Hannity: Articles of impeachment are an affront to the Constitution

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  2. For my first whiteness, I call Vladamer Putin, questions limited to insurgent infiltration resulting in foreighn presidential assimulation..

  3. Wave .. Upon Wave .. Upon Wave – Of UnRelenting Attacks = Marxist Dem Strategy …

    Prepare for Next President Trump Appointed SCOTUS !

  4. Security forces shall be at the ready to carry out their duty and only security forces with knowledge of their duty shall be tasked. The presidential duties have been obstructed, as well as prime order of presidential powers. Security forces are to act at will to protect the president and Cary out the prime order that which obstruction has created eminent danger. Backup specialized forces shall be present.

  5. Lets get this over and acquit so we can hear what Trump is going to do for us in the next 5 years. I never hear the discussion on how Rad Dems interpret the Constitution, I only hear that its unconstitutional – that passion not reason. When I read history and the federalist papers I don't see a crime, just good governance by the President. I would have taken that call in the same direction, its his job to not roll over with funds, I expect the President to do his due diligence , and he did but did nothing illegal.

  6. If they call witnesses, there will be more documents , etc… it go into the election. In which case I will leave the country.

  7. The specialized forces are to consist of those capable of carrying out the prime objective if the duty of the tasked security forces fails.

  8. The backup forces are not to operate on an at will basis, and shall act with integrity in regard to TIA. Including and beyond the scope of tasked security.

  9. Give everyone a gun, and you get shootings. Give no one social security and you will get a lot of homeless people, drugs abuse and imprisonment. If you don't rely on facts, your government will get corrupt. Everybody understands those basic things.

  10. This is implemented to maintain security during a time when politics and truth , politics in place of truth, etc. And shall be implemented in lue of the president's ability to act on the prime objective due to political accusations, that pose eminent threat to life and liberty,

  11. Lefty is in the arena. All the non-factual fools line up and tell your lies.
    You can't think pragmatically when your emotions hold dominion over your intellect.
    Democrats would do well to learn this valuable lesson.

  12. Everyone is totally missing the point of what McConnell is trying to doing.

    Republican senators are not trying to “cover up” for Trump at the trial, it’s too late for that because there’s almost nothing left to cover up. Everything has come out and the evidence is damning against Trump. And McConnell doesn’t care if Americans watch the trial or not.

    What McConnell is doing is setting up a scheme by which the Republican senators (as senator jurors) can find Trump “not guilty” despite the evidence showing his guilt, and to acquit him without the senators technically breaking the law themselves because they can’t deliberate and give a not guilty verdict of the evidence shows he’s guilty.

    You see, in a court, you can only deliberate and reach a verdict (guilty or not guilty) on the evidence that has been admitted to trial. Judges explain that to jurors all the time, that they can only deliberate based on the evidence which was presented at trial. Jurors can’t take into consideration any evidence that wasn’t admitted or was deemed inadmissible.

    Trump is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. All the evidence from the congressional hearings and the new evidence since then, including Parnas’ and the GAO ruling Trump violated the law, is all water right against Trump to secure his conviction. And therein lies the problem for Republican senators.

    The real reason Mitch McConnell is trying to exclude all the evidence is because if the evidence is successfully prevented from formally being admitted into the trial stage, the Republican senator jurors can technically find the defendant “not guilty” on the evidence available at trial.

    It is a scheme to save the senators from breaking the law when they acquit Trump of something he is guilty of. Otherwise, they would be breaking the senate impeachment trial oaths that they swore and signed.

    This needs to be explained to everyone on every news network to shame the senators into doing the right thing, to get at least four Republican senators to vote to allow evidence and witnesses.

  13. Yeah and so far the defense has not been able to call one witness! But that's what socialists do: 1st take away your rights then take away your guns then they take away your lifes.

  14. Creepy Newsboy Hannity is such a FAILURE….and complete loser/liar…you sicken people watching…Your a Doofus!!!!
    put your brown nose back up trumpo the clowns.__

  15. The impeachment is merely an indictment. The evidence supporting that indictment is examined by the Senate. If the evidence is weak the Senate can acquit based on lack of evidence. The House had the responsibility to gather ALL the evidence necessary to make their case. It only shows incompetence on the part of the House to want to call witnesses now that could have been called during their hearings. Clear enough!

  16. How can an uneducated fool like hannity ever get to where he is at?He is a sniveling punk boy for trump who has around the same IQ.

