Giuliani on bombshell IG report: Comey should go to jail

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  1. I can't stand listening to Comey's phony voice. The man should be awaiting execution in prison for treason? Certainly shouldn't be on TV? EVERYTHING IS TOTAL BS.

  2. Comey should go to jail, yes Rudy is right.
    One of these days, Comey will get up in the morning and decide to drive himself in.
    Cool !

  3. Laura Ingraham I really like you love your show. However please let your guest finish their answers their comments before you interrupt them. You seem to always complete their sentences for them. I love your show.

  4. ADD  ALL the psychophants/radical communists in the MSM TO THE LIST OF traitors/criminals who scheme against America with lies /propaganda in every utterance!

  5. That is not much of an insult to anyone coming from one of the most dishonest lying human beings in the public eye on planet earth. if I was James Comey I would take it as a compliment that this dishonest mouthpiece of a lying lawyer in a powerful position in government defending a president who is absolutely dishonest, with umpteen thousands of proven lies alleges he belongs in jail. . Good for James Comey he did his job well.the real criminals are crying wolf way too much.


  7. nice pinky ring

    "It's a BIG Club, and you ain't in it." as George Carlin used to say.

    When no one goes to jail it just looks like all of the hopium has been to identify those who see and are opposed to the criminals, then purge them at some point.

    Just like the Soviets and STASI used to do, and the CCP does brasenly.

    What are YOU going to do?


  9. Only Trump supporters will go to jail. They have made the law and constitution having no value . Lawlessness is the new law of the left.

  10. Nothing is going to happen to any of these corrupt bastards EVER! And us (the sheep) will pay thier salaries and take it. We go to jail. They don't. And you can't even vote fairly to get them out. The whole system needs to be dismantled and rebuilt and the corrupt need to pay and made an example of so that it never happens again.

  11. Look at the comments on this piece and I hear it more and more out on the street and on local right leaning call-in AM radio talk shows; Americans are getting tired of whatever purports to be a justice system in DC.
    There is evidence but no punishment, no jail time, no negative consequences for crooks. What about Hillary Clinton selling uranium to Russia or paying for a dossier that sets off the spying on Trump. What about various arms of the Clinton foundation that operate without proper licencing. What about the money swindled from Haiti relief funds with Clinton connected bogus construction companies. What about Brennen, Clapper and a whole bunch of others. What about AOC's campaign fund handling? Whatever happened to Wasserman-Schults's IT employee who had data on many congressmen, tried to flee the country, was getting paid suspiciously high compensations, even after charges were brought. It gets into the news, it is portrayed that some high-up people could really be in trouble and then it goes away, vanishes, disguised by more current news articles and no one is punished for wrong doing. Can go on and on.
    Americans are convinced that there are two justice systems and Americans are convinced that the evil so called ""1%""-ers actually include many Washington DC people.
    It is a ruling class, above the law and in no way, shape or form representation of the nation's interests.

  12. This is absolutely 100% unacceptable! We (the people) deserve justice here. These bastards nearly got away with treason. Why the hell isn't this SOB and the other conspirators not in jail?

  13. You really need to learn to zip it Laura, and stop drowning out your guests who have info. Must be in your contract. Martha Stewart represents homemaking. They don't like that on the left ya know.

  14. No one in jail you know the place where I would be if I was there . People are losing faith more and more each day. This is 2 justice systems. There is justice and just us. Maybe there is no HOPE ANYMORE

  15. This dude Comey is a weasel
    a Nephilim, a watcher
    Straight Talk he's a hybrid of authorities on earth.
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  16. NO COUNTRY ON THIS PLANET WOULD ALLOW A TRAITOR TO GO FREE… Alexander the Great's First Rule of Warfare…never leave your enemy behind you. What yall keyboard warriors are forgetting : comey is a COMMUNIST ie psychopathic murderer visavis Comrade Joe (Joseph Stalin for you recent college graduates).. if yall think this coup attempt has stopped …I suggest yall got another think coming…comey along with brennan and clapper .. should be hung by the neck(piano wire comes to mind) until dead is the only way to stop them…

    WHO THE FUK is this Barr is he a transgendered female to male or simply never had the cahonas to step up to the plate and AT LEAST, AT LEAST take a swing at these goddamn SOBs…. we can spend millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars (that we ain't got and have to pay back to some secular marxist Jewish banker, see how that works) on a witch hunt but nary a shekel spent inside a courtroom on a TRAITOR with seemingly unmitigated in our face evidence of his guilt… we are truly in dire straits…or what I call "within the brink" …shuffle on children, shuffle on…

  17. Comey needs a long 30 years in Guantanamo bay,because he's a big part of the Hillary and Obama conspiracy,espionage and treason operation…Hillary and Obama need to be publicly hanged for treason..what would they do to John Q. public

  18. Every damm day that goes by now indicates that there is little or no justice in Washington 😡 Great harm is being done now every damm day. This is how civil wars begin; when the people see that justice is NOT equal under the law. Arrests need to be executed NOW!😡

  19. So how long have comey and his buddies been screwing Americans. Dems left me years ago. I still don’t understand why so many think Hillary is good. She is so corrupt.

