Hannity: The American people are the ultimate jury

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  1. Be good to know how many abortions Trump has paid for, either for his licentious and profligate self or his dissolute sons.

  2. i find this map illustration to be fodder as well because its looks more like a construct creation like race rather than an actual map.

  3. The American people are the ultimate jury. Exactly. A lot of what we see is just old time whites who think they own America and that "we" ie them, should go back to the America of the Beach Boys and the Brady Bunch!

  4. A powerful government is only harmful if based on a system of either oligarchy or dictatorship. Direct democracy is the best way to have a strong country that caters to the needs of everyday citizens, and in order to have such, we must have a large government. Don’t worry about a big government, worry about administrations and big corporations that honor currency over civilians for they are the ones that lead to a corrupt government.

  5. FAKE NEWS PEOPLE! FOX SPLICED SCHIFF"S WORDS! Deceptive! Especially for those who won't actually watch the real trial! And what happens when the truth emerges? Im afraid we'll all end up shock and awed and we'll end up even more divided as Americans. Be clear on this Im a Republican – A Trump voter, but I don't like FOX offering me a fake summary when Im watching the actual trial!

  6. How hilarious would it be if President Zelensky timed his White House visit for this week, and called into Congress to testify that there was no quid pro quo? What Democrat would dare accuse President Zelensky of lying?

  7. N what amazes me is , they allow him to keep going with his story telling. WHY? No objections , just sit back n let him go…lol

  8. Most of the red portions of that map is farm land, swamps, desert, and forest. The blue portions are where most of the people live. And, BTW, there are more Democrats than Republicans in the U.S.A.

  9. Representative Nadler's accusation that Republican Senators are voting for a cover-up is judgmental, hurtful, and completely accurate.


  11. I think Hannity means the electoral college will be the ultimate jury. If the American people were the ultimate jury, we wouldn't have had President Trump in the first place.

  12. The democrats have not proved their case to impeach .. but .. if the ulterior motive is to keep trying to undermine and devide America and lay it waste ( LA.Baltimore) and ruin our lives .. then they have a good start .. how ever as long as no democrat gets elected ( so far there are no presidential standard candidates .(. just wanna-be).. and we keep President Trump as our President.. we will keep an even keel .. ya na !

  13. Allow the evidence. Allow the witnesses. Stop the gaslighting. Give a fair trial. Reason? If you do and Trump is found innocent, Democrats are destroyed in 2020.
    Now the flip…if he is guilty or the trial is a obvious sham, which it appears to be the case, Trump may be acquitted, case dismissed or found innocent but the people will see him as guilty and Republican Statesmen as Corrupt for shielding him. Innocent people don't withhold and obstruct as it will only aid and exonerate them. This will result in Democrat dominated house and Senate. That flag, will be blue. Love him or hate him, Trump already hung himself. Need to pull your head out the pumpkin folks 😉, see the big picture.

  14. Why is a news anchor pushing a poltical agenda? i thought News was supposed to be somewhat impartial. America has truely become a 3rd world country. Best Regards Denmark.

  15. This guy Hannity is a straight ladder it was all type of evidence out there they put out there today people on Fox News Devil's I don't know how you sleep at night

  16. John, why did you keep playing along with him with the elders that’s how they get people to believe the lies is constant repetition and then got an audio and that audience just listen and listen and they lie and they lie and pretty soon every lie this selfie comes to some people psychological impairment.

  17. The president could save the life of a child jumping out of a burning building and the leftist media would still find a way to condemn him.

  18. I hope trump makes out so I can vote for him …..nothin but Democratic candidates on tv bring on the Republican party!!

  19. Trump is on trial by the Senate. And, when two-third of voters want witnesses & documents, the GOP Senators are also on trial by the people. So yes, the ultimate jury is the people indeed. Shifty Schiff did an exceptional job today, there were even some GOP Senators saying that like John Kennedy during break and Lindsay Graham shook his hand at the end saying "Good job".

