Headlines: Therapy Animals for Finals Week

My name is Pixie Sohn. This is my dog
McKay. I’m Karissa Howe. I’m Terry Wiezorek. We are volunteers with Animal
Friends TheraPets program. I have my cat Beatrice with me and her nemesis Julius is here as well, behaving himself as poorly as usual. I’m Carrie Snell. I work for the University Center for Teaching and Learning as a
program coordinator for events and workshops. This week we’ve had therapy
animals come to the Cathedral to help out with the students who may be having
a little bit of stress due to the finals. I’m Yanet. I’m a sophomore here at Pitt
majoring in neuroscience. I have a final today so just trying to finish studying
for that. My name is Evan. I’m a junior here at Pitt. I study electrical engineering and it’s finals week so you know it’s the worst. I wake up with a
headache every morning. The main thing we want to do is help them relax
for their tests and I’ll say to them just remember this moment in the middle
your test. Just envision petting McKay when you’re stumped and I think they’re
all keeping their eyes on the prize of a break and a successful conclusion to
their semester. I know when I see students you kind of watch their
shoulders start out they’re studying, they’re tense, they see a cat and they just kind
of melt. Kitties. Yes, I want to pet the kitties. You watch
them petting and it feels really good to know, hey just by showing up with my cat, I’m doing something to help them help them feel better. We had a few already today
say oh thanks for bringing them. We miss our pets at home so much and they talk
about their pets. I’m all the way from Texas and I miss my pets and I have
a cat at home. So seeing the cat kind of makes you excited
among like all the chaos that’s going on. It’s always nice to see cats, pet them. I
miss my cat at home so this is close. We’re here every finals
week and you’re free to contact us at teaching.pitt.edu and we’re happy to
let you know when the animals will be here and we hope that you join us.

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