Gingrich reacts to Trump’s explosive North Carolina rally

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  1. All I can say is that our great president is held up to the highest of expectations because he delivers. We that support him, pray for him and pray that this country can finally live up to its' former reputation. World leaders now respect him and many other citizens of these countries are now asking for a person like him to run theirs. It is historic and everyone knows it. The people who are brainwashed may never see the light. But it won't matter because Trump will be elected in 2020!!!!!!

  2. The whole world is laughing at the tragic President of the United States and the White House.
    Donald is probably lying about what he ate for breakfast even…
    Trump said he would drain the swamp… but he drained it into the White House.
    The White House is more corrupt than it has ever been, everyone except Americans sees it crystal clear.
    And Donald has proven that he is not a Dealmaker, but a Dealbreaker, a clear confirmation of his lies and ignorance.
    There is no new wall … there are false promises and fake news from the White House

  3. People need to take a step back and open their eyes. The republicans have done more damage to this country than any democrats. Your fools for listening to all the lies. They are so corrupt its unbelievable. Continue to bury your heads in the sand and let these dishonest leaders lead you. America has become the land of fools. Continue to make excuses for what's been happening in this once great country. So sad

  4. Here's what I don't understand. Things are doing really well under Trump leadership for the country. Why do democrats want to destroyed it? Hillary told Cole miners that she as a president would put Cole out of business. She just alienated some people from voting for her already. What kind of candidates would say things so people would not vote for them? Why do democrats alienate people who support Donald Trump not to vote for democrats? I'm not on the Trump train. But things are doing well for the country and families. Why should I vote to abolish it so something can be explored?

  5. Children in public schools in Canada and USA are being indoctrinated not educated by left wing nut jobs,as a parent u should be very aware of what your children are hearing in class.

  6. Im 63 ys old and a Canuc… but even I heard"America love it or leave it!" way back when I was younger so its not like Mr Trump made this up. It is an old and endearing sentiment that melts commies and snowflakes like napalm on grass lol.

  7. Demonrats are going down! We American people are seeing good things that Trump did so far and more good things to come. While demonrats wants America to have recession? Did they firgot or they just have fart brain. We just have it under Obama, thats why some people are homeless, they lost thier job, home because company close? Where are their hearts to American people and they wants our vote, I day hell no and vote for Republican except the 12, who does not support the ptesident and those people who support to make America great and strong again. No more recession.!!!!! I see people are happy working again.

  8. 川普總統能與我們台灣共和民主國建交嗎?

  9. He found another way to get the wall built is keeping his promise. Hannity is not only an idiot he's deaf. Mexico is going to pay for the wall! Joe made 3 mistakes is a problem. Gingrich how many mistakes did trump make. No mention of policy to handle gun violence. All talk AND TALK and to quote trump: BS

  10. Wasn't there a time in English maybe have taken money and walk away from the government and not repeat it I believe he did and that was probably back in the early 80s I think just curious I'm just wondering am I believe he was asked to leave White House for those reasons course if I'm wrong I do apologize but just seems like I remember something about money he had taken with and calls

  11. The rally’s get bigger and better every time President Trump has one in North Carolina! The 🐀’s and their plans for a socialist gov’t, raising taxes, destroying our health insurance plans and especially open borders have turned a lot of hard core democrats to our President. The illegal alien problem here is the biggest issue. 500 illegal criminals just released on our streets, we have the highest number of illegal alien child rapists and sexual assault of children in the nation. The 🐀’s have nothing to offer, nothing. Hopefully they’ll come out to vote and re-elect our President next election.

  12. The people that clearly need to watch news like this wont, but they sure like to shove their views in our faces, The roast of liberal scumbag Alex Baldwin was on 10 channels last night , Why ??

  13. I am for Oil production , I am for the entire Bible. Jesus said Matthew 23. Pray Psalm 68 if treated unjustly and Numbers 10:35 and forgive our enemies.The gods of Egypt never left man only they were hidden.

  14. Newt Gingrich…should have stayed a FROG…now…it speaks again…FOX…another prehistoric relic…to say what???..No one cared about what he said as speaker of the house !!! Sarah Sanders…what could she possibly say …"that would be truthful" is that even possible for her ??? Her DNA…says…she isn't capable of speaking the truth…pathological liar…she believes her lies !!! oh…and Trumps!

  15. Mr Gingrich /you live in the old world. Just look at the crime in each city of the United States are they all working or going to school or college?the lies and more lies will not fix anything /the homeless are they being helped or guided to have a life? Wake up Mr Gingrich

  16. This is by far the ABSOLUTE WORST, CORRUPT, COMMUNIST LOVING, TRAITOR of a president in these United States. His ignorance is so rampant that you get tired of hearing each day, the latest stupidity he displays every-time he opens his pie hole. I never thought I would see the day when a man like this could actually hold the highest office. His supporters are being taken advantage of and I truly believe that most of them are mentally deficient to some degree. Just like their leader. I hate to tell anyone I'm from this "backward" State of NC. We have some very remedial folks here.

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