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  21. Thanks for putting the truth and clarity out there so everyone can see what is really being said and done….what some people want to do to our country is Alarming!!!! I hope all of us in America wake up and stand up and protect our country from going into socialism.

  22. Sean are you so naïve as ignorant of the call Steve it’s accountability act passed in October 1996 HR 3166.Check that one out and you will see why they lie and lie and lie it’s a good old boys club in conjunction with the ninth District Court confirming it’s perfectly legal to lie without going to jail!. Why aren’t you declaring and shouting from the roof tops this horrendous mockery of our constitution to the American public?

  23. Aside from being the biggest liar in the swamp, I heard from the grapevine, that he is also a part-time pheodo. The corrupt FBI is his biggest supporter, thus, no investigation because they belong to the same club.

  24. Lying with knowledge of this crime, all will face justice. The proof is undeniable, there was an abuse of office, and the Republican party has done more for Russia than America since Trump was elected, then call Democrats communists. The lies end today.

  25. Oh my god, adam schiff is totally unhinged. My strong suggestion is to rent this criminal a padded room. Just look at his eyes, this looney lier is so full of partisan hate for our great president, he is sin sick. Adam schiff needs an intervention…..and very soon. Vote trump 2020. Keep america first. Drain the swamp in washington. Adam schiff is part of that swamp.

  26. "The American people are the ultimate jury". Yes, that is correct. Trumpov and his enablers in both houses will be voted out!

  27. There is no evidence of Nothing, everything is false, this accusation has no basis, the defense of the President has shown in the Senate, very well the team defending the President, there was nothing wrong, there was no abuse of power, nor did he put endangered the security of the country, all this is false and is part of an attempt to take a coup but is failing, this plot of the coup has been planned before the 2016 election, they already knew they were going to lose, Now the US Senate will reject it, 2020 you have to vote for Republicans. The Republican Party is the Party of the United States of America, vote Republicans 2020, TRUMP 2020, MAGA 2020

  28. Your right Hannity, the people will decide, and you and the rest of enablers of the orange stain will go down in a screaming heap. Your knuckle dragging supporters need to watch other news than disgraceful fox news. What you have just reported is totally false.

  29. Hey Hannity we the people will get the last laugh when we vote the DemonRATS out of office and Trump gets another 4 years

  30. "I Nancy Pelosi solemnly swear to continue to take the Alzheimer medication provided to me by the secret doctor in Washington DC. in order to keep my brain functioning and complete my goal to place a Cabal subservient tyrannical Democrat in the Oval Office of the White House, but meanwhile, please accept this commemorative "Impeach Trump Pen" which will remind you of our daily quest.

    Makes it legal to lie, keep out of jail card
    Passed October 1996

    Makes it legal to lie, keep out of jail card
    Passed October 1996

  33. Hahaha!!!😂😂😂
    Soo true!
    This guy Schiff is indeed mad and must be locked up in a mental institution. But, why is this dirty guy immune from criminal prosecution?

  34. “ Gerald Nadler, I’ve known him a long time, He’s a Sleeze Bag , everybody knows that “ 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  35. Everyone on here should be ashamed. This man is putting young men and women in danger. American young sons, daughters, aunt's, uncles, brothers , sisters , fathers and brothers. Playing with money that is for them. While they are being killed for our freedoms. None of you care. A bunch of sick people. Call me what you want. You are the same people who want to be all sad when a troop dies. Acting like you care. I won't argue a thing. I'm not asking questions. Let me get off of Lucifer's page

  36. Adam Schiff please worry about fixing the homeless crisess and potholes in the american roads instead of this liberals democratic non sesense.

  37. Testimony and documents = the truth. We the public are watching calling names is a bully move. Don't worry about the vote minority independent woman will see you at the polls

  38. Niccolo Machiavelli was a 14th-15th century philosopher who stated "politics and morals have no relation." Nothing has changed

  39. Stand up for Trump Stand up for America Stand up for God and Jesus Crist. Stand up America get rid of this shame from the Democrats that has wasted tax payers money on this impeachment joke if you don't Stand for America Get Out

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