Hay Day Dairy News: Valley Quick Guide!

Hi! Welcome
to the new episode of Dairy News, special update edition. The epic new Hay Day update is out now! We’re so excited to get you
to experience the Valley. I’m here to give you
the basics of how it works. DAIRY NEWS The big new board on the farm
is the Valley board, available for all players
level 25 and up. The Valley opens up in Seasons
with a start and an end date. Whenever a Valley Season is ongoing,
there’s a poster on the board. Just tap on it, and get ready
to drive through the Valley. In the Valley, you play with your truck.
So do other players. Those trucks can be your neighbors’
or random players’, either from other neighborhoods,
or just solo players. There are always
tens of players in the Valley. To move your truck, you need fuel. You get one free fuel spin
every 24 hours. You can also get extra spins
by completing sun activities. You get three activities each day
to do on your farm. You can complete them as many times
as you want during the day. You can also sneak a peek
at tomorrow’s activities. Once you have fuel,
you can start exploring. Drive to buildings
and fulfill their requests. Requests can be either orders, where they ask
for things from your farm; deliveries, where they give you a crate, and ask you
to drive it to another building; or group orders, where they ask you and
other farmers for things from the farm. If you fulfill requests,
you get tokens. Remember them from a previous episode? The red, green and blue tokens,
used to buy items from the Valley shop. The Valley shop brings
new items every season. It has two sections.
In the regular section, you can find items like expansion materials,
puzzle pieces and boosters. These items unlock every few days. You can only buy each item once. In the exclusive section, you’ll find
an exclusive Valley decoration, a pack of diamonds,
and a bundle of three 5-star boosters. They become available
when the season ends, and only if you collect enough chickens. You can collect chickens
from the road stops, from group order requests, and from the daily quest rewards. Also, there are daily quests
that you can complete. They’re all related
to things you do in the Valley. After 24 hours, the quests change,
and if you complete enough of them, you get mystery boxes
from the daily quests rewards. Here are some important Valley tips. The map is really big,
and you can’t explore it all in one day. Use your fuel wisely. Your token wallet has a limit. If you fill it up,
you can’t collect more tokens, but that’s a good time to buy items
from the regular shop section. When the season starts,
look at the exclusive shop section. Plan ahead. Save the tokens
for the item that you really want. Unused tokens will not be
available the next season. Your wallet is always empty
when a season starts. Sometimes your truck breaks down. If it does, other farmers can drive by
and help you repair it. If you see another truck broken down,
drive by and help them. You’ll get tokens in return. That’s it for the quick guide
to get you started. Tell us what you think
in the comments. We hope you enjoy the Valley. Remember to like this video. We’ll see you on the next episode
of Dairy News. Bye!

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  1. Is the valley never clear from cloud? I mean if i go to a house, the previous one gets cloud.. It's not possible to memorise the whole map i guess..

    Do i need to collect whole 50 chickens within a season? Or it has life time validity?

  2. Game is Very GOOD and Nice Tank For You ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ and Viadeo is Good 😀😇😇😇😇😍😍😍

  3. Truck breaks down alot..too many clouds covers more the half the map…Always running out of fuel…No Valley playing for me.

  4. Its amazing but you'll having a hard time to get a fuel very expensive if you dont have a fuel you cant explore the valley and get some rewards so you will stocked so sad…

  5. SI ME gusta el valle pero se gasta mucho combustible ⛽ hay que ver como no gastar tanto o como conseguirlo mas fácil

  6. Привет! Очень долго готовится запрос в долине, исправьте пожалуйста

  7. Is it just me or does the valley seem a little futile. I mean we are not getting any experience points and it seems like a lot of work to get a few expansion materials. It would be so much more awesome if we got some experience point (does not have to be a lot)

  8. Personally I'm not a fan. Sorry. Hay day is my favorite game, but I dont like this new addition. It takes forever to get gas and you use it too fast trying to get place to place. The deliver goods to another building wasnt very clear as to which building the items need to be delivered to. Not to mention the daily tasks that say they will regenerate after 24hrs has been regenerating on mine about every 2 hours. So I'm hesitant to try and complete the tasks when I dont know exactly when it's going to change on me again.

  9. يابه لا تبقون كل شويه تحديث والله لعبان نفس الفقره الي ظيفوه ضبطوع ع الاخر يلع تظيفوه ع اللعبه لا تكفرونه عمي

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  11. trop nulle cette vallée, trop d'informations en même temps. des poulets, des jetons, des pannes , des quêtes, des et des et des…..grrrrr!

  12. Tá tudo muito confuso no Vale. Sobre essas caixas, tem muita coisa que não consigo entregar ou pegar. Tem que explicar melhor como funciona essas caixas

  13. During the trial I never saw another truck. I look forward to that when it's really up and running. It was frustrating to be only able to move up to 9 spaces, at the most. I hope the opportunity to spin increases to at least twice a day at some point. I did manage to earn more turns but one of the tasks that could earn up to 20 suns was completing a derby task… But the derby wasn't running that day! I hope that's one of the bugs you fix soon.

  14. منو عنده لعبة Hay day يجي معي اعطي سنابي آو انستا لكي نستطيع النضمام اله العبه ❤️😚

  15. The New area really looks exciting. I just can't wait to learn all about it and add it to my super Hay Day, day….

  16. I’m level 119. I find it boring with not enoughbig enough rewards to bother with it -especially during a derby! Ugh!
    Kill that fuel system. Nobody can grow that much lettuce (referencing season 1) and still keep the daily farm running, much less accomplish derby tasks!
    So far? It’s as big of a fail as the hill people

  17. This is the reason why i like supercell, they update games even tho not that many people play, insted of forsaking it

  18. بعد كم ساعة ينفتح الوادي بس اتمنى لو تخلون الوقود مفتوح يعني واحد براحتى يلعب بل وادي 😭💔

  19. What if drive all the way out for an order and don’t have enough stuff do I have to come back another time and also what if run out of fuel before I make it home is the Hay Day triple A

  20. اضافه حلوه وجديده
    بس إلي نريده والأهم هو الماس ومواد تطوير
    المخزن مجاي نكدر نحصلهم بسهوله 😑😑
    ياريت تلكونه حل او اضافه بخصوص هالشي وشكراً 😊😊

  21. Please answer me, why am I alone in the valley? I cannot see nearby trucks, just far away trucks…

  22. What if you can't get into the valley. What if the game won't let you like mine won't let me get into the valley? I'm level 27.

  23. hello admin, my name is lộc. i come from vietnam. i know hayday will not support in my country and now i don't see it in chplay. you answer if i fake ip different country i can play contrinue. i have supercell id. thank for listening.

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  26. ياجماعة احتاج المساعدة في عندي مشكلة عندي مزرعتين على نفس الجهاز

  27. Once the season ended I opened my farm and just collected the tokens and because there wasn't valley anymore I could shop and I worked so hard to collect chickens as well and unlock the exclusive shop you guys should made the shop available a few hours after the season ending or gave a timer or something

  28. This game is so greedy
    It shows chicken once in a while close enough to finally reach, but then the damned truck breaks "accidently". By the time it gets fixed, chicken is gone, just like that.

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