  17. Someone should tell Adams family the senate is not the house and should of legally follow steps to serve subpoena correctly.
    For him to say kets have Bolton and others in Senate is not house where they should of did their job in the house.

  18. Youtube Fox 10min32s Vid with 2.30min then 5.30min then 2.11min ad followed by 4.48min Man Soap AD. 2min still on Fox Vid Youtube don't want us watch Fox news here? It is it Conservatives not wanted?

  19. DEMOCRATS ARE BRINGING Back SLAVERY! guns then camps for reeducation! their power will give them a way to restart us as slaves. calling it democratic socialism! fake news is already slaves. do nothing democrats will have have us doing the work.

  20. Don't worry Sean. The divider in Chief is going to fix it by sending out a whiny tweet in the middle of the night about how unfair the world is.

  21. If he did nothing wrong, hold the trial and shut up about it. If there is nothing to hide and he did nothing wrong, why are the republicans trying so hard to squash evidence and witneses? And if he broke the law, it is not ok just because he is your candidate.

  22. The majority of the people know that you're lying Sean Hannity.
    You're not fooling us.
    Why don't you take all the countless millions that you've made slinging this propaganda and go buy an island somewhere?
    Did you people know that Sean Hannity Makes 33 million dollars a year the last time I checked?

  23. But NK China n Russia don’t want him out… they can still tweek the numbers to edge him over … again because he’s asked them and he has held open the door for them… again … I see Ivanka will inherit the dictators seat on down the line with his base working harder and harder to stay alive like North Koreans do today .. as their ‘republican leadership’ continues it’s path becoming tyrannical dictators as we see in so many countries now… sadly… it’s very very bad for our kids.

  24. LOL,..Hannity still pushing his conspiracy theories. Hate to tell you even IF Biden was guilty of something it doesn't excuse Trump's actions.

  25. Maxine Waters Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrats and some of the trade or Republicans in the media will be held before the court of God Almighty..And When He Gives His Finale Say ON YOUR LIFE..IT WILL BE FINAL And The End Of You

  26. What do you have to hide? Apparently EVERYTHING! And no matter what happens he’ll still be known historically as an Impeached President. Can’t change THAT.

  27. All the News outlets are making it look like Trump is losing and is going to be impeached! Our votes count my fellow proud Americans we need to take down these evil people…NOW!

  28. hananitty, you are the Biggest Hack in all of ALL TIME, You are soo full of Crap the crap comes back up out of your mouth. more crap and flatulence comes out your mouth than what goes down toilets in all of America in 1 day, no wait in a year. You live in a fart bubble totally devoid of all truth and honesty. you make-up more crap knowing ignorant morons will believe it.

  29. The articles are an affront to civilized humanity. But then, the dems and their media hacks wouldn't understand that, being neither human nor civilized.

  30. Do the EPSTEIN 1.



  31. Didnt Ukraine have weapons Im sure before tax payers money was sent there at end of fiscal year which was due Sept 30 2019.
    Theaes Demons are relentless.
    So sick of them.
    And if that many Ukraine died as they say while waiting.
    Isn't there Americans as well.
    I think their liar about the15000 they say died .

  32. Show the documents, let the witnesses be questioned! If there is nothing to hide why are they trying so hard to hide it!!

  33. This is 100% brainwashing propaganda. I cannot believe so many of you have been fooled by bad people. You all should be ashamed.

  34. Go back and watch what schiff nadler and nacy said during the Eric holder trial.. complete opposite of what they are saying today!! You might Hate Trump but these people are wrong and they are not following the constitution (read it for yourself

  35. Despite the fact that a crime per se is not required to impeach a president, it is worth noting that the GAO report did state that the President's withholding of the aid was in fact unlawful. It's also a little rich of Hannity to say the house didn't do their job getting witnesses during their hearings, given that the President ordered people not to testify… hence obstructing the investigation. Same thing happening now. Nothing says "innocent" like refusing to cough up documents or allow witnesses.

  36. Don’t let your dislike of trump make you blind to what Joe Biden has done. It’s not a Rep vs Dem issue, this guy stole from all of us! Are we really made some other country didn’t get more of our tax’s ?

  37. They should start FOX News every night with the " RUSSIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM " !!!!! Since, they are taking their marching orders from Russia anyway !!!

  38. Modern day demonrats are like modern day communist provocateurs not Constitutional Americans, still pissed off at losing the election in 2016. 4 years of constant haranguing, pure nonsense baseless accusations what a waste of time and tax payers expense.

