Hannity: Biden’s family was allegedly profiting off his powerful position as VP

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  1. What would you call trump constantly traveling to his own resorts at taxpayer expense? Do you remember when trump promised he would be too busy to golf? And now he has the audacity to promote his failing Doral resort as the location as the next G7.

  2. Its amazing what these rat bastard
    Will do for money and power
    Not human beings with any soul
    Spawn of satan
    Sold their souls
    It not going to pretty for this creatures

  3. Biden is not hiding his nepotism, so why not prosecute him for laws broken? I guess if you're well connected, then it's OK. But we are not china!

  4. Are you kidding? This is OBVIOUS. As it’s OBVIOUS families of HARRY REID, Feinsteins, Pelosis, Kerrys, Obamas, ON AND ON AND ON- they MUST ALL be INVESTIGATED & IMPRISONED or EXECUTED💰🍸✈️💵💶💎🗳🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀💥🔨

  5. No No Bernie,This People Are Criminals, Why Aren’t They In Jail, We Don,t Want Corrupt Criminals In Power, 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Biden is just biding time running from the law.The Nut ward is waiting for him to show who is naked by the pool of morons running against him as DEMO_RATS.

  7. and the demorats are worried about someone renting a room in one of trumps hotels,whatever they acuse someone of doing they are doing!

  8. We have seen VP Joe Biden's tax returns for years. Honorable, politicians do that. Always, have. What say you……Hanity?

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  10. Absolutely disgusting, Hannity said he was besties wth the Demoncrat liar and cheat DONNA BRAZIL. I WILL NO LONGER WATCH THE TRAITOROUS HANNITY. FOX=CNN

  11. Great deflection by Hannity to take attention away for dementia patient and fake president who has personally benefited by millions since installed in WH and now fake president wants to hold 2020 G7 at his resort bedbugs and cockroaches are included free of charge. Fake president stated he would not be involved in day to day business dealings involving any of his interests or properties. The ultimate lie and not only has directed overseas leaders and his staff to stay at properties owned by fake president but has taken more time off than any other president in history. Please, would someone put him out of his misery and save US from further humiliation.

  12. Did anyone see the article in the New York Post today about ilhan Omar and her ongoing affair with her political consultant Tim mynett his wife filed for divorce today dr. Beth mynett it's been alleged that ilhan has paid his consulting firm E Street consultants over $230,000 and they've been having been having an affair since April


  14. Biden looks terrible. I'm thinking it's his clone that's out roaming around while the real Joe is behind bars awaiting sentencing.


  16. Joe is to old! He could not handle all the responsibilities of being president! I’m just saying the truth!

  17. I m pretty sure the Democrat will be gone, yes he forget where he was and he may forget to go on the plane and missed it. Haha that because he has dementia problem, he getting worst almost every day he need a lot of sleep. Im sure President know Joe pretty well who is easy tired.

  18. It's okay don't worry Trump will have to face Bernie Sanders. The real candidate the no one is talking about.

  19. Shut up and let them talk.
    You are so impressed with hearing yourself.
    I am so tired of hearing the same thing over again.
    Your rhetoric bores me

  20. "Like I said … if this is how the Dims treat Uncle Joe … then do ya really think they give a FCK about your grandma !"

  21. See how they work it's not what you know it all about who you know …..this is crazy why is he not held accountable for this…MAGA 2020

  22. Hannity you and Fox have until 2020 when it all crashes you and Trump. Look at 2018. Trumps under water in every pole. He doesn't stand a chance. His taxes are coming out soon and how he gets his money. It's a crime by having Deucha bank gives him huge amounts of money cosigned by 2 billionaires from Russia who are connected to Putin. Trump is going more insane for he knows it's coming how he gets his money when no bank will lend him any because of his bankruptcies except Duetcha. He will lose in 2020 by a landslide and then go to prison. No childish name calling please

  23. But Insannity is okay if Trump openly wants the G7 leaders to cuddle up with bedbugs at one of his failing golf resorts.