  20. ….. and the media FAULTED TRUMP FOR FIRING HIM!!! The media supported Comey's lying and corruption. They are corrupt as well.


  22. Conservatives took major hits this week. Brexit in England. Kilmeade lib on FOX. IG Horowitz not trustworthy.. he's a flippin DEM, afterall.
    Conservatives must honker down and get an organized push-back soon, ..
    DEMS, again are running out the clock!

  23. If this is a new video news you are insane
    Full of crap
    Many moon pass nothing happen they are still getting paid with our tax money

  24. Comey should definitely be prosecuted! It has been suggested that he has set a dangerous example to the rest of the FBI employees through his conduct. This is true, but not prosecuting him sets and even more dangerous example to these employees because it sets a precedent that you won't get in trouble for breaking the rules/law. "Lead by example", and in this case make an example of the lead! This is an obvious and unbelievable mistake if the republicans don't prosecute Comey to the fullest extent of the law!

  25. Barr is deep state. Barr is making it clear he will not make a case of seditious conspiracy against the DOJ and FBI.  Comey's actions, which Barr choose not to prosecute demonstrated that Barr will not consider the motive (conspiracy to unseat a US president) as the real crime here. Barr is pretending to see comey's behavior in their most rudimentary form so as to (more or less) let him walk.

  26. My personal takeaway is Comey needs to go to jail with all his cronies in the FBI and the Justice Department and the State Department. Evil liars and pieces of garbage.

  27. We really like Laura Ingraham but she is getting like some of the other hosts on Fox – "guestous interruptous" must be making the rounds at the studio. Would someone PLEASE inoculate these hosts to prevent any further episodes of this dreaded malady! ! ! OR we'll just have to find ourselves another news channel that is not infected with this most annoying disease.

  28. If they are still talking about this old crap
    and a latest news
    Shame on you
    That is insanely unbelievable
    For a high caliber people
    Nothing at all was done it was a waist do something help to us citizen

  29. At about 5:00 Giuliani's hands were held up. One has wound like marks on it…
    What happened to him? I can't believe she didn't address this…

  30. Where are protesters, the outrage, on Comey? No, it is just President Trump that they find fault with. The far Left can do anything they want. Seem to get a free pass. President Trump spends one day playing golf. Their is a Hurricane and President Trump is to blame for that.

  31. I pledged allegiance to the flag of the once United States of America, for the republic it claimed to stand.
    But we've become a nation under God forsaken fools.
    Highly divisive, liberated by lies, justified by complacency.
    The moral high ground it was built upon has begun to erode.
    The blood of the fallen seeping in, widening the chasm, washing away the very land our men died for.
    A house divided against itself cannot stand.
    What good is a folded flag or a heart shaped metal to a grieving family?
    Our nation has become indifferent to sacrifice, apathetic to the ideals of our forefathers.

    The time has come for patriots to claim this land.

  32. Whats worse than the most corrupt FBI political espionage in US history? A active cover up by the President, Donald Trump, who was the targeted by the top brass in the FBI and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

  33. F*ck it !
    Enough is enough !
    If Comey is Not brought to Justice and charged with High Treason- Just shut down The D.O.J. and stop playing political bullsh!t games !!!
    Seriously, We may as well just shut down the DOJ, what's the point ???

  34. In war enforcement, there is this thing called "the good old boy network" and it goes all the to top, they let him off the hook.

  35. Comey is an effeminate lying lapdog wimp. To think this sissy was protecting you and me from harm? Obama was a total moron for keeping this pile of excrement.

  36. Could never get the truth from Fox News. Giuliani knows better, but he has to try to protect himself and Trump. Feel sorry for you guys

  37. There is Absolutely no justice and never will be again in this country with all that have committed multiple crimes and not arrested convicted and put in prison with sentences to the fullest extent of the law !!! We now live under a justice system that works only on a double standard system. In other words it’s still corrupt and always will be meaning we the people are now and forever faced with a daily threat of domestic threat and terror !!!

  38. I no longer will do Voter mail … I will go in person to Vote. They steal the mail-in ballots. Way too many corrupt politicians

  39. How about tramp for paying a couple of whores to not say anything .
    The man who gave them the money is in prison the one who did actually paid the whores sits in the people house and makes money off of us .
    Mike Pence stood at his Hotel and had to fly to meetings by helicopter because tramp hotel was so far out of the way.
    He could of stood alot closer .
    But we had to pay for the whole hotel being used up by the secret security.
    At the end of the day the money is going into TRAMP pocket.

  40. jefftube58 says that Comey was in the pocket of Mrs. Clinton . How dumb is that when Comey put her on blast a few days before the election.
    Yet we did not hear anything about the Russians helping TRAMP win the election.
    That statement makes more sense that Comey was in the pocket of TRAMP.
    I'm not saying that he was I'm saying that makes more sense.
    If he was in Mrs. Clinton pocket how did that work out for her.
    Let use common sense here.
    The reason tramp turned on COMEY is the same reason he had turned on everyone else that does not go along with his lies .
    From His top lawyer Session, to George Papadopoulos. To the General like Madison , Gen. Mc Master, Gen Kelly .
    He would do that to you .

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