Guy Benson: Biden’s ‘total collapse’ fascinating to watch

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  1. From their ridiculous policy positions — to impeaching Trump over an innocuous phone call — to fielding this group of sad-sacks for president, Democrats are proving that they’re completely unhinged.

  2. Democrats must fight apathy otherwise they lose big in november, as of now there's just no reason to get off the sofa for any of these candidates.

  3. Of the ten voters that Smokin Joe had, 4 have defected!! "But i feel encouraged" Only Joe could be this clueless………..

  4. Amy klobushar has not insulted the President as far as I know. That’s probably why the President does not insult her back with a nick name The guy is a descent man and will push back on people that push him

  5. Warren might do OK with the 21 year old Bernie Bro crowd, but middle America is not going to trade a good economy and their 401Ks for big Government nanny Socialism.

  6. Biden's "lackluster" isn't because he's not good at campaigning … fake news – liar liar pants on fire – what is going on in the Ukraine?

  7. Maybe if Warren would sing a rap song in her native tongue, Cherokee. It would give her "campaign" a boost!!! Perhaps weave her message into the lyric's of the song?? No seriously!

  8. Google, you must really be getting the $ from Bloomberg to force him upon us. I don't have any use for Bloomberg and will absolutely not vote for. Absolutely!

  9. I'm not a fan of Amy (not even gonna try the last name) but I will feel sorry for her when Trump runs her off the debate stage in tears.

  10. I believe joe Biden is the first vice president that the out going president doesn't support! this just shows how disgusting the democratic party is! Biden is DOA, he is a bum.

  11. Donald Trump has been a great blessing for progressives, and the current attitude on display on Fox and in the comments is why Bernie will drain the swamp. Two reasons why Trump is such a gift for progressives:
    1. He clearly symbolises and embodies the true dangers of going far right, this is the reason the progressives, the true left, is now stronger that they have been since at least the W. Bush era.
    2. However, his complete lack of work ethic makes him incapable of actually putting any of that into effect. If he were not so morbidly lazy he could have been a true disaster for the left, instead he just functions as a gigantic motivator. He is so caught up in his own reflection in the mirror(twitter and holding feel good rallies) that he has no time left to actually work.

  12. Warren said we were a country already in trouble! She was absolutely CORRECT! We just came out of 8 YEARS of democratic rule, Obummer , remember that! Now we are on a much better and needed road with Donald Trump. 8 MORE YEARS!!!

  13. Pocahontas was bitten by a mosquito recently.

    She is no longer .000001% Native American, in spite of her high cheekbones.

    What a fraud.

    But stupid politicians are elected by stupid constituents and you can’t fix stupid.

  14. Nickname for Amy? How about Lamy (Lamey?) (LAME-EE?) Ah come-on man, i know we can do it. What is your new nickname for Amy?

  15. Biden is a crook and shouldn't be on the campaign trail , Joe and Hunter Biden are felons they strong armed the Ukraine President how come there's not and investigation.

  16. The programs Trump boasts about loudest were initiated by the previous administration. That’s why so many Republicans are leaving the party.

  17. Unfortunately for America the entire Democratic Party has collapsed for them to even think Joe even had a chance tells you what they think of the American public. My uncle will be 81 years old on 25 February he is a retired carpenter and contractor and is about 10 times sharper than Joe Joe has some type of mental issues would be my guess

  18. I don't see where Pete Buttigieg goes from Iowa and New Hampshire, though. I mean, does he really have any appeal beyond those two states, each for different reasons? Buttigieg and Klobuchar both have limited appeal, imo. They're so forgettable and blah… Bernie Sanders and Biden have name recognition and seem like they're both "prime timers" – even though I think they're both hideous and their policies suck. lol But they seem as though they would have the most appeal for Democrat voters.

  19. Biden can barely fill a room with people…and he ends up yelling at his own supporters? Lol! Most Dem canidates face criminal charges, including their 2 sleeper canidates-Hillary and Michelle.

  20. And, Warren's life story seems to contain many lies. Didn't look like anybody in that restaurant today had any interest in talking to Warren.

  21. Buttenjudge.
    Why aren't people going after his homosexuality? Do they really think (still partly white) America will vote in a homosexual for president?