  24. This Fox page is just childish silly name calling. Since Trump has no policies and his base are ready uneducated there is nothing else to say 5th grade name calling. I got my laughs at you people now call me a childish name.

  25. Stfu you piece of crap. We are astounded at the hypocrisy of you people. We all feel that you are so naive and really are anti-American. You allow a man to constantly lie and could care less what he says or what he does. Every single I day I check Faux to see if ANYTHING other than about 5 topics are discussed. Never do they discuss actual policy because if you all knew you would cry like the snowflakes you are. Ignorance is bliss and denial does not give you traitors a free pass. Move to Russia.

  26. Can't people realize that Biden is suffering from DEMENTIA? He has noticeable symptoms.
    Do you want an old, late 70s dishonest and afflicted creep to be leader of the free world?

  27. Biden is a pervert, pedophile, crook, liar, completely delusional, dangerous, and evidently told his wife to swallow and now she's telling America we need to swallow. What a fraud. And he's senile. Did I leave anything out???

  28. How is this man, such an obvious Pedophile and sexual monster he cant keep his hands off of females, no matter their age, but preferably kids, still be relavent beggars belief. LOCK IT UP FFS!

  29. ALL those names calling on the DEMS and TRUMP apologists, voters and these FAUX NEWS talking heads exalt TRUMP as a sage and saint. What about TRUMP showing his tax returns first and let us compare those with the DEMS'.

    DEMS are never perfect persons but at least they won't say vulgar things like grab the ladies by the xxxxx like TRUMP and paying hush money to XXXXX and then denied it.

  30. Hannity, Are you saying Donald Trump's family isn't profiting off of the U. S.  Presidency  ?????? Sean Hannity is such a hypocritical devil …………….

  31. It's gonna be sanders or warren, I want biden for the nomination. Trump would smash him. Worry a bit about the other 2. Warren cuz some woman want that 1st female prez. no matter what her agenda, and sanders has had many supporters through the years. I seriously want biden!

  32. Good job, Hannity… trying to deflect onto Biden when Trump just said he wants to have next years G7 at his resort…personally, and illegally, profiting from foreign officials…or how AG Barr just booked a party for 30k at Trumps place too… good to see our taxes going to good use…

  33. And Trump hotels in Washington and New York are profiting on his being president as world dignitaries are staying in them to gain favor with the administration. They're all crooked – let's not fool ourselves and think it's just on one side of the isle.

  34. Federal Reserve is Panicking ordered by Rothschild not to drop Interest rates. Interesting To meddle in our elections. 🤣😝😂 They really are stupid.

  35. Joe Biden blood families involved in abuse of Government positions and stole American Propreitory Information and invested in China-India-Europe communist hindutva nations. Why Joe Biden allowed $150,000,000,000 USD liquid cash to Iran PROCESSED by Barack Hussain Obama? What enrichment process is Iran making out of Obama liquid currency?

    Liquid currency manipulation like China involves in printing currency.

  36. Who Cares Trump Has 2020! I just hope the left keeps up their Brilliant Tactics used over the last 3 years! LIES! I Want Them GONE FROM MY LIFE COME 2024! Vote Dumboldcraps Out FOR GOOD 2020-2024!!!

  37. Hunter Biden is a loose canon … and his dad is his enabler. But Hunter's questionable business dealings with Ukraine, and Uncle Joe's inappropriate use of US aid money as an extortion weapon to stop an investigation into a company Hunter was working for have been known for a long time … WHY HASN'T ANYTHING BEEN DONE ABOUT IT?

  38. LoL allegedly. I think anyone with above 70 iq can see Biden’s demagoguery. The left just refuses to admit it.

  39. Biden is a criminal. He took part in a pay for play deal. If Kerry's son dropped out of the deal, it must have been terrible.His bragging makes me sick, and the laughter made me even sicker.

  40. LIARS !!! the american people are struggling because fox news has fooled them for many years !!! as a european/american, I am appalled at all their lies !! fox news is you enemy stupid !!! they are paid millions to misinform and to lie to you !

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