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  1. Andrew Yang know what is coming and what is already coming.

    In the factory which I am working now in China, it had 550 workers in 2017 and only 320 workers right now.  We are a big factory with 20,000 square meter of workshop and 70,000 square meter warehouse.

    We are the factory of expressing steel to office furnitures, we spend 5 years to replaced the analogue with diginal during 2011-2016,  And then 3 years to replace 40% of our machine from diginal to CNC fully automatic.
    We replaced the manual worker by the guy can simply draw CAD graph to run diginal.
    Then we hired the engineer who can coding the CNC machine, coz computer can generate CAD by itself, no more simple skeching work.

    I am the sells manager, I was also shocked by this, I have noidea if I will be replaced anyday.

    For those working in "dangerous" position,  You really need to consider Yang, and vot for him.

  2. Why on earth would you put your head in the shot the entire video.. Vlogging this is sooo worthless.


  3. Yang is a joke.

  4. Saw the title.. and this song came to mind…

    Getting to know you
    Getting to know all about you
    Getting to like you
    Getting to hope you like me
    Getting to know you
    Putting it my way
    But nicely
    You are precisely
    My cup of tea

  5. Wow thank you NBC News! Finally! Edit: Ok well, I wasn't expecting something like this to be so…I was so excited to see him and then I saw what a waste these questions were…Idk what to feel, at least he's getting more air time but…why are they turning into a tabloid like outlet? He's running for President, not some hollywood star that just wrapped up a movie…

  6. I know we all like and love Andrew Yang, but don't just show it online, make sure to go and vote in the primary so he can be the nominee. We have to help Andrew. He cannot get to the WH w/o the #YangGang.

  7. NBC News is fake news. Include Andrew Yang in your reporting and enough with the fake news! You are one of the the reasons why our country is so divided.

  8. Glad to see that they did a piece with Yang here. It's such a critical time for our countryand we need the BEST ideas out where where they can be shared. Now, I just hope NBS and MSNBC can fix their run of omitting Yang off the scoreboard when he's performed better than other candidates.

  9. NBC screwed over Yang yet again in another graphics snub, hate to say it but maybe FOX really is more fair and balanced in other things

  10. Andrew Yang rocks. Really the only candidate worth supporting. He is young, smart, has great plans for the US. And he puts a smile on your face, he is actually a nice guy. (A politician who is also a nice guy? Is that even possible. Yup Yang is our man.) #YangGang

  11. Andrew Yang is a great human being. Anyone who will take the time to learn about him and watch his interviews and find out what he wants to do if he becomes president will give Andrew Yang there vote.

  12. Dont rely on NBC or MSNBC for giving Yang fair air time. they have blatantly shown to be biased against him by omitting him from some of their coverage. All these main stream media outlets are corrupt and manipulative

  13. Refreshing but can he make it through to the end of the finals? Watch and see! If he can make it through I will be watching to see. Still interesting hmmm!

  14. Yangs Policy corner stone for prosperity is taking other peoples money and giving it to those who did not earn it. I don’t believe that makes him a viable presidential candidate

  15. I can’t wait till Andrew Yang debates trump at the end.. Andrew Will LITERALLY make trump look so irrational and quite honestly stupid. This will be exciting!
    Andrew Yang 2020

  16. Compare Andrew's laugh to Kamala's laugh. Big difference. Just an all around cool laid back guy with an awesome sense of humor versus an corporate establishment politician with an evil cackle.

  17. WOW What a hypocrite ying yang is against technology and machines doing the work that people could do but then he is bragging about this woman doing the job of 3. Come on ying yang pick a pony and ride it.

  18. Be my president, I'll teach you guitar. A President with a brain, a heart, and a plan! YANG GANG EVERYONE VOTE AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW

  19. It is not MATH (Make America Think Hard) but it is MATHAJ (Make America Think Hard About Jesus) None of these Democratic Presidential candidates ever talks about Jesus in their speech from the podium. Do they feel shame talking about Jesus? Do they want to take Jesus out of the picture? America is a christian country and we christians will not be fooled by these Democratic candidates gablygoobly speech. All the christian pastors of united states church MUST tell their congrigations to vote for our Christ loving Christian President Donald J.Trump and re-elect him for the second term. Amen.

  20. Jane C Timm . Please have ANDREW YANG on your network for clarification on fact checking. ANDREW YANG, ANDREW YANG, ANDREW YANG, ANDREW YANG.

  21. The US and the world need a POTUS that understands and has sensible solutions to both old and 21st century challenges that humanity faces. Yang is the man!

  22. #pollysworld please like comment and subscribe on our YouTube channel..
    Our last video was dedicated to his candidacy #andrewyang
    I love him, we love him
    keep going Andrew 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  23. "Someone just yelled a racial epithet at me couple days ago." His resilience shows. Words cant hurt this man. The deflects by showing action with success. TOP GRADE A president at the highest level. Memory, has struggled, strong education back ground, speaks with class and sincerity, relatable, I could go on and on. America if we pass him up, enjoy another 4 years of no progress to elevate this nation.

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