Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot make short film on the climate crisis

This is not a drill. My name is Greta Thunberg. We are living in the beginning
of a mass extinction. Our climate is breaking down. Children like me are giving up
their education to protest. But we can still fix this. You can still fix this. To survive, we need
to stop burning fossil fuels. But this alone will not be enough. Lots of solutions are talked about. But what about the solution
that is right in front of us? I’ll let my friend George explain. There is a magic machine
that sucks carbon out of the air costs very little and builds itself. It’s called… a tree. A tree is an example
of a natural climate solution. Mangroves, peat bogs, jungles,
marshes, seabeds, kelp forests, swamps, coral reefs, they take carbon out of the air
and lock it away. Nature is a tool we can use
to repair our broken climate. These natural climate solutions
could make a massive difference. Pretty cool, right? But only if we also leave fossil fuels
in the ground. Here’s the crazy part… right now we are ignoring them. We spend 1000 times more
on global fossil fuels subsidies than natural based solutions. Natural climate solutions get just 2% of all the money used
on tackling climate breakdown. This is your money. It is your taxes and your savings. Even more crazy right now when we need nature the most, we’re destroying it faster than ever. Up to 200 species are going extinct
every single day. Much of the arctic ice is gone. Most of our wild animals have gone. Much of our soil has gone. So what should we do? What should YOU do? It’s simple… We need to PROTECT RESTORE and FUND. PROTECT Tropical forests are being cut down at the rate of
30 football pitches a minute. Where Nature is doing something vital we must protect it. RESTORE Much of our planet has been damaged. But Nature can regenerate and we can help ecosystems bounce back. FUND We need to stop funding things
that destroy nature and pay for things that help it. It is that simple PROTECT RESTORE FUND This can happen everywhere; Many people have already begun
using natural climate solutions. We need to do it on a massive scale. You can be part of this. VOTE for people who defend nature. SHARE this video. Talk about this. All around the world
there are amazing movements fighting for nature. JOIN them. Everything counts. What you do, counts. [THIS FILM WAS MADE FROM RECYCLED FOOTAGE] [WITH NO FLIGHTS

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  1. looks like you two are in a very nice house surrounded by all the luxuries books in the background made by trees. wood products probably heated with a heater that uses fossil fuels I'm sure you shower everyday what have you done did you get rid of your toilet paper paper towels your cell phone to your TV your hair dryer you wash your clothes in the rivers now? where I live they knocked down 75 acres of beautiful trees to put in solar panels all the fossil fuels they use to knock down the trees come up with an alternate solution for fossil fuels other than solar wind to power our energy needs and I'm in

  2. Ethiopia just planted 150 million trees in 12 hrs. Advocating for carbon sinks is my main focus and I have been doing that for many years as well as planting trees. Many advocate for sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, etc. So don't talk down to us as if you are now the all knowing savior and the rest of us are simpletons.. Hope to see you out there planting instead of pointing fingers.

  3. what a bs!
    they lie as they can….money enough to illusionate everything they want…
    wake up, people!

    it´s all about money and might and > control Your mind!

  4. Greta herself travelled through Poland this summer by train. Trains powered by coal fuelled electricity. Then she took that boat to the U.S. while the crew flew back to Europe. Now she's preaching to the rest of us. No thanks, Greta.

  5. How to know you are being manipulated by the left: There is a crises! We need to act NOWNOWNOW!!! Listen to the children, because they are wise! Give up everything that makes civilization possible, your rights, your property, and your common sense. We must stop acid rain, overpopulation, save the ozone, the polar bears! Put us in charge. We know what is best for you.

  6. Kids of the world, stop drinking coca cola, cadbury, tea drinks, protest in front of the building of coca and you will reverse the climate. Kids, manipulated by guardian

  7. The irony is the biggest contributor to environmental change is human overpopulation, especially in the west were the middle classes use the most energy. And here are the Western Middle class children protesting whilst offerering no solutions whatsoever.

  8. Früher im Schwimmunterricht
    Hat sich sowas immer versteckt
    Wir lernen, Fett schwimmt oben…. Intelligenz zählt da wenig.
    Es Lebe Gretchen Thunfisch

    Das erste Pummelchen
    Was fliegen kann

  9. The catastrophe is coming, give us all your money now.
    Actually we have currently more trees than 50 years ego.
    She should be at school.

  10. No word about animal agriculture! I think the question of how to act to reduce global warming for many people who are more or less unaware of this issue remained unanswered!

  11. If someone still says climate change isn’t real after this is just simply ignoring us now. I’m going out to pick up garbage around my town today and I hope other people do the same!

  12. 🐂💩 🐂💩 🐂💩 The great climate lie, It's all just about making money for those that already have plenty of it. Get back to school and demand an education not an indoctrination before you are nothing more than dumbed down repeaters of what ever 🐂💩 they feed you.


  14. These movement is using fear to impose the extreme left ideology. Only lies to maintain the power. They do not care about famine and war. These lies are ver dangerous.

  15. Go and protests against the terrorists that set fire in Saudi, greedy developers setting fires to clear lands, illegal deforestations, Beijing's factories exporting air pollutions, dumping of toxic chemicals into rivers, Kim Jong Un launching rockets, nuclear submarines n reactor, CERN contribution to pole shift, the globalist playing its HAARP technology and testing weapon of mass destruction, etc. Deal with these evil leaders of the nations n greedy companies and there will be no "global warming" and "climate change".

