Giving Mom a Break – Vlogmas Day 15

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  1. A fig tree is always delicious and if u don’t eat them all u can dehydrated them and have snacks for yogurt the rest of the year

  2. Plant avacado tree for shade. Apple trees growslow, lemom trees produce lots . I live in Southern Calif too and these do well.

  3. Just a suggestion-I would start by researching what fruit trees do best in ur area & make decisions based on that-major disappointment can result when u put in a fruit tree purely based on wanting that type of fruit-only for it to later die/never produce fruit-because it didn’t suit ur climate/area.

  4. Will blueberries bushes grow in your area? If so, they are easy to grow, kids can help pick the berries, they are absolutely delicious right off the bush, they freeze easily if you can't eat them all, you can get different varieties so they don't all ripen at the same time. In the fall the leaves turn a beautiful shade of red and the process of bud to bloom to berry is fascinating and easy to watch. Just a thought, we love ours here in NE GA. If you are unsure, your local agricultural extension service should have info, or their website. They could probably help with the tree question, too. The yard looks great!

  5. If my future child told me they didn’t need to go shopping because they did it online I’d do a wholeeee double take grab my chest moment that’s WILD 🤣😍👌🏼

  6. I think a raspberry bush is good, there lower to the ground so u can put a fence around it so animals don't eat them and since its lower all the kids can pick them!

  7. Tree ideas, I love having peach trees, plum trees. Also not a tree but Grape vines would be great too. We had one for years and it was amazing.

  8. Here in New Mexico, when you mix red and green chili it’s called “Christmas”. That is such a common thing here because every restaurant serves red and green chili in dishes or as sauces. It is even our state question: “red or green?”

  9. I live in Ventura County as well and we have a lot of fruit trees in our backyard. My favorites are pomegranates, lemons, grapefruit, apples and guava!

  10. I recently started watching you and your family is so wholesome! Love your vlogmas. Merry Christmas to the Ballinger family 🎄

  11. I have a cherry tree in my yard and every Summer we make cherry cobbler as a family with our home grown cherries. They are so fun to pick and cook together

  12. We had an apple tree in our yard when I was younger and loved it! They were smaller green apples that kept for a while before spoiling and made for great healthy snacks.

  13. For fruit trees I always think its nice to have fruits or varieties that you can't easily buy in shops. I live in England so it's a very different climate but we have sour cherries, damsons, pears, crab apples, cooking apples, eating apples, blackberries and wild strawberries (I'm sure Duncan would like wild strawberries!). It's so nice to be able to make your own jams and cordials etc as well as just eating them of course 🙂

  14. Plum and peaches usually have a good summer yield. Apples take a few years to get them going, but always a fall favorite!

  15. You are all so fun and I love to listen to you listening and HEARING the kids and their thoughts—there is no wrong answer,. You are doing a wonderful job of raising your children to be clear thinking, kind and productive adults.

  16. We are in south west Florida so I don’t know if you can grow the same in California, but we have a fig tree, mango, avocado, peach, & banana! Those are our favorites! We do have a papaya tree but the fruits take months to grow on the tree until they’re ready to pick.

  17. I'm from the south, in South Carolina and its not a fruit but we have always had pecan trees and Ive loved them! Perfect to climb on (for the kids) and you can get pecans when they fall off and crack them, and freeze them so you have fresh pecans all year long! Just a thought! Or peaches, (our state fruit) and they're SO DELICIOUS!

  18. Hey for your trees to thrive you should check which suits the soil you have and how much work you want to put into them 😊

  19. Hey guys! Love your vlogs! 🙂 Been subscribed and a silent viewer for a few years now so I feel like I know you (a sentiment I'm sure you get a lot of on here)! I watch Rachel's &Colleen's channels too of course. Love them both just as much. Go the Ballingers!! But anyway, going back to what I initially intended on talking about after ALL my silent viewing.. TREE IDEA: You guys should seriously consider planting a lemon tree in your front yard!!! They're always handy to have around, especially if you dabble in cooking, which I know you guys do (little chef Jake would appreciate it just as much as the adults would right?).. Plus, their blossoms smell amazing in the spring… not sure if any of you are allergic to pollen though (maybe Parker is?) in which case, any and all blossoms are not the best selling point :-/ but then again, fresh homemade lemonade on a hot summer's day is a good enough reason to disregard all the cons of having a lemon tree on your property. At least it would be for me. But then again I live in the Mediterranean so I would say that wouldn't I? We love our citrus fruit over here. I eat lemon slices whole like I would orange slices so I think it's fair to say I like my lemons! Most people who have gardens almost always have a lemon tree where I come from (which is Cyprus). So yeah, that's my contribution to Christopher's question. There, I finally said something after all these years!! ;))) Back to the vlog. I lowered the volume to type this out, so back I go to watch till the end. . Bye for now. Have a great Xmas! 🙂 Xx
    (P.S. Congratulations on creating such a wonderful family Chris&Jessica! You guys are such great parents- great role models indeed! Bravo!)

  20. My great aunt harvests Pecans, theyre always delicious! And we live in a desert climate also so they would probably do well in Cali

  21. “I can’t believe they did all their shopping online…(I’m) behind the times, I mean I did a lot of online shopping too but I didn’t think they would do it.” -Chris 2019

  22. I got married on Oct 20th, 2019 to my very best friend. On Dec 9th, he went to be with the Lord. This has been a devastating time to say the least and yalls videos have been a great positive distraction. They always are. Thank you.

  23. lemon trees are great because i know in california it doesnt rain too much. lemon trees actually need more sun than water. and it is very sunny in california. my cousins have a lemon tree and they live in the desert in arizona. just a tip love your channel by the way.

  24. If I lived in California I would grow avocados and limes so I could make all the guacamole I wanted to. And lemons so I could have lemon water all the time.

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