  22. By apologising Mike Bloomberg has presented himself as a sleazy and unreliable person who is prepared to do everything in order to win even to put citizens under bullets

  23. Elizabeth Warren lied about being American Indian to get into Harvard. She is a liar. That is all we need is another lying politician. When she drank her beer from the bottle, that was sickening. She tries to be something homey that she is definitely not. A big fake.

  24. Biden leaving town, not attending his own party for his worker bees, packing up and leaving town for South Carolina for his "1994 Crime Bill was a mistake" tour? Ya think?

  25. be aware America look north to see a social less…pun intended failure……..we have less money in our pockets less say in our government and less time to repair the damage…………yes I am from CANADA…….take heed.

  26. Any candidate that leads in the polls in these times should just pick up their crap and quit. Any person of reason could tell you Biden didn't have a chance.

  27. I thought biden was corrupt and took all this money and now he is broke he got no more campaign money doesnt that proves that Trump was lying .

  28. is it me or all trump friends keep gettin locked up I thought he was gonna lock up all Democrats seems like those trump ppl are pure criminals

  29. Biden…"Mickey Mouse could beat (President) Donald Trump"… Uncle Joey, boy, are YOU GOING TO LOOK RIDICULOUS when 1) You HAVE to drop out of the Presidential Race; 2) When you don't get the Presidential Nomination for your beyond CORRUPT DemonicRAT Party; or, 3) OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP BEATS THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF YOU VIA A HUUUGE LANDSLIDE VICTORY!!! Actually, those ARE your 3 choices; you will be reminded that YOU couldn't do better than Mickey Mouse (I promise). 😎🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. As much as I DISAGREE VEHEMENTLY with the left
    And I disagree with Biden on EVERYTHING
    And yes I'm so conservative I've been accused of being to the right of genghis Khan
    And yes he is after all
    I actually feel sorry for the guy

  31. Dump trump. SAFT Save America Fire trump. Trump’s political hit job on Biden backfired and now trump is impeached and going to be removed I. 2020

  32. How do the Dems not realize that the strategy of “We’re not Trump!” Is only going to get their butts kicked again in November.

  33. This clip had a quote that Biden still was leading Trump by 8 pts. And I have heard others in the legacy media claiming that every single one of the Dem candidates would beat Trump if the election was held today. But, some of those Dem candidates were only taking 1% of the vote compared to other Dem candidates. This is a very unlikely reality. Hillary in 2016 was projected to beat Trump by a wide margin. But, the projected margin was said to narrow, the closer we got to election day. The Dems are simply fixing the polls to avoid the appearance of a collapse. If the Dems can APPEAR to still remain in the race, they may be able to pull their campaign out of the ditch. But their claim that they remain competitive is a pure hoax. They are fixing the polls as they like

  34. It was lie by corrupt democrats that Biden was Trump’s political opponent. The liars forgot about Biden’s real political opponent—BERNIE SANDERS—who is beating Biden like a drum. The Ukraine hoax hurts sleepy Joe, not Trump

  35. Here is a WORD that the democrats need to really learn >>>>>> BE RELEVANT !!!! LOL !!!!! ……… LIKE THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN !!

  36. Its all fixed thats why trump won in the first place . you cowards chose an orange clown over truth by blocking evidence witnesses and im no democrat either .

  37. Amaizing to see 5 people try to pretend any one of these Democrats are worthy and why is it that only one Republican (Trump) is mentioned as the defender. There can be another Republican that thinks he can pick up if we the people just want a different Republican to take from here.

  38. LEADER'S DO NOT TAKE DIVES bernie did! and the dem wits will do anything to get elected! Try not to trip over the body count or at least take the blinders off!

  39. Lol……but in the end it’s all irrelevant and simply giving all involved a paycheck ……Trump has already won this election thanks to Nancy and co.

  40. Warren is the poster child for that drunken old lady next door who thinks she heads the neighborhood HOA. Minding everyone's affairs except her own.

  41. Mind boggling how an old socialist is 'leading the polls' and "Stop and Frisk" Little Mike is buying his way onto the ticket with nothing than spending millions to trash talk Trump. Then you have lying'Pocahontas' Warren and Crazy "Dog faced lying pony soldier Joe" who has lost his mind. The only half sane person might be Amy. I don't think the founding fathers could have envisioned such an assembly of unqualified nuts in their wildest nightmares. Who wrote this script anyways?

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