Hallucinogen Honey Hunters – Hunting Mad Honey – Full Documentary

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  1. I think that girl asked D-bag if He wanted her to carry his ball sack down the hill! friggin light weight G>

  2. Deepak mooches every year to feed is addiction. Deepak is enabled by those who are chill with it. HAHAHAHA Fucking Deepak. He goes on the long walk, hides in the shawl, eats way too much with out having had to do any of the work at all and becomes a source of amusement and a literal headache to his pack humans every year. Deepak needs to go to rehab. I wonder if he goes from tribe to tribe to tribe, he does not seem to live in the village like everyone else. Of course, this is very non Nepalese of me. He seems well enough tolerated while the cameras are recording.

  3. Собакоед мёда обожрался на халяву 🙂 аж замутило . Надо было оставить его в горах .

  4. Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  5. Deepak stay away from LSD ! Wonderful people ! The world needs more people like these. Today is June 2019.

  6. Deepak knows to only consume 3 teaspoon and instead gets a handful. 😡 He's well aware about it. 😣

  7. Gotdamn, that old man carrying Deepak, is one stout sumbitch, and hes doing it with nothing more than a pair of jungle flops on his feet lol..

  8. Simply amazing documentary. Its raw and has shown those honey hunters tradition as real as it can be. Thanks for absolutely amazing work

  9. Hii…im your new subscriber…im balinese…i love your vidio documentary about wild live and tribes….may GOD bless you always..

  10. deepak takes the money and translates
    deepak eat mad honey and regrets
    the honey is not good for deepak
    deepak turned soon into a backpack

    the moral:
    never take a backpack
    on a journey with deepak

  11. Young Maoist would get knocked the F out if it were me. "We don't know what happened to young Maoist. Oh… he fell off a mountainside? TERRIBLE!"

  12. That commie was paid extortion money for the rights to harvest the honey with no trouble from them. I believe that's what he was stuffing in his pack.

  13. Typical Maoist Commie behavior- bullying and interfering with the lives of innocent people just trying to live. No one elected them or even invited their violent control.

  14. So this village has already achieved the Utopia that communism preaches.
    But still, this maoist is trying to impose there rule and this people.
    This people that live in a society where they are looking out for each other, working together for the common good of the people.
    They are not leaching of anyone else, they provide for themselves, mind there own business.
    Of course the communist view this the same way as the view nationalism, and it needs to be crushed.
    Fuck!ng communi$t$!

  15. this is why these lads from Nepal are brave warrior "GURKHA" hey carry heavy load back home then come back and carry there drunk buddy home on fucking sloppy hills fuck me I got mad respect for these dudes

  16. I love what you show us as you travel this is my wish as well . I love the people of different cultures they have so much to teach in ways of how we can live a beautiful simple life and enjoy what mother earth has to offer without destruction of our lands ..

  17. Deadly Dilemmas bought me here, it was taught that consuming the world's hottest pepper is smarter than consuming mad honey.

  18. Hehe,this bozo guerrilla wants to be on YouTube and get a free publicity for his group.Very serene and natural environment with healthy people.watch Fleshoo/FLESHOO1 for more videos.

  19. I think is a good show, nice people, beautiful culture..i love the ritual to the spirit of the woods or forest…good material

  20. To the pure, all things are pure; but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure, but both their mind and their conscience are defiled. They profess to know God, but by [their] deeds they deny[Him], being detestable and disobedient and worthless for any good deed.

  21. I don’t get the sacrifice. You kill a creature of the forest. To be able to safely take something from the forest…. call it what it really is. You brought lunch lol

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