Here Are The Key Moments From Mueller’s Testimony | NBC Nightly News

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  1. You guys should take it out to the streets and have a demonstration to save your country!
    Your law makers are too weak to do it! They're taking forever.

  2. Totally a sham, a hoax, a witch hunt used for 2 years as a negative talking point by MSM. FAKE NEWS .. innuendo of Russian collusion but the Hillary people colluded with Russians to create a FAKE dossier that smeared Trump with unverified material to obtain FISA warrants to spy to feed the witch hunt.. We get it.. today was an eye opener.

  3. Urainium Bob didn't bring life to the Russian Hoax. Gonna be a night filled with tears for the Propoganda arm of the Demonicrat Socialists.

  4. Mueller couldn't answer even basic questions… Fusion GPS is the whole reason for the "investigation" and he said he had never heard of Fusion GPS.

  5. @NBC, do your job and report real facts. This is starting to sound like Fox.. "mueller is old and unsure of himself." I never thought I would see the day when NBC would cover for Trump. Shame on you guys..

  6. When Mueller used the word “business” he was caught by his own words. Prosecution is NOT supposed to be a “business.” He told on himself and his “business.” FBI agent’s in league with Soros doing 🚌 ness

  7. What will the Dems do next? Double down. To paraphrase Dinesh D'Sousa (Hillary's America) they will never give up the con.


    Here is what Mueller ACTUALLY said..
    I'm sure NBC will remove my post because it's bad for their business/donors..
    Shame on NBC..

  9. NBC you guys are hypocrites so all of a sudden Muller is too old to work yet you guys want joe Biden to run the 🇺🇸 and joe is a lot older MAGA

  10. If Russia was indeed trying to hack the election, then guess who was sleeping on the job?…yes, thats right, its Obama and Biden.

  11. See the whole thing because this short clip is SO angled that it makes the Democratic trolls look like babies. It's a SHAME 3 years of investigation to ruin I President instead of accepting you lost. Idiots! Shame on you, children of the Lie!

  12. They told the Democrats this was going to be a disaster for them but by God they went ahead and did it anyway.🤣

  13. 10:47 P.S.T and still no news…you are aware of how many of us cut the chord? Maybe you don't need an audience that bad. Sighh I mean really ??

  14. 🤔Legal defense to a Trump Indictment will be that Courts lack Jurisdiction, because Obstruction took place during Presidency & the VENUE to Prosecute such Acts belonged under IMPEACHMENT that was Forfeited by the House. Constitutional Impeachment Provision is a REMEDY & it PreEmpts alternate prosecution Out of Office.😂

  15. Trump guilty 100% you idiots need to go look at Trumps pep rally he loves wiki leaks recently gump said doesn't know wiki leaks. Tells McGhan to say he never asked him to fire muller..

  16. The HOAX is not the crime committed by Russia. The HOAX is Trumps involvement…how hard is this to understand.

  17. Nothing new but it sure well shows Donald is not inocent and had many people doing his dirty work & himself included.

  18. Former special counsel Robert Mueller testified on Wednesday that his investigation was not hindered or curtailed, reassuring anyone worried that he wasn’t able to fully carry out the inquiry.

    Mueller made this assertion in response to questioning from Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee. Collins, in a series of rapid-fire questions, asked the special counsel whether “your investigation [was] curtailed or stopped or hindered?”

    “No,” Mueller responded.

  19. Foreign electoral interventions are attempts by governments, covertly or overtly, to influence elections in another country. There are many ways that nations have accomplished regime change abroad, and electoral intervention is only one of those methods.

    Theoretical and empirical research on the effect of foreign electoral intervention had been characterized as weak overall as late as 2011; however, since then a number of such studies have been conducted.[1] One study indicated that the country intervening in most foreign elections is the United States with 81 interventions, followed by Russia (including the former Soviet Union) with 36 interventions from 1946 to 2000—an average of once in every nine competitive elections.

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