Gutfeld: The better Trump does, the more insane the left acts

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  1. Notice the Democrats, can't have the respect, to say President Trump. It's always "Donald Trump" or "Mr. Trump". Shows how childish and unprofessional these Democrats are.

  2. Glenn – you need to go on Joe Rogan's podcast. This will allow your message and research to be heard by a hugely diverse audience. You have great content and research but it is only being heard by conservatives…you need to expand your brand and audience. The media is 90% liberal – you need to find a way to get your message heard without being silenced. PLEASE think about expanding your audience. Honestly, going on Joe Rogan's podcast will greatly help your message to be heard by millions of new and different people of every political persuasion. Must be creative and innovative Glenn – you must think of ways to think outside of the normal "political box", right?

  3. Who else thinks Adam Schiff is basically Charles Logan from 24 lol That's the first thing I thought when I saw his face

  4. Maybe we have a better country but the president sucks. And how insane is it to storm a secure room at the capitol building and eat pizza and break the law by bringing surveillance devices in- when you are supposed to represent the american public?

  5. Fakenews is desperate to support democrats! They have nothing positive to offer us. 19 dem candidates can’t even fill a high school cafeteria.
    Ever see the videographer pan the audience? NO! What amazes me is that, as HILLARY told ABC news “Democrats are stupid, that’s the easy part! If she was honest ( I’m choking on that), she would divulge all her tax records and foundation records and show the world! It won’t happen!

  6. 0:01–0:15 YESSSSSSSSSS✊✊✊✊✊ MY MAN OMG MY MAN. I'm all the way in President Donald Trump's corner & I would fight anyone who try to pull me away.

  7. Tulsi and Jill Stein are Russian assets coming from the lady behind the uranium one deal with the Russians. Go figure. LM f a o

  8. The whole thing is being run by a bunch of demons. The session is closed because normal people are not allowed to see the blood sacrifices.

  9. Have the democrats already forgot about that dirty stinking liar named Hillary Clinton, let alone her perverted Husband Bill the pedophile…Both of them should be in jail!!!

  10. FYI it was Soros who came out in favor of Warren for POTUS saying she was most qualified & of course HRC would know this.

  11. That Hillary riding through Boston yelling, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING. To you Democrats, Paul Revere's midnight ride to alert the colonial militia in April 1775 to the approach of British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord,

  12. Of all Fox News news-people, "G"utfeld is the most "g"enius, "H"annity is the most "h"onest, "I"ngraham is the most "i"ntelligent, and "W"atters is the most "w"itty.

  13. funny how the dems always talk about the Russians… textbook dems style to throw off the real dirty smell….

  14. it's a great day for the United States it's a great day for Turkey
    should be played the last Thursday of this month all day long.
    love it…

  15. Trump has the capacity to be gruff to your face, but he understands that it’s necessary to be gruff to fulfill his presidential mandate. You have to be gruff in order to question the conventional wisdom of Washington DC. Trump would actually criticize Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on foreign policy by pointing to Syria and Libya and saying, “America, is this how you want your tax dollars spent? — ceaselessly nation toppling and nation building overseas? Why not ‘America First’?”

    The swamp creatures of the Beltway prefer duplicity behind closed doors. Coordinating vacation plans with supposed “mortal enemy” political rivals whilst neglecting their constituents.
    You know, lavish respite around the globe, from Copenhagen to the Caribbean; meanwhile, Flint, Michigan still has unusable tap water 🚱, the New York City subway is increasingly impassable, and the streets of California that aren’t smoldering are a biohazard!

  16. Trump is a force of nature. Rolling Thunder. Hell on Wheels. He said Wam Bam an get the hell out Hillary. She is a bonafide but. All the so called smart men who bet there millions on her made a bad bet. All because the knew she could be bought an manipulated. Her on the inside an Bill working the outside. Bad bet guys. So is Biden an Warren. Save your money. The horse to bet on is Tulsi. But she might be to smart for you. An doesn't want to keep wars going. Dam. Not looking good for the Deep State players. Hmm!

  17. The democrats running are either…A) Blithering Idiots. B) Evil as Sin. C) On Drugs. D) or All the Above….. Any answer could be taken to the square root if needed (This is only used to pronounce emotional and mental disgust ).

  18. We invited the french to win the American revolution, and we used it to build the Constitution of the United States. I took an Oath to the Constitution I don't care who helps me uphold it….

  19. They the democrats are trying to divert that they have infiltrated the US for years brainwashing our youth to follow their socialist ways which is a nice word for communism where has that worked kiddo's?

  20. Hillary Clinton is a GOP and Russian asset, she is working for both of the Republicans and the Russians. This was clear in the 2016 elections when she helped solidify President Trump’s successful campaign.

  21. I thought these were suppose to be debates, when do we get to hear what these dip wads plan to do do for the U.S.A. So far all we hear from the Dem/Socialist party, is Trump Trump Trump.

  22. I'm not a hater but, I loathe the Democrats and I thank God for opening my eyes and mouth to share my love of our beloved president Donald Trump #2020👍👍👍👌☺️

  23. “Maybe we have a better president than you”….bahahahahahaha love you President Trump!!!!! KAGA 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!!!

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