Global news outlets excited to cover 2019 FINA World Aquatics Championships in Gwangju

Tomorrow, Gwangju will host the first global
swimming event in South Korea. To cover all the excitement that some 2-thousand-6-hundred
athletes from over 190 countries will create during the 17-day event,… members of global
news outlets are prepped and ready. Won Jung-hwan tells us more. The time is now for top-tier swimmers to show
the world what they’re made of Staff members inside the International Broadcasting
Center are busy setting up their equipment and making other preparations… for the highly-anticipated
summer sporting event, which begins with the opening ceremony on Friday. Carefully checking their equipment and running
systems diagnostics,… people working inside the IBC have an important role to play the
task of sending all the vivid images during the championships,… out to the global audience. The over 60 global broadcasters that have
set up shop in Gwangju,… are looking forward to covering the event,… with the help of
South Korea’s high-speed 5G infrastructure. “We are here in South Korea in total 26 people,
between technicians and special correspondent reporters etc,… I know that South Korea is well known for
technology so I am looking forward specially to this.” Just outside the IBC, there is a Media Press
Center,… where foreign reporters, photographers and technicians are busy covering every little
detail of Gwangju for the benefit of viewers worldwide. When asked about what they’re looking most
forward to,… they said the upcoming edition of the championships will be a fierce competition
between world-class swimmers. “The most important thing is that this is
the last world championships before the Tokyo Olympics next year, so all the athletes must
come here and prove the situation about themselves and about the opponents.” “I think we gonna see some world records getting
broken here, and I think which you are going to see is potentially going to shine for next
year Olympics, so this plays a big role.” Expectations were not limited only to the
swimming competition itself. “Other than enjoying this new beautiful facilities
where the expansion took place, outdoor swimming pools,… I think the biggest thing that I would recommend
would be Korean food, which I think it is known as Hangook Eumsik, locally.” “Whether it’s the new world records, the amazing
facilities or the delicious Korean food,… visitors will get an experience to remember…
at the biggest competition in FINA’s history. Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News, Gwangju.”

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