  16. Greta, I know you are aware of the destructing effects of animal agriculture, but most people are not, please talk about it more than you do now scientists showed many times already that going vegan is the best thing you can do for the environment.

  17. A climate WHAT ? How can 400ppm of CO2 – out of which ~ 95% natural CO2 – possible create a climate « crisis » ? For all the ignorant climate change cultists. 400ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere = still carbon drought for all plants !

  18. Plante 1 arbre 🌳
    Convainc 3 personnes d'en faire autant
    Qui elles même doivent planter et convaincre 3 autres personnes

  19. Plant 1 tree 🌳
    Convinces 3 people to do the same
    🌳🌳🌳 Who themselves must plant and convince 3 other people
    👍 Congratulations

  20. THIS IS ABOUT standing up to live your life in a way that benefits the future of life. After years of research back in the day slavery still exists today as we get up in the morning each and every day, earn our dollars and drive back home every evening, repeat for decades. Some(lots?) disagree skipping school is wrong but this is way smarter then any school invests in. I can imagine every soul standing up for what is right – it would flood the wrongs and life would become simple. like getting lost in a fave book or looking at the ocean waves and birds flying by, and with no stress comes the enjoyment of our children… which in return cycles back to a better future.

  21. Several of the images flashing at 0:24 are actually nuclear power plants, which don't emit any CO2. I know that George Monbiot supports nuclear power, so whoever edited together that montage didn't get the memo

  22. YES! “There’s a magic machine that takes carbon out of the atmosphere, costs very little, and builds itself. It’s called…a tree!”

    It’s maddening trying to emphasize this to people who are so caught-up in manmade solutions. Because yes, that, too, is important, but that kind of industrial era-type thinking is what got us here in the first place!

  23. Why is it I am the only one pointing out the harsh truth of this why world are you so dumb & cannot assert the damn truth when necessary

  24. We can agree or not on whether there is Climate Change, but do not use a girl like Greta Thunberg, who does not have the maturity and scientific knowledge to support what she says!
    It is clearly used by the UN and NGO activists and parents who know how to profit, it is a shame!

  25. This is important. People must stop thinking that climate change is something to believe in or to not do so. Climate change is scientifically evidenced. It does not matter if you do not want to join the people demonstrating. It matters what you do to inform yourself about climate change and what you do to help solving a global problem politicians trying to orchestrate. What should you do? Learn, Watch, Share. Independently from what you believe or not. Be social. Stop being harmful to people who try to make change. Be human.

  26. Those that cut down forests should be obliged to replant at double the rate with the same variety of trees that they take.

  27. You honor us with the simplist solutions. We are at fault and need this vital world for future generations. It IS our jobs to do more and to do better. Greta you are amazing. Your words do matter. Set the example and the world can repair what we've taken. Give back and fight for climate! Bravo sweet girl.

  28. I am all for cleaning up the planet and I agree something has to be done..
    Sonething tells me voting has a lot to do with this though..

  29. Unfortunately it is not as simple as protect, restore and fund. In any democracy people will not vote in governments for the long term if there policies will inhibit the economy and threaten there modern way of life. It all hinges around power, renewables are not enough on there own!
    Nuclear fusion would be awesome if we can develop the technology but if not we need to start building fission reactors.

  30. dynamic due, much needed  but they forgot to mention the most important thing –  these trees and grasslands transpire water vapour which cools the planet   it can only happen from restoring and protecting our forests and biosystems

  31. I think Greta doesn’t understand the severity of this situation. You going to stop using fossil fuels?

    How you going to heat your house in the winter? What clothes are you going to wear? How would you feel about the electricity turning off randomly during the day and night?

    This is more of a technological problem than it is a political one. Which unfortunately many people don’t understand.

  32. A lot of those pictures flashed on screen around 25 seconds are nuclear power plants which dont burn fossil fuels or pollute the atmosphere. They are the biggest things preventing fossil fuels from being burned, period.

  33. Leaving fossil fuels in the ground is, in the end the only solution. Planting trees is a short time solution but on the long run useless. The tree carbon cycle (a few 100 years) can not replace the fossil fuel carbon cycle (50+ million years). To put it in perspective… when crude oil was formed the Alpes and the Himalayas didn't even exist. Planting trees on the wrong spots, like China does, is even useless on the short term. They simply die. And the other thing about trees is, they are also fuel. Once we stop using fossil fuels because we run out and houses keep cold we start using wood again.

  34. fearmongering pathetic moneygrabbers feeding on the weakminded, using mentally challenged children as messengers.. Nice job showing us u have no barriers what so ever pushing your fantasy agendas.

  35. Can we focus on the 4 rivers that cause the most sea pollution first? Also, stop mass immigration and promote self sustaining would be the best option. But globalists don't want that, they want us to blindly consume what they feed us, making us sterile and ready for a take over.

  36. Greta, you ignited the revolution of climate change that's great. Please focus on India and China as China and India together account for 36.28% of the total world population. If they change it will be a significant impact on Climate.

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