Gingrich: Giuliani is doing substantial damage to Biden’s candidacy

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  1. You're going to prison for dirt on biden. Your white privilege won't save this time. This is exactly what trump is getting impeach for. You allowed criminals to run the country. Thank the Democrats for saving us from the mob.

  2. Don’t forget about the Brillo and a crack pipe found in Hunters rental car. Smoking crack is something Hunter Biden knows how to do

  3. Groper Joe ended his political career he first he groped a young girl , the only he was Vice President was because Obama needed a token white guy as a running mate .

  4. The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears. And they will turn away their ears from truth and be turned into fables. – Timothy

  5. When the smoke settles the Democrats will become the third party. I predicted this would happen when they first started abusing the sitting president of our nation if they persisted. They've made the US the laughing stocks of the world. The Republicans are slow to anger but our wrath will be great. Thankful for a great leader in president Trump to see America through these turbulent and historic times…..

  6. I sure hope ”Creepy Joe” gets the DNC nomination. Then, he’ll have to face Trump on a debate stage. Yeah, the ex-VP who’s twice threatened to punch the President — yet can’t keep his own mouth in one piece!

  7. Can dictate who goes on television because they own CNN and MSNBC there their propaganda on and they're so full of themselves and arrogant y'all thought Hillary was going to win sit with us open about all of their crimes didn't care if you know now I think they care I think Joe Biden cares if you know hahaha hahaha hahaha

  8. None of them have any chance against Trump !! Any idiot would recognise the corruption in this , let alone ex lawyers and Supreme Court judges ?

  9. Joe is satanicpedophile, who, with his boss, deserves to be strung up for his crimes against the innocent, which WILL be exposed in their military tribunals in 2020.

  10. They're both deflecting. Trump and Rudy. It's what a 10 year old does when he's in trouble. Blame everyone else for things to take the attention off of them. These two assholes need to be brought down and kept down. The biggest F-ing joke in US history. Just discusting and embarressing.

  11. With all this other crap going on the lies and deceit has anyone put together the Clintons, the murdering FBI, uranium one and then murdering FBI that killed Lavoy Finigum in Burns Oregon to cover up the sale of uranium to the Russians by none other than Hillary Clinton. Let me guess It was just another matter that can be swept under the rug.

  12. 😂😂🤣🤣 HOROWITZ is compromised !  Watch the latest Bill Still video for details .  S  O  S  N  D !!  More Woulda , Coulda , Shoulda crap all over again ! 😭😭😢😢

  13. Tr🇺🇸mp 2020
    M🇺🇸GA ❤❤✊

  14. Good people, if you only get your news from Fox, you are missing out on the entire story. Lets end the divisiveness, find middle ground, and hire politicians that will work hard for us.

  15. Stop saying democrats hate Trump They are afraid of him because he won't play the corruption game. Their pay for play is over and not just democrats he goes just as hard after corrupt republicans. Just look into the connections to corruption Romney has Utah vote his butt out before he ruins your state too

  16. how terrible has north American politics become. up here in Canada we have the fake feminist who got caught in blackface and has been convicted on multiple ethics violations yet is still in the position to win. and down south, you have the democrat party who are so communist and corrupt, provingly so, and yet the media is protecting these people. getting to the point where the ballot will not longer be enough to save either country.

  17. Joe Biden is not a candidate, he's a criminal and a child predator. Just watch all those video clips of him trying to make out with children, smelling them up and touching them

  18. MSNBC’s Sam Stein remarked, “Just to be clear, Trump is currently, this morning, calling on foreign leaders to investigate Biden in the midst of an impeachment proceeding about whether he has encouraged foreign leaders to investigate Biden.”

  19. That old creep Biden really thinks he is part of the maffia…. that time is over oldtimer… time to rest now… you did enough damage to the world


  21. If hillary became president we would likely see already china's missiles to our door. Thank God she was never elected to what she exposed herself to a loss as.

  22. Newt and the rest of GOP are going to get a rude awakening soon. Most Americans are FOR impeachment. Thank God there is some sanity on Planet Orange.

  23. The dems are only going after people who arent smart enough to think for themselves. There are a good deal of people who only believe what they hear without vetting it with logic 1st.

  24. President Trump is a nightmare for the democrats. He's an honest hard-working guy who cares about America. He's not a politician and he's not afraid to fight. The MSM hates him yet make billions off of bashing him 24/7. Trump tells it like it is and they can't handle the truth.

  25. The socialist do not hate Trump. They are protecting their members from being jailed for corruption. The coupe is intended to continue trade agreements with Europe and China that is bankrupting America. I think that people that insinuate that it is hatred of President Trump do him a disservice. Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, McCain, Flake, Paul Ryan and many others are beneficiaries to corrupt deals. They must all be jailed with swamp creatures that assisted them.

