Growing crops in a Second World War bunker | 7.7 Billion People and Counting – BBC

The desire to procreate
is fundamental. It’s clearly never
going to leave us. If our population
is to hit ten billion, we need to look for new solutions. We are like nothing else that’s
ever lived on this planet that we know of. We are highly intelligent,
remarkably adaptable, incredibly inventive, and we’re
really good when it comes to dealing with catastrophe. And when ever we’ve been faced
with problems in the past, we’ve come up with solutions. For many, the answer to our problems
lies in new technology. Hidden 100 feet below the streets
of London in an abandoned World War II bomb shelter, something
extraordinary is happening. They’re growing salad. This is pretty futuristic when it
comes to growing food, isn’t it? I mean, the whole lot
is underground. The garlic chives, the watercress, the sunflower, the coriander
all look remarkably healthy. The whole place oozes fertility. But it’s a somewhat bizarre place to think that food might be grown,
isn’t it? Goodness, it goes on and on. A traditional farm might yield
several crops a year. By precisely controlling
the environment this farm can produce 60 harvests
a year stacked across four levels. It’s good, actually. It is good. It’s sort of perfect. That’s good, good to hear.
That’s what we aim for. Yeah, except that when I’m eating my
salad, I always like to see those leaves with a little bit
missing where a caterpillar’s had a nibble. There’s not going to be any of that
down here, is there? Not down here. Food production here
is only on a micro scale. So do we need to think
about bigger solutions to feed the world’s
growing population? How much more of the
world’s land surface, if we ignore the damage it does to
biodiversity, could be productive for growing human food? Erm, quite a bit more. I think that’s, that’s the problem. It’s, in a way, the same problem
that we have with oil. We have enough oil to cause yet
more catastrophic damage, so it’s not a finite limits issue
to quite the same extent. It’s about the damage that we cause
by continuing to use it. We’ve got a population of a little
over seven billion people now. What’s going to happen when we get
to ten billion? Can we bioengineer our way
out of this problem just using the space and the soils
that we’ve got at the moment? SHE SIGHS HEAVILY That’s one of the biggest sighs…
There’s no… That’s one of the biggest sighs that
we’ve had making this programme. I think, I think we have
the knowledge to change the way we produce. It’s the,
will we do it and can we do it, and that sense of urgency
and that sense of… Well, what do you think? Erm… I don’t know.

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  1. Don't know why west has been assisting population explosion? What will you do with artificial currency?

    Work on population reduction, right to euthanasia.

  2. It's funny how Europe is worried about this even though they don't even have enough children to keep a decent birth rate.

  3. Also, I am a meat eater, but I have also tried, fried grass hoppers and other bugs at a science museum, it has more protein than beef, pork or chicken, and is easy to grow and control. But most of the modern world wil not touch them

  4. They are doing something similar in the US with pretty good results. Dr Hyman had someone on his show that is growing food in shipping containers to bring local produce to local places. Lettuce and large scale produce is still hard to do.

  5. Global warming is increasing
    Climate change is no more debatable, it exists
    Villages are being depopulated
    Industrial cities being over populated
    Hate crimes rate is rocketing up
    Corruption is on it's optimum point
    Alarming threat of lacking of food resources
    Let's see what's gonna happen????

  6. I love this idea!! 😍
    Where I reside, it's against the rules to plant food outside on the owner's property.
    We need permits from the city, then the okay by the landlord that does nothing but collect rent.
    (mobile home park)
    🏚 🤑
    Trees are going away too, they cut one down and never took out the stump or replaced it.
    So.. hmm.. 🤔
    Well.. 🙄
    I chose to grow my own chives, and succulents, in a tiny window in my kitchen.
    It's not much, but it's the best I can do without going against the set in stone for life, Gods of the Satanic rules.
    👺 📚📑📃
    "Thinking Inside the Box"
    Thank you for reading.
    Love from 💕
    Under a "Flat Rock"
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊

  7. Woow! Scary to see her reaction with that question … seems she knows much more than we really imagine but she just hardly could hold it … are we Doomed? 😕😔

  8. We need to stop using so much land to house cattle and raise food for them. We use a fraction of the land if we raised just non meat products for ourselves. I'm not against meat eating but the explosion of meat being raised in the past century has been ridiculous.
    Raising food indoors might prove necessary die to climate issues, however.

  9. This is straight BS there is enough resources for every human around this world even at 7.7 Billion of us…

    But there is an elite that doesnt want to share…..That is the problem.

  10. Imagine 10 billion people living on this planet….As if 7 billion plus isn't crowded enough. It already feels like a beehive…. Gosh!! Daunting!!

  11. The point is are you willing to change ?🤔 the farmers need to stop making mass amounts of cattle feed that takes up to much land and the biggest is cut back on ever day meat that people consume . Stop making more plastic when theres so much floating in are rivers oceans and plastic needs a permanent place in life , the plastic in supermarkets needs banning all together and wood in homes needs to change into plastic to give are forests a breather and fisheries need to build more stocks instead of taking from are seas and rivers . Money jobs and profits are ruining are world on large scales and we need to help repair are world . So are you willing to change ? 🤔

  12. Just make sure we have an amazing compost system set to create healthy fertilizer dirt!

    I’ve managed to have a apartment sized compost for a year. Even though winter in Canada. I highly suggest everyone start!!

    Just need a bin and a way to keep it open to breathe. Do your compost research for what you can decompose without bugs (green waste and brown waste) Mix daily. The smell of natural healthy dirt is quite pleasing as well!

    *PLEASE BE WARNED, do not add too much green waste without brown waste. It can cause moulding. Adding lots of carbon and mixing thoroughly every 1-3 days depending on how much green waste is added too should fix the problem.

    Try to use equal amounts of both green and brown waste. And if unsure add more brown waste.

    Green waste is more food peels, cores.
    Brown waste is more paper, lawn trimmings.

    Sticks and plant branches do take some time to decompose as well.

  13. this makes sense for i communist countries.. or in north korea where there are famines and droughts… // deserts could have massive bunkers built where saddam did not build them.. nice idea.. thanks for the upload.

  14. start darting 3rd world countries, people on benefit, gettos and people who have got 2 kids already, with sterilising chemicals to stop them breeding!

  15. The current and future food crises are already solved. The only problem is that it is not profitable to feed the people who's lands have been destroyed by capitalist greed.

  16. Ah yes. Another BS claim. The food crisis. Half the world doesn't have enough food. Perhaps they should look into that first.

    Realisticly this isn't a solution for a food shortage on Earth, if there's going to be on. More of an outher space solution. Stop talking fear into easy manipulated people.

  17. The future is brought to you by marijuana growers since the 70's. Also this lady talking about burning oil, like she isnt sitting in an underground bunker running craploads of power for light and ventilation.. 2 things which are abundant for free on the surface.

  18. There is no reasons to open up farms underground. There is soooo much food being wasted every year its unbelievable.

  19. For once someone dares to say "I DON'T KNOW" in this age of false experts.
    Thank you for your honesty ! It gives us all an opportunity to think 🙂 .

  20. Yeah great lets use even more electricity and grow a poorer grade item. Want a real revolution how about we stop designing products to fail and stop throwing away over a third of our food produce each day!

  21. "We're really good at dealing with catastrophy!"
    …Are we? I think it's just that there's so many of us that
    no matter how big the catastrophy, SOME of us are gonna survive.

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