Headlines: Walkshop April 2019

My name is Tom Morton. I am a lecturer in the Department of History of Art and Architecture. Most of my courses
deal with the Architectural Studies Program. I’m Tahirah Walker. I’m the
Manager of Learning Design for the Center for Teaching and Learning at the
University of Pittsburgh. Today is our “walkshopping” experience, which is a
walking workshop where we talk about the space that you can see around you in
central campus. Very much using/looking at the campus to understand it to
use the architecture as pedagogy. What are some of the basic principles of
teaching and learning that really come through? It’s not simply if one is in
architectural studies, but you can do this in a variety of disciplines. We’ve
done this with Ecology, for example, where what we talked about wasn’t necessarily
the architectural design, but more the green life around us. We interact with
buildings every single day and natural environments every single day
and it would make a lot of sense if we could understand them and even think about how we could perhaps even exploit those to help us further our teaching or further
our relationships, our jobs, etc. If you are interested in building a walkshop
for faculty in your department you would get in touch, Tahirah Walker. I’m easy to reach via [email protected]

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