloudy later in the north and west, rain Snow and wind resurgent. Degree minus 1 to plus 6 You will see the next “tagesschau” issue at 04:55 am. Good night!

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