  39. You need to see this in context: Communism & socialism are with emphasis on things that are other than what sets the US apart from other nations, the US constitution. The Democrats don't have any respect for constitutional ideals, never did. This making up unfair & bias rules of justice is their true nature, not by political emphasis, but by a compromise of both intelligence and integrity. Every time I hear a Democratic leader attempt to explain why Trump is guilty, you never hear them quote any facts. Liars never quote facts. What is that word you always hear being stated during trial proceedings? Irrelevant! That's all any Democrat can muster, irrelevant statement after irrelevant statement. Never once have I heard any Democrat say anything I could call other than irrelevant. I've always been a Democrat, but not after this experience.

  40. How dare he say such a lie! Our Senate and presidency are compley corrupt by foreign powers. Our system of checks and balances aren't working. Sad day.

  41. Conservatives, say the word Socialism, spitting it out as if Democratic Socialism leaves a bad taste. The public watch, conservatives attempts to hide the truth of corporate exploitation, in the scapegoats demonized as enemies. Doing this, our government lead by Democrats or Republicans, protect corporate interests with endless war and secret coups, under the guise of national security. We never are told the back story of who and how these wars create refugees, who started these wars to protect U.S. corporate interests. We are told propaganda of evil leadership in far off lands, the result, U.S.Government continue to put troops in harm's way.

    Home to, natural resources, and slaves forced to unearth profits, Nations directed to comply with U.S. companies offer the American public security. The American public, promised personal gain if aggression and violence is made law. The result is, less and less of the few enjoy the luxury of living within the American Dream.

    As the public pays, with money and their lives.

  42. So we now know if you commit a crime just run for president and you can't be investigated because you can claim you are a political opponent and can't be investigated.

  43. Overwhelming evidence against Trump. His defense attorneys can’t dispute the facts. Trump’s corruption makes Nixon look like a parking ticket. Remove from office.

  44. We want witnesses Republican and Democratic this a sham and McConnell needs to step down every one was allowed in the house Sciff room Hannity Stop tell us the truth do not start lying let witnesses in people call in and tell our Senators we want witnesses

  45. I think I'll listen to the majority of experts on the constitution instead of Sean and a man who SAYS he kept his underwear on.President Trump needs
    Ukraine to be the one who interfered in 2016 so he can dump sanctions left on Russia, that is Putins' plan and sorry but Trump has to do what Putin wants,
    he has no choice because he owes Russia and Putin owns him, that's why you need to get him out and pick another Republican for President. Who, anywhere
    else in this world would want to become cyber crime partners with someone who just hacked into your electrical grid and elections ( and whatever else? )Let's
    be honest, he wan't looking into corruption ( Maria Yavonavitch was trying to ) and he didn't ask the US to look into it.

  46. Not even fox news or any other media is connecting Epstein with political members ever heard of spiritual cooking that's what dems do

  47. BALD-FACED LIAR HANNITY: is lying when he said the Articles of Impeachment brought by the Democrats are an "affront" to the Constitution. HANNITY IS AN AFFRONT TO THE TRUTH.

    The Constitution clearly stipulates that a POTUS can be removed from office for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors." Trump has committed hundreds of high crimes and misdemeanors since he took office on 01/20/17.

    He has been making money off of his vast interests and businesses all over the world because he refused to divest and place his assets in a "Trust." He makes people pay him for access and favors.

    He committed ten (10) acts of obstruction of Justice as outlined in the Special Counsel Report. To date, he continues to obstruct the impeachment process by refusing to allow anyone in his administration to respond to congressional subpoenas or to provide any documents.

    To date, not one single document has been turned over to Congressional committees. He is a criminal, Russian conspirator and is being aided and abetted by Sean Hannity, et. al. and the Republicans.

    History will reveal that these traitors failed America during its time of need and to protect our democracy from a totally corrupt administration.

  48. The whole thing stinks to high Heaven! Trump should do the honorable thing… disband his Cabinet, ask for Barr's and Pence's resignations and step down himself! Nancy Pelosi should then take control of the Office of the Presidency and call for snap elections! Only then can America move forward and come together as a Democratic Nation! Let's all pray that can happen! 🙏 Do what's best for the Nation Mr. President and step down! Praise God! 🙏


  50. I am a democratically leaning individual. I listen to both sides of the media and while some people are obviously biased one way or the other…….Sean Hannity makes my tailbone cringe and go "Uh-oh, we're not safe". He is one scary dude.

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