Gutfeld on Hillary’s art exhibit

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  1. I'm really very glad to see this.

    This is not what a serious contender for office does. This is the kind of pathetic thing that a bitter might-have-been does. This is desperation. This is irrelevance on public display.

  2. hilary jus die already n juan is such a dumbass this guy will defend EVERY dumbass demonrat til his grave n twist n turn every negative thing to his so called positve thinking this guy embodies the true term of LOSER!

  3. oh come on Greg you know they killed all their friends she "s not wanted here or Canada so Europe at least not knowing the language she cant tell if they laughing at her so she fill impotent again hey happy birthday anyway it truly is a most wonderful birthday present i agree

  4. Disrespectful to the USA, violated nat'l security, allowed Benghazi Embassy Massacre & covered it up. Then cashes in on it. What nerve. Delusional.

  5. As art, I must say it is missing something.. hmmm, let's see.. Aah, yes. It seems to be missing a prominent splash of bright orange, which should be Crooked Hillary's one-piece!

  6. Wow. Only a few commenters were able to stick to the story w/o blasting Hillary's weight or fashion. So sad. Childish. Ever consider that she can't help a weight gain due to illness? Every single one of you would wear clothing to cover the gain. Childish and cruel to dog on her about it.
    Just wait til your turn. I hope it humbles you.

  7. Hillary was SUPPOSED TO WIN, according to world agenda. She cannot and never will get over her lose. God intervened and stopped this madness from happening.

  8. I would love to hear Juan say why he would take up for & vote for HRC & why he dislikes President Trump so much. He seems likable; eventhough I think he is willingly ignorant about HRC & the dems. I would
    be most interested in hearing him say how he thinks America would look if HRC had become President. It's hard for me to believe he is that ignorant of what she & the Obama administration was & has been doing to take down the USA. I
    would like to hear him say what he thinks America would look like if any one of the Dems were elected in 2020.

  9. That Hillary lover right there that idiot better stop talkin his s*** about the Trump family!! Your beloved no good for nothing Hillary!!! You're just as evil as she is y'all know what man I'm talking about I don't have to say it!!

  10. As usual Juan Williams gets it wrong. Hillary Clinton's emails did not become a big news story for no reason, it became a big
    news story because it is a big deal to mishandle classified information. People have been convicted and sent to prison for
    such crimes. Former FBI Director James Comey came to that conclusion and said so at a press briefing in July 2016. What's
    in doubt now is whether Hillary will be charged and brought to trial, or allowed to walk free like those in a banana republic.

  11. I can't quite get over her wardrobe. Between her hair and pajama top, she presents herself as having just crawled out of bed.

  12. They actually did turn Bill's most memorable moment into Art. Monica's spotted 👗 is displayed in the Smithsonian, and the painting of Bill in the Blue Dress was found in Epstein's Townhouse❣️😂😂😂

  13. They did turn Bill's most memorable moment in the Oval Office into art. The 'masterpiece' just happened to be located on Epstein's Island. Bill looked just lovely in that blue dress and heels. Haha!

  14. She's like HERPES, always coming back at the worst times: anytime!

    …and I would watch this all the time if you put a real man or woman on for the left and not the PILE!

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