  26. Gingrich is correct. So this is the new gimmick? Well don't forget all the public doesn't know that. Newt has accurate points
    but the Democrats know if you lie about something long enough and loud enough others start to take it for fact. How sad.
    But it is the way of human faults. We, many of us being only human fall into that category. We mistaken repeated words as
    truth. The 3 D's (Desperate Dangerous Democrats) are using all the tools they can grasp to sway Americans to their favor.
    American Citizens are not as dumb as the Dems. think we are. We the deplorable ones have voted for our President Trump
    to clean up the deep swamp. The man is going to need the next four years and then some since no one saw how deep the
    swamp is. As the scum surfaces we will see more of it's infested poison all over the land. They will scream and holler every
    opportunity, that they are being hurt. Every Republican that respects what is being accomplished for America will most likely
    have a subpoena of some sort issued by the left lying Democrats. They are the ones pointing fingers while hollering, "Help."
    Mr. Giuliani mentioned it is about time we do some investigating. It's not about time everyone, it is OVERTIME.
    Talk. Talk. Talk.  Where are ALL THE REPUBLICANS?  To all Republicans everywhere.  If you love your president or should you
    hate him your emotions are not the issue.  ALL of you should STICK TOGETHER, STOP these Left Handed Democrats and too
    stand by your man.  It seems the Democrats stick together whenever one is questioned. They will cover up for each other then
    argue amongst themselves. They don't care who knows it or what the media says.  First and foremost they are a team, a family.
    REPUBLICANS act like the family you are.  Your team members are being harassed repeatedly.  Unite. Stand together and don't
    stop until you protect each other.  If you don't like your president that's your decision.  This is an act on all of you.  Get those so
    called investigations moving and indictments issued. Those Democrats will never let you back into power, stop being spineless.
    Once you've got those lousy Democrats out of your hair maybe you can get some work done and done faster.  Don't any of you
    believe what they've been telling you.  Liars and thieves are what they are.  Perhaps when investigated once & for all we may find
    more corruption at it's worse.  Treason should not be removed out of the picture.  They are running scared.  This is your chance
    to move forward.  Attacks on one Republican is an attack on ALL Republicans.  Don't forget that.  
    There are so many conflicts the Democrats have among themselves but when one is merely questioned the whole team becomes
    an electric fence so no one can get near their person.  
    Will ALL of you once and for all unite and get these jerks out of office completely before they spend more taxes chasing their tails
    and too a whole bunch of Soros money fixing the 2020 election?

  27. Biden is not even a nominee yet, therefore, at this point in time you cannot call him Trump’s rival in terms of the 2020 Presidential election!

  28. If Biden is brazen enough to publicly tell TV companies they must ban Giuliani, which in itself is corruption by intimidation, can you imagine what Biden has said and what bribery and corruption has taken place in private behind closed doors !

  29. We're getting closer America, it's exciting to me being able to witness this first hand, a coup in our beloved America to overthrow a legitimate American president, but believe it, it goes a helluva lot deeper than that. Exciting.

  30. The campaign can't pressure networks about who they have on; but they don't have to. The networks willingly do what Democrats want.

  31. Welcome to Idiocy Central. Here, you will find not one fact, just the mindless repetition of the BS that those, about to be impeached non-Patriots, Trump, Pence, Pompeo, etc., spread to hide their un-American activities.

  32. Joe Biden is so use to doing anything & everything he wanted to do on our money. The sheer amount of REAL corruption/crimes for decades the Clinton & Obama crew's have gotten away with has some for the first time worried. It might actually be time to pay for those decades of fraudulent get out of jail free cards!

  33. Gingrich is absolutely right. The corrupt political establishment with their media lapdogs want to impeach Trump the outsider from the very first day Trump was elected. Their gravy train is coming to an end.

  34. Newt, the little flip/flopper salamander. Look at some of the news reels of the past and see what he had to say and thought about Trump.

  35. Repubs are losing this battle. Gingrich is one of the worst in the world. I take what he says and immediately discard it. (As I do with most "conservative" thoughts…)

  36. Or it’s because Rudy is spewing conspiracy theories all over the place without any evidence. There should be, on both sides, some degree of fact in order for somebody to have that platform

  37. RUDY is going down in American History as one of the best investigators ever as he is discovering things that democrats thought was safe ????

  38. Drain the swamp… believe he means it… swamp seems pretty deep… I want everyone to think about the effectiveness of this potential swamp pump…. TRUMP—VENTURA…. anyone want to help me spread this VERY INTERESTING IDEA

  39. I don't understand why you Republicans can't tell the truth. The facts are the Dims Swamp creatures are hurting cause they are not in power to thief .

  40. Joe Biden is a real scumbag , Biden knows most of the media is in the tank for the dems , so of course he thinks he can tell the media to not book Rudy for interviews.

  41. Honestly Trump looks really guilty but can Giuliani  make Biden and Hillary look worse.  While Trump distract us with more bad speeches or drama . LOL

  42. They want Rudy off TV because he is exposing the corruption of Joe Biden. Biden doesn't want to be exposed as a crooked and corrupt politician that he really is.

  43. What happened to the $1.8 Billion in US Taxpayer money that disappeared into a Ukrainian Oligarchs Bank and Burisma Board member? Obama put VP Joe Biden in charge of Ukraine to steer clear of Ukraine corruption. So where is the money Joe?

  44. Biden is sleazy, corrupt politician😝. He can't be allowed to run for the honored position of President.🤔….󾓦TrumpTrain󾓦😸

  45. So sad, farmers looking for a job to save the family farm!!! The harvests rotting in the bins. 150 Billion in Trump tariffs, the largest tax increase ever!!! All because China can't find any Biden corruption and is not willing to lie for Trump!!! And republicans wonder why they are losing!!!

  46. Biden is a pervert with little girls seen a lot of his crap with kids in videos. He’s very corrupt and sick in mind

  47. Biden is a pervert with little girls seen a lot of his crap with kids in videos. He’s very corrupt and sick in mind pb .

  48. Kettle calls black. Our current political environment started with mr Gingrich, and the contract. He's never been positive. He's a a demon for the devil.

  49. For all the belly aching, Schiff & Biden not the president. Stop deflecting. PT said for China to interfere in yr elections. If cool with you, you're democracy truly dying

  50. This whole argument is false because the prosecutor was not fired because an investigation into the company but because he was corrupt. The European Union Republicans and Democrats agreed on it at that time! Get your facts straight. At no time Biden tried to get him fired because of his son. A network full of liars.

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